Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Brady Dumps Theresa!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Brady Dumps Theresa!

On Days of Our Lives Theresa has tried to project a tough girl image ever since coming back to Salem. Her whole life seems to have been filled with disappointment and Theresa is fairly used to putting up walls and not trusting anyone. Her dad was a spy and gone all the time and her mother Kimberly has never been the most stable person in spite of being a psychologist. In other words, in many ways Theresa was raised to keep to herself and Brady is one of the few people that she has decided to let in.

Theresa realizes this week that she is on shaky ground with Brady and tries to tempt him to stick around by using their mutual cocaine addiction to keep them together. Brady realizes that at this point he can’t even consider using and so Theresa’s plan backfires. Instead of pulling Brady closer Theresa manages to push him away and Brady’s rejection triggers a flurry of bad memories in her.

Fortunately Theresa has her cousin Eric on her side and she knows that he is one of the few people that she can really count on. Eric seems to have a decent handle on the situation with Brady and while Theresa tries to cling to him, Eric believes that Brady is ultimately nothing but trouble for her and would like him to stay away from her. Ironically, everyone in Salem seems to think that Theresa is angling for Brady’s money and she let’s them think that because it’s easier to be viewed as a gold digger than to end up being the poor pathetic girl with the broken heart. Should Brady back away from Theresa for various reasons or do you think that they are better off together? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Racquel Garnette

    The writers turn Brady into some kind of monster after he found out that Kirsten lied to him. After Kirsten left Brady was drinking one bottle after the next. Pairing him up with Theresa was a dumb idea. I don’t care for Theresa and she looks like a teenager. I used to like this show but i don’t like the decisions the writers have been making. The writers is making dumb decisions with the storylines. Making Daniel lose his job at the hospital is dumb. Daniel is a good doctor.

  • Cre

    Why are we even talking about this, when John and Marlena are still wandering around aimlessly? Who cares about Thrady, get Jarlena scrumping already!

  • Christine Golding

    I have said it before and I will say it again. I am getting used to the idea of Jordan and Rafe as a couple. However if Jordan’s past is something Rafe cannot deal with then maybe they could pair her with Rafe. Rafe could help her change because he reminds me of Shane Donovan in the 1980s. Let’s just remember Shane helped Kim (Theresa’s parents) become a better person in the 1980s maybe Rafe could do the same for Theresa. Kim Shane and the Bradys then could have something to celebrate If not I am also for paring her with EJ DiMera. This can happen after he and Sami brake up over his affair with Abigail. Another scenario could be brining back Philip Kirakis and pair her with him. Then Kim, Shane and the Bradys could be up in arms about it. I AM NOT A THERESA AND BRADY FAN!!!!!
    I am THRILLED her sister Eve is coming back. I think they could pair her with Lucas. They would make a GREAT COUPLE. As for Theresa’s brother Andrew I ALL FOR BRINGING him back as a cop and pairing him with Abigail. FINALLY I WOULD LOVE KIM AND SHANE TO COME HOME TO SALEM FOR GOOD. I ALSO WANT TO SEE BO BACK WITH HOPE