Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Kate Betrays Sami and Steals DiMera Enterprises – Sami Overhears Shocking Secret

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Kate Betrays Sami and Steals DiMera Enterprises - Sami Overhears Shocking Secret

Days of Our Lives fans have watched Sami Brady’s revenge plot against her cheating hubby EJ DiMera fall in to place perfectly over the course of the last few weeks. Some DOOL fans are beginning to question if it is going too perfectly though, and for good reason. Firstly there is the idea that Stefano and EJ might be playing Sami and Kate. Then according to Days of Our Lives spoilers in the July 26th edition of CBS Soaps in Depth, we learn Sami isn’t the only Salemite doing her fair share of scheming, and her partner in crime Kate is about to pull the rug out from under Sami’s scorned feet.

Days of Our Lives spoilers in Soaps In Depth tease, “Later, already flustered by her conversation with EJ, Sami is caught off guard when Kate makes a move that wasn’t part of their game plan. But, it may be a toss-up as to which is worse, her frenemy’s last minute change of plans or the shocking secret that Sami overhears.” There are so many secrets in Salem, it really is anyone’s guess which one Sami overhears. But, it will be interesting to see what Kate does to stray from the game plan she created with Sami.

DOOL fans weren’t that shocked that Sami had concocted a revenge scheme to make EJ pay for his tryst with Abigail, the shocking part was that she partnered up with of all people, Kate. Kate and Sami have bumped heads over and over throughout history, especially when Kate was determined to sabotage Sami’s relationship with her son Lucas. So, it was pretty shocking that Sami put all of her trust in to of all people Kate, to help her secure control of DeMira Enterprises.

Maybe Kate has been playing Sami all along, and just used her to further her own agenda. What do you think DOOL fans, did Sami make a mistake trusting Kate to carry out her revenge scheme against EJ? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

  • lizis2lovely

    I totally believe that this is what is going to happen. Causing Sami and Ej to work to together Again to scheme!!! Cause for a good story line! !

  • Mysterious888

    It is up to Kate of what she wants to do. If she thinks taking EJ company from Sami would change anything it won’t. Sami should remain as CEO of EJ company for a while. It seems like the writers doesn’t know what they want to do with the characters. Some people on the show needs to go if they care about the characters. Why don’t you writers send Anne, Theresa and Bev packing. They are useless on the show. If these writers care about the fans of watching the show. Then get rid of the bad people on the show. Having them there is a waste of time. It seems like the writers care about themeselves then there characters. Brady is drugged out and how many times are you guys is going to let Theresa drug him out. This is the second time Theresa drugged out Brady. I think you writers needs to wrap up your old storylines before you create new ones.

  • Linda Joyce Cappitti

    If he does, I hope EJ gets Sami for conspiracy.
    Plus Kate, , Sami , Will & Sonny for conspiracy to the Attempted Murder of Nick at the River Plus Sami & Kate for attempted murder of Nick at the River . Then we could have Arianna mother, father, grandmother LESS, Johnny ,and Syndey parentLESS & Allie motherless . Good for Sami because she’s Such a model of virtue . Selfish Idiot. !!!

  • Mufasa

    SO let me get this straight….for MONTHS we heard about a GALA and then the day comes and we don’t even see it? No tables/crowd/dancing? Deidre Hall is reduced to being MC and she isn’t funny? We did NOTHING with Roman and Gisela? Love Hope and Aiden – but one little dance? Come on – that was a disappointment….also if JJ was on Eve’s side and not Jennifer’s – THAT would be a good storyline

    • daysdiva

      I so agree about the stupid gala! We didn’t even see the cast there, much less a crowd of people at an auction. All we saw was a room full of garage-sale items with two kids running in and out. I was hoping for a little Roman/Gisela/Marlena/John action at the very least. Oh, well. Once again, much ado about nothing.

  • yourmomsaidso

    i can think of WAY more annoying characters.

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