David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson Spending Christmas Together With Their Kids

David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson Spending Christmas Together With Their Kids

The last we heard from David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, they were happily answering questions at Comic-Con in the Paley Center a couple of months ago. But they’ve been playing hide and seek with their fans for a very long time, so it’s not very surprising to hear that someone may have caught them together. Eyewitnesses and sources have already claimed to have seen the couple together at David’s apartment several times over the last few years, and why not? They’re not tied up with other relationships, and they’re finally free to see each other.

Of course, they clearly still want their privacy – otherwise, why all the sneaking around? It’s understandable, considering the fan interest in their lives and particularly their romance has been very high. But alas, our source tells us that David and Gillian will once again be spending the holidays together, opting to make Christmas and New Year’s a family affair, with each other and their respective children.

It’s unlikely we’ll get photographed sightings, considering they’ve gone this far without having that happen outside of professional events. However, don’t count out eyewitnesses spotting them near David’s apartment in NYC, where they’ve been spotted before.

At this point, you just kind of wanna tell the two love birds to just announce it already, no? Sneaking around isn’t going to do anything except cause more speculation, and they don’t exactly deny that anything’s going on either. In fact, they often stoke the flames by publicly flirting with each other.

What do you guys think? Will David and Gillian be spotted together during the holidays? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • estfar

    Well I was at Comic Con in New York at their panel and saw when Gillian reached over and took David’s hand. They held hands under the table for the remainder of the panel discussion. INTERESTING….

    • Ella

      Omg really????? Awesomeeee……

  • kylie

    Actually those pics with Lebedev are from november…so ..and I think it was a business date..as you can see

  • amanda

    ahhahhaha…do you really think that gillian will date a gay-looking aroung his 30s…:DDD for God’s sake, really…it’s more likely to believe CDL…

  • Nat

    I really don’t understand why you lucubrate like this!
    David and Gillian weren’t together… They won’t be together.
    I say this because both of them have told media many times, they are just friends.
    I know x-philes want to discover something between them, but really, guys it’s time to wake-up! We desire see them together but It won’t happen; something that didn’t happen in 9 years (working almost all those years together) won’t happen in this last year.
    In fact, I think David wants to came back with Tea… I have that feeling, he was in love with her, and I think his feelings have no changed.