Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Liam Hunting Jennifer – Will Nicole Save Her and Lose Eric’s Love?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Liam Hunting Jennifer - Will Nicole Save Her and Lose Eric's Love?

This week on Days of Our Lives Nicole will be faced with a difficult decision, save Jennifer from psychopath Liam, or potentially lose the love her life Eric. Last week on DOOL Nicole saw Liam snooping around Daniel’s apartment and put two and two together and realized he is probably the person that drugged Daniel. However, she hasn’t a said a word to anyone about it because when she questioned Liam he blackmailed her, and threatened to expose her secret to Eric.

Liam has proof that Nicole destroyed evidence that could have cleared Eric’s name from a previous crime, and if her hubby-to-be finds out she destroyed the evidence then there will certainly not be a wedding any time soon in their future.

Nicole is already aware that Liam is not the person he has been pretending to be. But, according to Days Of Our Lives spoilers, this week she will meet Liam’s ex-wife. After Liam’s ex sheds some light on his less than sane behavior, it will become clear to Nicole that Jennifer is in some serious trouble. And, in typical soap opera fashion the stakes are raised when Liam arrives at the secluded Horton Cabin and gets Jennifer alone and all to himself, just like a scene out of a cliché horror movie.

Nicole has a history of putting her needs and wants above anyone else’s. I mean she ruined Eric’s career intentionally. Do you think she will risk Liam sharing her secret with Eric and warn Jennifer and Daniel about how crazy and dangerous Liam is? Or, will she just let the cards fall where they may, and hope Jennifer doesn’t wind up in a body bag? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Update April 22: Today Nicole investigated Liam online using her connections to try and find something on him. All she learned so far is that Liam has a divorce and the records are sealed. Meanwhile, Liam paid off a woman to tell Jennifer that she was a cleaning person at Daniel’s apartment and saw drugs there. Jennifer went over to check up on this story and of course found a bottle of Dilaudid – which she believes is his!

Update April 24: Liam attacks a picture of Jennifer with scissors! Nicole calls Liam’s ex wife Debra and begs for help. Debra is reluctant since she still fears Liam. Jennifer looks like Debra and shows Liam has a type upon which he fixates and stalks. Debra realizes that Liam has blackmail power over Nicole and gives a key to the safety deposit box she shares with Liam. This is where Liam stores his blackmail evidence on people. Nicole hopes to get the incriminating evidence against her back.

Nicole goes to the bank and as she is turning the key and opening the box a hand covers her own… It’s Liam!

  • Terry Duncan

    I would love to see the writers allow Nicole save the day, and do the right things, & somehow get on track with her life. I would like it if there is a way Eric, Daniel & Jennifer will understand, & forgive her.

  • Please!

    The word is LOSING!

  • 16intheclip1inthehole

    Rest assured everyone, i’m calling the salem police. Before Liam lays a finger on Jenn SWAT will storm the cabin and have him in cuffs. I’m just not able to find a number for the salem police online.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Well i don’t really care too much for this show anymore. The show is in a mess and i rather tune in other shows to watch. This show has a lot of holes. They let bad people play bad parts on the show. This show is all about blackmail after the next. Rafe is a FBI agent and he could of investigate Jordan way back in January. But no the writers don’t want to do that. This show needs new people and new storylines. There is too many tortureness that has happen to Jennifer and Daniel all the time. The writers like to ruin a happy couple. I think Daniel should get his job back. Brady was a good person at the hospital meeting. I think EJ should do some investigating at Daniel apartment or Hope should do it. The writers doesn’t care for the character happiness all they want to do is mess up every character. Nicole is up to her wickedness of what she did to Eric. Last year she was bad news and this year she is bad news. For Nicole speaking to Liam wife can be a good thing but i don’t really care for this show anymore. All i could say is goodbye to Days of our lives. I am going to watch other tv shows instead. The writers have mess up the characters and the show is boring. The storylines are dragging out for months.

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  • kcann

    I have watched days forever and I love nicole…shes funny! But I agree; it gets so tiresome always having her character do something evil and stupid. I was so hoping she would end up with Eric w/o something lurking in her past to destroy it. She never gets to be with anyone for very long. Sad and gets to the point where watching is pointless and nicks crap is getting old too. Ej needs to put him back in his place.

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