Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Sami Sees Cheating Photos of EJ and Abigail – Will All Hell Break Loose?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Sami Sees Cheating Photos of EJ and Abigail – Will All Hell Break Loose?

Days of Our Lives spoilers have been teasing that EJ’s affair with Abigail will blow up in his face any time now, and Sami will learn the truth. Well, that day is finally upon us. And, there is no way EJ can smooth talk his way out of this one- there are visual aids!

Last week on the NBC’s daytime drama Days of Our Lives we learned that the person that was stalking EJ and Abigail had taken photographs of them together and was sending them to Sami at the DiMera mansion. Today, Sami will open the package, and her entire world will come crashing down around her. How would you feel if you were reading your mail and opened an envelope and found pictures of your fiance hooking up with another woman?

Rumor has it today’s entire episode of Days of Our Lives will be basically dedicated to Sami and EJ’s relationship. But, have no fear the rest of the week will be packed full of all of the other Salem drama. Liam takes crazy to a whole new level and follows Jennifer to the Horton Cabin after she finds some incriminating evidence in Daniel’s apartment-which Liam of course planted there. Meanwhile Daniel has no choice but to turn to none other than Theresa for help. And, Nick continues to campaign against Sami (who has some serious problems to deal with already), and convinces Gabi that Sami is enemy number one and trying to steal Arianna from her.

So, Days fans, are you excited to see the truth finally come out about EJ and Abigail’s affair? Do you think Sami will forgive EJ or is their relationship done for good? What do you think Sami will have in store for Abigail?

A comment from a disgruntled fan on Soap Opera Spy about the April 21 episode:

This was good but it also sucked because it was all EJ daydreaming. I was totally thinking it was really happening and then all of a sudden it was all in EJ’s imagination. (Except for the photo)

I agree. Ever since the Soprano dream season I haven’t been a fan of this type of TV writing. I want real and I want a story to unfold on this planet, not in someone’s head. Share your thought and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

3 responses to “Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Sami Sees Cheating Photos of EJ and Abigail – Will All Hell Break Loose?”

  1. Racquel Garnette says:

    When Sami read the photos of EJ and Abigail kissing eachother and when she went ballistic on EJ i thought it was for real. I have the feeling Sami was going to find out about the affair very soon. When Jennifer found out that her daughter was a whore was so funny. Marlena got upset with EJ and pack up the kids clothes. Lmao all the way. Abigail and EJ affair was so funny from the very beginning. If it was for real then it will cause chaos between Jennifer and Abigail. EJ has made some bad mistakes but he doesn’t love Sami anymore. Sami can go back to Rafe. Rafe was a good guy for her. EJ can continue his affair with Abigail lol.