Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Is E.J. Di Mera a Dead Man Walking? James Scott’s Last Days

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Is E.J. Di Mera a Dead Man Walking? James Scott's Last Days

Some major changes are coming to NBC’s popular daytime drama Days of Our Lives. Key players Allison Sweeny and James Scott both recently announced they were leaving the soap opera. Sweeney, who has played the iconic character Sami Brady finished filming her scenes on Friday, May 22. James Scott, who plays the part of her fiancé EJ DiMera, completed his filming on May 2.

Although Sweeney has let it be known for months that she was exiting Days of Our Lives, Scott’s resignation came out of the blue and was surrounded with controversy. Scott travelled to a remote country (Peru) for vacation and returned and announced he had spent his vacation smoking mind altering drugs and “aligning his chakras.” Then he quit DOOL, barely giving the writers any notice or time to write a storyline for his exit.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: James Scott’s Character EJ DiMera Killed Off – How Does He Die?

A recent photo of Sweeney has emerged online, of her last days filming on the set of DOOL. She is in the DiMera mansion, and in the background there is a photo of EJ on the mantle next to an urn. DOOL fans immediately noticed the urn and began questioning whether James Scott’s character is killed and those are his ashes, spurring rumors of the character’s demise.

There have been so many deaths is Salem as of late, it’s hard to believe that TPTB at Days of Our Lives aren’t done killing off their characters. The urn theory is a little far-fetched, however considering the circumstances it makes complete sense. Scott didn’t give the writers time to come up with a complex exit strategy for his character, they may not have had any choice but to randomly kill him off. Also, it the rumors are true that James Scott wasn’t in the right state of mind when he returned from the jungle and “found himself,” then he may not have been much use on the set and could have made it impossible to shoot any heart-felt goodbye scenes.

If the urn theory is true and Scott’s character EJ DiMera is killed off, then the obvious question is how did he die? Was it a freak car accident that no one seen coming? Or, did another Salem resident murder him? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Let’s see what Soap Opera Spy fans have to say about this theory/rumor:

DOOL couldn’t just have them leave & go to Europe or something? Eventually they will both want to come back.

I can’t bear to think of him leaving. Him & Sami are the whole show. I’m not sure I’ll be watching without them, especially EJ. He’s a great actor! Would love to see him in Prime Time with his own show.

I was hoping him and Ally would ride into the sunset.

Sami kills EJ when she finds out about Abigale… then Sami goes to prison. That’s my guess.

I just keep thinking how Sami shot him in the head before…she is not to forgiving.

hate to see him go have nicloe kill him and then maybe we will see the last of her.

i am not really believing this article – dool knew james scott was only going to do one more year so they should have been prepared for him not signing another contract and leaving the soap – i don’t like that they are trying to say that he went away on vacation, smoked some type of dope, wasn’t in his mind & quit the show……………..seems like they are trying to push him under the bus because he wanted off the show and that is exasperating to me……….jmo

Another murder mystery, who killed EJ?

Well we don’t know for sure how EJ is leaving Salem but we do know that he is leaving and their is that new urn….

30 responses to “Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Is E.J. Di Mera a Dead Man Walking? James Scott’s Last Days”

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  2. neila says:

    I think Abigail could kill him.. she just couldn’t go on without him and if she couldn’t have him nobody else could either!

  3. Maggie says:

    One of the few things this article got right was that James Scott played EJ DiMera on Days of Our Lives. The show had plenty of time to write his exit story. You should be sued for defamation of character for suggesting that his departure was sudden and brought on by using mind altering drugs.

  4. Kim Wood Guntharp says:

    I think he will be shot from the man that he hired to kill nick cause n ow he trying to black mail him

  5. Veena says:

    First of all whoever is writing this article needs to write correctly without any mistakes. I don’t buy this theory that EJ’s character is killed when he exits Days.

  6. Shammajo says:

    maybe Sammy finds out about EJ and Abigail and Sammy shoots him, who knows with this soap but whatever it is I bet they will stretch it out for weeks

  7. imagma2010 says:

    EJ will be the new phoenix Give him time he too will rise from the ashes

    • daysdiva says:

      Totally agree! Many characters turne up alive after being “killed” or pronounced dead? How many times has Stefano died? Tony? And what about John, Roman, Marlena, Hope, Steve, Jack, Philip, etc? You just can’t count on anybody in Salem staying dead.

  8. kristi ortiz says:

    I think abby dose it loving days but i will miss them very much

  9. kristi ortiz says:

    I will always love sami

  10. Jessica says:

    I think he should just be sent away or something. I would like the door to be left open for both of them

  11. David Thornton says:

    Why not just get another actor to play the role? I’m sure there is at least one tall dark haired guy that could do it.

  12. Ms. Isaac says:

    please replace ejami they are the show and their legacy should live on in Salem until death of ole age i will stop watching if they dont replace them instead of killing them off like they did with bo’s character just left him hanging like he was a bad husband to Hope and his family! #truefanformanyyears!!!

  13. Kloe a Rossi says:

    I completely adore EJ! He is absolutely one of the best actors in this world! This guy just has it all…truly he knows his stuff. Too bad they paired him with Allison s. on DOOL! She is one of the worst actors that I have ever known! Bigger and better things for James! You know the DOOL writers have simply lost it! No wonder James has finally made that decision to leave.. Do you understand James S. Is so much better than DOOL!! That soap has been so embarrassing for so long! James is a smart guy and he chose and made the right decision. On to bigger and better James!

    • Terry says:

      Well put.. I watched days since the beginning, and I agree Scott was one of the big reasons why I continued to watch the show not Sweeney. She is a pretty girl, but she has always been just too overly loud, and dramatic for me. I hope to see more of Scott’s work whatever he does, but if his desire is something different, I wish James Scott the very best in his future.

  14. Sarah says:

    Sami finds out about Abby….. she goes crazy remember EJ is her true love… Sami ends up “killing” EJ but we wont see it. after all he is a Dimera and we know how the Dimeras die!!!! which if they wanted to bring that character back they could then panics takes the kids and runs off to a private island where they can bring her character back when they find out EJ isnt really dead…

  15. Loretta Gray says:

    I am just sorry that both James and Ali are leaving. Will miss them.

  16. LIZ says:


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  20. summer says:

    You’re so right!

  21. Veronica Whiternour says:

    I’m still hoping JAMES SCOTT decides to come back and play EJ and gets together with ABBY. I’m for EJ and ABBY but that’s just me, I know he left the show already. It wont be the same with out him on days. GOOD LUCK TO YOU JAMES YOU WILL BE MISSED ON DAYS.

  22. nancy says:

    I think ej did killed nick not gabbi and his hitman would come back and rat out ej to the cops in exchanged for his safetyand to help the cops to put ej away

  23. Evelyn Six Pruitt says:

    Well Chad is coming back he finds out about Abby and EJ and Chad kills him.But then again somebody is suppose to fake their death wonder if it’s EJ and he actually is just gone from days for a little while.

  24. RedRiver38 says:

    CDL is not known for practicing real journalism. It’s copy & paste, then throw in a smarmy comment to provoke a response. Trash, total trash.