Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Jennifer and Nicole Kidnapped by Liam at Gunpoint – Shots Fired After Eric and Daniel Arrive

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Jennifer and Nicole Kidnapped by Liam at Gunpoint - Shots Fired After Eric and Daniel Arrive

Days of Our Lives spoilers have been teasing an epic episode on Friday April 25th for quite a while. Days fans have been watching Liam unwind for weeks now, gradually appearing crazier and crazier as he continues his mission to break up Jennifer and Daniel.

Today on Days of Our Lives Nicole met Liam’s ex-wife who revealed just how crazy and dangerous Liam really is. She gave Nicole a key to the safety deposit box she once shared with Liam and revealed that any dirt or blackmail he had on her would be in the box.

Nicole, now satisfied that she can save herself first by getting the blackmail back from his safety deposit box, will head to Smith Island where Jennifer is at the Horton Cabin to give her a heads up. According to DOOL spoilers Nicole will be in for a shock when she finds Liam holding Jennifer at gunpoint.

Back in Salem Theresa’s conscious finally catches up to her and she gives Daniel a tip about how unstable Liam is and his unhealthy obsession with his girlfriend Jenn. Eric and Daniel head to the Horton Cabin to save Jenn, and Eric learns that his girlfriend Nicole is also in danger. Eric, Daniel, Jenn, and Nicole all face off with crazy Liam and the gun he is toting. According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, shots are fired and someone may not make it out of the Horton Cabin in one piece.

We have known for weeks that Liam’s crazy streak would be coming to an explosive end soon, but will he take out one of our favorite Salem residents in the process? Do you think Nicole, Eric, Daniel, and Jennifer will all escape from the cabin unscathed? Leave your predictions in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

The drama on April 28 looks likely to be centered around the confrontation in place at Horton Cabin. Fan know that serious trouble and violence might erupt when Eric and Daniel arrive and confront Liam holding Jennifer and Nicole at gunpoint:

when i saw liam making that face yesterday i couldn’t help but laugh – omg he was so pissed off because jennifer believed daniel

Wasn’t that face just priceless? I loved it!

Will this kidnapping/hostage situation turn out to have one or more people injured or killed? Let’s tune in to DOOL this week, April 28 – May 2, to learn the answer.

8 responses to “Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Jennifer and Nicole Kidnapped by Liam at Gunpoint – Shots Fired After Eric and Daniel Arrive”

  1. The Dalai Mama says:

    Jenn is sooooo annoying !!

  2. Racquel Garnette says:

    Well if they shot up the bastard aka Liam then he will be gone for good. Daniel and Eric can shoot up the guy. Holding Jennifer and Nicole at gunpoint is so bad. How many gunpoint situation we do have to have here all the time. Stefano guy Dr Chakra was hold by gunpoint. It is so ridicioulous. This show is going to lose lots of viewers. The writers are making the characters play some stupid parts. Making Liam tormenting Jennifer and Daniel is so bad. Liam can go shoot himself and take a hike. Jennifer knows that someone was setting Daniel up and that made Liam angry good for him. Hahahaha. To kidnap Jennifer and Nicole has turned deadly. There is too many gunpoint going around. I think the writers needs to create some stronger storylines.

    • Terra Yunalesca says:

      I hope the writers not crazy enough 2 kill off Daniel R Eric… Let it be Liam that gets killed… He’s so crazy & he can take Nick with him.. Wish he hd drowned… It’s about 2 the point 2 where I ready 2 stop watching it & I been watching since 1975…

  3. Deidre1999 says:

    Too many kidnappings, gun battles, hostages. Plot lines have to be at least a little believable! Characters appear to be morons. Also, enough already with the ‘flashback/dream and imagined” scenes. I mean, are they necessary EVERY day????

  4. Racquel Garnette says:

    The writers is running out of ideas lately that is why they are making Nicole play the wickedness lately. Nicole destroyed Eric evidence so she can score points with Eric. That is dumb. The writers didn’t want the evidence to open to others because they didn’t want anyone find out of what Nicole has done. Hope, Roman, Abe maybe, Daniel, Eric and Jennifer found out what has Nicole has done to Eric evidence they are going to hate Nicole guts. Making J.J. be with Paige was great til she got accepted to another school that made him upset. J.J. doesn’t know what to do now since his girlfriend is moving away. J.J. deserves a good girlfriend to chat with. The writers doesn’t care for the characters at all. That is why this show is going to sink and sink. Less viewers is going to watch the show now. Nicole was a good person before she destroyed Eric evidence. Daniel could of use the evidence for himself. He had it in his office. Stefano men Dr Chakra was the one who stole the files and take it with him. Then Daniel and Nicole tie him up. Destroying the evidence on Eric was very bad. The writers should of made Daniel got back the evidence. Daniel lost his job at the hospital what is next. Liam should be dead and buried. Please don’t bring back Liam from the dead and making him do the wickedness on there. Jennifer and Daniel are a good couple and they don’t deserve to treated like that. Enough torturing the happy couples and time to get serious with the show writers………………

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  6. Jennifer says:

    Perhaps it will be Liam’s ex, Deborah, who will show up in time to kill Liam. When Brady sets his sights on HER, he’s gonna turn to jello.