Days Of Our Lives Spoilers March 24 – 28: Nick Fallon Blackmails Kate and More Trouble For EJ And Sami

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers March 24 - 28: Nick Fallon Blackmails Kate and More Trouble For EJ And Sami

When Nick Fallon returned to NBC’s daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives, fans knew it was only a matter of time until his true colors began to shine through. There was no way the Nick Fallon we all love to hate wasn’t going to scheme up some sort of revenge plot against Kate, Sami, and Gabi. It looks like next week, March 24th-28th, Nick will start phase one of ruining Kate, Sami, and Gabi’s lives on Days of Our Lives.

Nick Fallon has always been a villain on Days Of Our Lives, with two murders under his belt and an attempted rape, no one really held it against Sami, Kate, and Gabi when they threw him in the river and left him for dead. Unfortunately the girls didn’t follow the cardinal soap opera rule, make sure your victims are really dead. A year later Nick Fallon returned to Salem, and Gabi, Kate, and Sami have been sitting ducks-waiting for the infamous villain to strike.

It looks like next week on Days of Our Lives the Nick Fallon we all remember will begin to emerge. Gabi seems to actually be considering getting back together with Nick (which makes no sense since he tried to rape her before), but Sami and EJ are determined to make sure that doesn’t happen, which makes them even bigger targets on Nick’s radar. Nick will blackmail Kate, and threaten to expose one her secrets, if she doesn’t break up EJ and Sami and distract them. Next week Nick will also begin meddling in Will and Sonny’s relationship.

Also next week on Days of Our Lives, Theresa will begin to notice Liam may not be playing with a full deck. But, she is too stressed dealing with Brady and his Dad John to worry about Liam’s scheming and unhealthy obsession.

DOOL fans are in for a week in Salem, full of blackmailing and scheming. Do you think Kate will use EJ’s affair with Abigail to distract EJ and Sami so that Nick can win over Gabi without them meddling? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Enough with the blackmailing and the scheming. This show has become bad from worse. I thought Nick was dead in the water but to comeback alive and want revenge is totally ludicioulous. The writers just wanted to destroy every storyline. If you guys are going to put Daniel and Jennifer together make them stay together. If this show is going to turn in into a another blackmail/scheming thingy then i rather watch this show sometimes. I don’t think i could watch a show with all these torturementing and blackmail. These writers doesn’t care for these characters they just want to make them miserable. Why have them on the show and make them play these dumb parts. That is so bad. Theresa is going to get into another blackmail with Liam so they can blackmail Jennifer. Enough torturing Jennifer at the hospital and focus on something else. The more you go with this crap then less people is going to watch it. Theresa, Anne, Liam needs to go. Liam looks like a killer and can’t act very good. Abigail is pregnant and i know what happened. Stefano told the black girl on the phone that Abigail is not pregnant. That is ridicioulous. Wait when EJ and Sami finds out that Abigail is pregnant. They will be shock out of his minds.

  • Terry

    I am tired of the whole drug-drinking story line with Brady. Also Gabby being that stupid about Nick

  • Rabiya Ahmed

    Nick needs to stop and Gabi needs to see him for who he really is – she needs to see him how the rest of them do. If you have an affair on Days it will never remain a secret so it is likely that that will be what Kate will use to break up Sami and EJ (I’m sure she will decide morally she doesn’t want to be has to or Nick will destroy her). As for getting involved in Will and Sonny’s relationship that is an absurd thing to do. I presume he is doing that because one or both them told Gabi to say away from Nick and she being the bright spark she is went and told Nick. That is absurd though. Nick should know that no one in a stable mind set would belive his “I’ve changed” mantra. Sonny has called him on that. My main point? Leave Will and Sonny out of this Nick.

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  • Racquel Garnette

    Exactly Gabi was willing to give Nick a chance which its so stupid. Rafe and that mysterious girl storyline needs to wrap up now. It has been going on since from this past winter. These writers likes to drag storylines for months. Gabi shouldn’t give that Nick a chance. The guy is a blackmailer and a user. Nick needs to go very soon. Nick popping up by at Gabi place is very bad. Will and Sonny warned Gabi to stay away from Nick but did she listen nope. Nick is blackmail Gabi. It is ruining Sonny and Will relationship with Arianna. Gabi is not taking care of Arianna like how she used to be. Gabi should take care of her own daughter. What Stefano did was very cruel, tell the doctor that Abigail is not pregnant. Abigail is pregnant with EJ baby. I can’t wait when everybody finds out that Abigail is pregnant. It looks like the truth is going to come out by Sami and EJ wedding by next month. Sami is going to leave EJ when she finds out about EJ affair with Sami lol.

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