Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: John Wakes Out of Coma – Will Police Learn Theresa Is Guilty and Clear Brady?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: John Wakes Out of Coma - Will Police Learn Theresa Is Guilty and Clear Brady?

Days of Our Lives spoilers have teased for weeks now that John Black’s health was getting worse and worse. When John threatened to expose Theresa and Brady’s sham of a wedding, Theresa hit him over the head with a fire poker and he wound up in a coma. Since Brady was passed out drunk, when the cops arrived Theresa lied and said that Brady is the one who put his father in the coma and it was self-defense. Since John was in a coma, and Brady didn’t remember anything, Theresa seems to have pulled off her crime scot-free.

Dr. Daniel Jonas told Marlena and Brady that the odds of John waking up were slim to none. However, on the Monday August 11th episode of Days of Our Lives, it looked like John might actually be waking up sooner than anyone expected. Marlena is determined to save John, so she decided to spray his hospital room with perfume in hopes of bringing him back from his coma. After a few moments, Marlena gave up and left the room. However, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers after Marlena left John showed signs of life and his eyes fluttered and tears ran down his cheek.

The only reason Theresa has gotten away with attacking John with the fire poker was because he wasn’t awake to tell the truth. If John wakes up, he could put Theresa in prison for a long time. Then again, he was hit in the head hard enough to put him in a coma, so there is a chance that he won’t remember who hit him.

What do you think Days fans? Is John Black about to wake up from his coma? If he does wake up will he tell the police that Theresa is the one that attacked him, and clear Brady’s name? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

  • Precious Green

    John has been through worse… He is going to send Theresa to jail….. I can wait……

  • Kristi ortiz

    I’m happy he wake up n I hope he tell it was thereas

  • Mysterious888

    He should send Theresa to jail. For Theresa hitting John with a fireplace poker that was the stupid storyline ever for this show. It seems like the writers are mad and depressed. I am glad they haven’t shown the teenagers that often on the show. Bev and that long hair guy needs to go. They are bad news selling drugs to people come on. If this show was turn into some druggie show then nobody would want to watch for the show. Brady should call things over with Theresa. Theresa is bad news ever since she joined the show. All she does is torment others. Theresa, Anne, Bev and the other people who doesn’t need to be there needs to go. Eve Donovan is bad news just like her sister. Old storylines needs to wrap up including Jordan. These writers doesn’t care for the character happiness. All the writers wants to do is torment the characters.

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  • Lashonda

    I hope john wakes up soon” from his coma” and I hope he remembers that Theresa” was the one who hit him with the fire place poker” and then we will tell the police that she was the one behind all of this” and that way they can clear Brady s name and I can’t until brady finds out what theresa did 2 his father and Marlena” because her half sister eve already knows and plus she is blackmailing theresa” ouch” and why is Sami getting a restraining order against ej, and will is going 2 regret what he did for writing that article about his mother and ej, oh oh!! And i can’t wait until Daniel tells hope what Kristen did 2 him” yikes!!! This story is getting better and better” and I hope Jennifer wins the law suit against eve” and she will” sorry eve your going down”Lol and its a good thing that sami is going 2 confront nicole about her twin brother Eric of not being in the priesthood anymore”

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  • Rebecca Rich

    John will wake up and Teresa will have just found out she’s pregnant with Brady’s baby. Please don’t let this be the story line. I would like to see Brady happy with someone who will treat him well and love him too. If John does name Teresa as his “attacker” and she is pregnant with Brady’s baby, I hope she goes to prison anyway and Brady takes the baby from her and raises the baby.