Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ Finds Out Abigail Is Pregnant!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ Finds Out Abigail Is Pregnant!

For those who haven’t been keeping up to date with Days of Our Lives, look away! Again, we repeat: look away! Okay, now it should be people who either don’t care about spoilers or who have been following the show. As we all know, EJ Dimera is engaged to Sami Brady. They’ve been in love for a long, long time, but it’s been a star-crossed situation because of EJ’s evil father, Stefano. For the longest time, EJ didn’t think Sami would accept him, especially because she was keeping him at an arm’s length. So he went and had sex with Abigail Deveraux a few times, because why not, right? However, once he and Sami get back together for good and set a wedding date, he kicks Abigail to the curb because he’s finally gotten the woman of his dreams. So all’s well that ends well?

Alas, not so much. Now, it looks like Abigail is pregnant, which poses a problem because EJ is about to get married to Sami. Desperate, EJ presses Abigail to go see a doctor that he knows to confirm whether she actually is pregnant, or whether it’s a false alarm. However, Kate Mansi, the actress who plays Abigail, reveals in an interview, “Abigail says no, thank you. At this point, Abigail thinks she can handle things on her own. Of course Abigail would rather have someone she can count on to share her secret, but she suspects EJ’s motives. From Abigail’s point of view, there has to be a reason why EJ wants to take her to see his doctor. She doesn’t trust him or the DiMera power.”

Obviously, in the end, that doesn’t mean anything because EJ always gets what he wants and they end up going to see the doctor. And Mansi also adds that Abigail still clearly has feelings for EJ, which obviously complicates matter. And at the end, they’re left waiting for the results.. waiting… waiting…. waiting…

Do you guys think Abigail is actually pregnant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Abigail is a slut. She is in love with EJ. After Sami leaves the show then Abigail and EJ is going to be a family.

    • jade

      How is Abigail a slut? EJabby will be a family!!

      • Racquel Garnette

        lol its because Abigail wants sloppy seconds. EJ is about to get married to Sami by next month and now he is going to be a father to Abigail baby.

        • jade

          Sami is too smart to marry a man who cheated on her days before her wedding. She IS smart she’ll cancel. If she marries EJ she’s accepting he had unprotected sex with Abigail and got her pregnant. Cheating men should at least carry condoms. Abigail has only slept with two men. Granted they were brothers. Pairing EJabby is just the beginning. Things are moving along for when Alison Sweeney leaves. They can’t recast such a pivotal actress with a nobody.

          • Racquel Garnette

            But still Sami will know the truth about EJ affair before the wedding starts. They always do that with days of our lives. EJ and Abby relationship is so funny. So even if she is pregnant then what. Then EJ will have no choice to either break up the engagement with Sami or just build a family with Abigail. Abigail met him at the cabin and he told at one part that the reason why he was with her is that he couldn’t help it. Men can’t help of who they with so that is why most of them likes to sleep around with other people or cheat on there wives.

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  • kittie

    I hope she is not pregnant, Sami and EJ have such hot chemistry together, Abby is just a complication and her and EJ do not fit. Seriously it almost seems pedo’ish, just because she is “grown” doesnt mean she is fair game to all Salem men, keep her in her age bracket .

  • J

    I hope she is not pregnant, its the same thing over and over seriously how many kids are conceived when someone cheats does anyone have a baby with their actual partner.

  • ves

    Hope abby pregnant love sami and abby on the end of my chair

  • Racquel Garnette

    Abigail and EJ relationship is so funny. The way they made love to eachother in the shower i knew they were going to lovebirds. I can’t wait to see if Abigail and EJ go to the hospital to see if she is pregnant. When Abigail learns that she is carrying EJ child then someone else is going to learn about her secret. That person is Adrianne. Adrianne being on the show is very pointless. She doesn’t have a storyline and she is wasting her time on there. I am happy for Sonny and Will. Nicole needs to tell Daniel about what she has done to Eric evidence. Eric, Daniel, Marlena, Hope and Roman is going to find out about what Nicole has been hiding very soon. She destroy the evidence so she can score points with Eric. That was bad. Daniel wanted back the evidence that he had on Eric so he could lock it up in his office. But no that could never happened all because of the writers. The people who needs to go is Theresa, Anne, Liam, Adrianne. They are a waste of time being on the show.

  • Cynthia

    Hello everyone that wants Sammy and Ej to stay together: Sammy “Allison” is leaving the show!!! Their not going to stay together!!

  • Racquel Garnette

    Yes Abigail is pregnant. EJ paid some guy to tell her that she is not pregnant. What Abigail should do is take another pregnant test by someone else at the hospital. Maybe Kayla or Daniel will help her at least.

  • joni morlin

    Yes Abigail is pregent with ejs baby and she will tell her secret in front of the whole entire family today and Monday to this will be a special present in front of sami and the whole gang