Days of Our Lives John Aniston Retiring: Victor Kiriakis To Leave Show

Days of Our Lives John Aniston Retiring: Victor Kiriakis To Leave Show

If you have been a Days Of Our Lives fan anytime over the last 29 years then you are already familiar with Jennifer Aniston’s father, John Aniston who has played the role of Victor Kiriakis to sheer perfection. Even when the character was a big time mobster fans couldn’t help but love him and now that Victor is a reformed businessman he has easily become one of the pillars of the long running show. At age 80, John seems to be ready to retire and according to the Feb. 24th print edition of GLOBE Magazine he has asked the powers-that-be to start to figure out his exit story line.

Writing an exit for the character is actually easy because Victor has made a multitude of enemies over the years. His on-set friends, on the other hand, hate the thought of him leaving and are trying to convince him to reconsider. John has already scaled back his screen time and popped up this month after having two months off. Instead of continuing on a more limited basis John really wants to retire to Greece with his wife.

Besides his adoring co-workers, John’s daughter Jennifer Aniston is also against his leaving. She has always known her father to be a working actor and the thought of him retiring makes it really hit home that her father’s life is winding down. As for DOOL, they are trying to convince the actor to stay on. Do you think that they’ll succeed or is John serious about leaving for good? He sees this as the chance for the writers’ to tell a great story, will they jump on the opportunity? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

19 responses to “Days of Our Lives John Aniston Retiring: Victor Kiriakis To Leave Show”

  1. JenC says:

    He will be missed greatly, but the man deserves to retire!

    P.S. Journalists need to edit their work. – “fan anytime over the last 29 years that you are already familiar with…” The word ‘that’ should be ‘then.’ – That was just the first mistake. Learn how to use commas!

  2. gizziesmom says:

    I love John’s character, Victor. Should be decide to leave it will be a very sad day. His one liner’s are the best. He and Suzanne make such a lovely couple. IF he leaves he will be sorely missed. After 29 years I would say if this is what he really wants then so be it to enjoy the rest of his life with his lovely wife. What better place than beautiful Greece.

  3. Fran says:

    I will miss not seeing Victor , he has done a amazing job the last 29 years. I have never missed a show. Will seem weird with out him but he does deserve his time now to retire.

  4. Linda Woodie says:

    I hate the thought of him retiring and leaving the show but sure don’t blame him. He should do what he wants and enjoy his life while he is still able to. Love you, John!

  5. Linda Joyce Cappitti says:

    Let him retire. He’s probably having second thoughts with Father Matt passing. He wants to spend time in Greece . On the other hand … The Globe ??? OMG . I never believe them . Another option ?

  6. geri says:

    Maybe John Aniston is just tired and wants to enjoy some of his life before he dies. It’s a great job, but it still is work. He has to be present and remember his lines. Give the man a break. He is 80 years old.

  7. Ginny Chandler says:

    Days will not be the same without Victor. Instead of retiring, he should be moved to recurring status, that way he won’t be completely off the show.

  8. Theresa Higgs says:

    He has earned his retirement! Go for it! Enjoy what yo

  9. All says:

    I get that everyone retires… but somehow I hope they can get him to pop up every once in while. Good luck to him anyhow.

  10. Foundstar says:

    There is one man who wants revenge on Victor..Larry Welch. Victor framed him and had him sent to jail for 20+ years. Larry would be the perfect choice and now that Bo is gone now is the perfect time for both story lines. Revenge is a plate best served …cold…

  11. Robin Smith says:

    Love you victor! Would hate to see you go, but totally understand! You deserve to be happy!

  12. Lee Hassinger says:

    I think they are starting his exit now, with this feud with Clyde Weston. My feeling is Clyde will gain the upper hand on him and Victor will be killed off. Sorry folks, my gut says the writers have already started down that path in the storyline.

  13. Jo says:

    I can’t think what the show would be like without him. He has always been my favorite on the show. I can’t believe he’s 80, he’s still so handsome. I hope he stays…I’m selfish.

  14. chris2pher says:

    a year later and he hasnt left =)

  15. Jim lee says:

    If Victor wants to leave he should but he would be missed. It would be great if he does best on his choice. Jim

  16. Karen Bryan says:

    I think he should retire.his character is boring.maggie wont let him be evil…

  17. A proud American says:

    I love having Victor on DOOL, but if he wants to enjoy himself with his wife, then he should. God bless him.

  18. Sandee says:

    I really love Mr. Aniston’s character but, he deserves to live his life as he sees fit after all those years. I just want him to go out with a BANG and get even with his ROTTEN brother Deimos on the show.

  19. Jo says:

    No!! He’s my favorite character!! A sad day for DOOL fans…????