Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Jennifer Stalked By Liam – Gabi Fears Sami Will Steal Arianna, Nick To Blame

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Jennifer Stalked By Liam - Gabi Fears Sami Will Steal Arianna, Nick To Blame

There has always been a couple of unhinged characters on NBC’s popular daytime drama Days Of Our Lives. According to DOOL spoilers, next week April 21st-25th Liam may just take the cake as the craziest Salem resident yet. Don’t count Nick out yet though, he’s still very much in the race for the crazy title, and he will pull out a few tricks of his own.

Liam has an unhealthy obsession with Jennifer and has made it his mission to break up her and Daniel. Last week Liam drugged Daniel, which resulted in his suspension from the hospital. This week on DOOL Daniel will have to go before the hospital’s disciplinary committee and learn his fate, and whether or not he will still be allowed to practice medicine. While he is meeting with the committee, Jennifer will find some incriminating evidence in Daniel’s apartment (which Liam planted), and she will begin to question whether Daniel is being completely honest with her. Jennifer heads to the secluded Horton Cabin later in the week, and is followed there by her stalker Liam. Nicole begins to put two and two together and realize that Liam isn’t all there, but she may be too late to save Jennifer.

Nick and Sami are in a full-fledged war since Sami tried to drive a wedge between him and Gabi. This week on Days of Our Lives Nick is up to his old tricks, and gets inside of Gabi’s head and convinces her that Sami is trying to steal her Granddaughter Arianna from her. Sami has bigger problems though, like the pictures that were delivered to her house of her fiance EJ cheating on her with Abigail. The big question is will Sami get to open the envelope and see the pics of EJ and Abigail cheating before someone intervenes. And, if Sami views the incriminating cheating pics, will her wedding to EJ be cancelled? Do you want Sami to see the photos?

Also next week on Days of Our Lives JJ and Paige have a disagreement and he winds up turning to another girl for comfort. And, an unlikely alliance between Daniel and Theresa forms when he turns to her for help.

What do you think it is that Jennifer finds in Daniel’s apartment courtesy of Liam? Could it be more drugs? Does Theresa actually have a shred of a conscious and decide to fill Daniel in on Liam’s scheme to break up him and Jennifer? How far will Liam actually take his obsession with Jennifer, do you think he may attack her when he gets her all alone in the cabin next week? Let us know what you think in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL later this week for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

3 responses to “Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Jennifer Stalked By Liam – Gabi Fears Sami Will Steal Arianna, Nick To Blame”

  1. Racquel Garnette says:

    The writers are confused of what to do with the storylines anymore. Rafe was with that Jordan girl since last winter and it is still been going on. Rafe is a P.I and he could investigate Jordan from way back in January. The writers didn’t want to do that all they wanted to do is drag the storyline for so many months. If Sami reads the photos at the doorway then she can find out of what really happen to EJ and Abigail. Making Liam being obsessed about Jennifer is so dumb. For Liam drugged Daniel at his apartment is very stupid. Daniel is a good doctor and he didn’t need to lose his job at the hospital. Maybe somewhere by next month Daniel is going to find out that Liam was the one who drugged him. Nick is up to his old tricks again. Gabi being friends with him again is so stupid. Gabi could of listen to others of when they were saying that Nick is bad news. She didn’t want to listen she rather forgive him again and again. Which it is dumb. Too many bad things happen with the show and if this show gets cancelled it won’t be missed. Not caring for your characters on the show is so bad. All the writers wanted to do is ruin every storyline. J.J and Paige had something good going on then you writers wanted to mess up there relationship with his ex girlfriend Bev coming into the picture. It is so bad. You writers don’t care for your characters all you guys care about is ruining of what they have. That is bad.

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