Dean McDermott’s Son Says ‘True Tori’ is All Lies – Spelling Falsely Paints Dean as a Lying Douchebag

Dean McDermott's Son Says 'True Tori' is All Lies - Spelling Falsely Paints Dean as a Lying Douchebag

I have to admit, with all of the rumors about Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s latest reality show being exaggerated for ratings, I’m kind of surprised that his 15-year old son hasn’t spoken up sooner. It was only a matter of time for the lies to be revealed and after the last few weeks of True Tori it seems that Jack McDermott has had enough. According to the June 2nd print edition of Star Magazine, the teenager is speaking out.

Jack is claiming that things aren’t always as they seem (especially as they’re being depicted in the media) and that, while his father isn’t perfect, he is also not the lying douche that Tori has painted him to be.

In the Lifetime series, Dean seems to be an addict with a voracious sexual appetite and in at least one memorable therapy session he told Tori that she isn’t good enough in the sack. His supposed affair last December with a random chick named Emily Goodhand has raised some questions — because by all accounts this woman doesn’t seem to exist. There are no photos and there is no digital imprint of Emily at all. Some are beginning to think that this “woman” has been fabricated by the media.

It has been rumored that she never existed and that this whole cheating scandal and marital implosion was actually manufactured to generate some fast cash for the family. Now, even Jack seems to be insinuating that the only thing true about True Tori is the fact that there is a paycheck attached to it.

Do you believe that Tori and Dean are as broken as they want us to think or is this simply the best acting gig that either of them have ever landed? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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32 responses to “Dean McDermott’s Son Says ‘True Tori’ is All Lies – Spelling Falsely Paints Dean as a Lying Douchebag”

  1. a guest says:

    Fabricated by the media definitely and the McDermotts

  2. Rebecca Howell says:

    If they are lying- Tori and Dean truly deserve Academy Awards. Tori’s tearful breakdown on the most recent episode seems genuine. I don’t think they had to resort to a fake affair for ratings. I would have watched the show because they are a fun couple. I don’t think it helps Dean personally to portray himself as an addict, suicidal cheater. I think it’s real.

    • Tarie Lynn Reynolds says:

      It is real, I was never a fan of hers, because she and Dean left their spouses for each other.

      • drdebo cherry says:

        oh pleeze- get over yourself!

      • Tara Garmon says:

        Like you’ve never made a mistake or done something “wrong”?

        • Tarie Lynn Reynolds says:

          Right, you have a halo? Give mea break and keep advocating for no morals. That said, I believe this affair is real. If they cheat with you, they chest on you.

    • jo says:

      Sure probably real and he has cheated since day one and they have fought and kids have witnessed but now that the media and woman wanted her 15 minutes Tori brain stormed a way to make money from it , kind of sicko..

    • Mrs Odie says:

      I thought she was WAY over the top, and he was fake as hell. He couldn’t even squeeze out a single tear.

  3. BELLA says:


  4. J_Doe5686 says:

    I believe him.

  5. shaff says:

    Whether or not this whole tru tori story is a lie why would anyone put thier personal lives out there. We all have problems and issues this just makes ot worse. My heart goes out for their 4 kids and Jack. If your sondesperate to money off the expence of your family and extended family. Read children learn what they live creed.

  6. 12Feliciene says:

    Does anyone care what they do to themselves. Doing this in public in front of their kids is what is truly offensive.

  7. margaret says:

    if its true thats sad and feel for all their kids , but if its staged that even worse for their kids and sick and twisted. Her crying to me seemed like though an act . mm

  8. Tarie Lynn Reynolds says:

    I believe Tori, been there done that and you can’t fake that anguish. My ex-barely human- beat the hell out of my and cheated for many years until I finally got a clue and fled. My now husband is a dream come true. .I hope Tori finds that peace one day.

  9. KC says:

    This show needs to be canceled.

  10. Cateye says:

    Does not really matter to me. It’s a familiar story line but not sure this has ever been told via this format. Since so many couples endure the same trauma it’s a story worth being explored. Whether it’s “true” or not in their case is not really my interest.

  11. sassysue says:

    These people are shameless..horrible..embrassing fools!! Their poor poor children..CPS should step in and give them to peolpe that deserve them. Tori and Dean should be so ashamed of class at all!! If this is an example of a hollywood family and what its like to be rich..terrible..I thank god me and mine have always worked hard and appreciate and respect everything we have especially our family!

  12. Gayle says:

    These emotions are genuine. Sometimes you can’t help when you become emotional; Tori turned her head and Dean shooed the kids out of the room.
    Dean’s 15 year old son is bothered by what he sees on TV, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Nobody (especially a teenager) really knows what is going on within a marriage.
    I wish them the best, they have a lovely family and I think they will pull through.
    Hasn’t anyone else seen pictures of this Emily chick? I have, and she’s not very attractive.

    • Mrs Odie says:

      It’s a myth that men cheat with women more attractive than their wives. They cheat with women who pay attention to them and make them feel special.

    • Frankie D says:

      Haha he is married to tori spelling obviously he isn’t concerened about looks! She seems nice but come on!!! They both cheated on their spouses for each other. Please!!

  13. Mrs Odie says:

    I know Jack loves his dad, and I know Jack is young, but how can he blame his stepmonster and give his dad a pass? Dean is on camera playing right along, claiming to be an addict, an alcoholic, and a man who is “insatiable” in the sexytimes department. Tori isn’t holding a gun to his head. Just a paycheck. No one needs this show to see what kind of person the Deaner is. He ditched Jack’s mom and Jack’s little sister when Jack was 7 so he could try to bang his way to an Aaron Spelling payday.

  14. Mrs Odie says:

    I 100% believe Dean is an alcoholic because of the way he looks. Everything about his ruddy, puffy face screams “booze!”

    • Frankie D says:

      Exactly! I am a recovering addict of 13 years and booze wasn’t my thing but many sober friends I go to meetings with use to look just like him or the people I sponsor look just like him with those trademark puffy eyes and red nose. When the liver is being beaten up that bad it takes toll on eyes and skin and bloat big time! His cheating is a symptom of his addiction. When he was saying his brain wants to kill himself that is true addicts have a self destruct button and if he wants to get better he needs 12 steps and needs to start eating humble pie real fast and get off the ego train!

  15. Emilie56 says:

    The entire thing is a sham IMHO. Who in their right mind would take such marital problems to the public. The therapist is the same woman from the Ryan O’Neal “reality” show the other year. I’m not saying these people are in their right mind but it sure is one heck of outrage to take such private stuff and put it on TV. Then we see a photo online of Spelling working on her new series, which BTW, is getting great publicity now due to the reality show. She recovered well enough to make it onto the set. Regular people find a way to make money but these people cannot? I predict the final episode will be a cliff hanger or he will leave for Canada and then this can be continued next season.

    Also what’s with all the makeup? She has it on even in the hospital allegedly eating soft or liquid foods. She cannot lift a spoon to her mouth but she can apply all that goop onto her face? Does she remove her makeup with a spatula at night? Neither would public people not live inside a gated community. I am an ordinary person and I live in a gated community.

    She looks anorexic to me.

    They are upsetting an entire bock of neighbors so they are selfish as can be.

    Then there are her kids who aren’t upset even when she starts her crying on the bed. Why? Because it is all rehearsed and young as they are the kids know what is going on.

    What this couple is doing is not considered child abuse? I don’t get it.

    I do think Tori’s father would be devastated if he were alive if he had to see his daughter doing anything for a buck.

    So why do I watch? Well, first I DVR it so I don’t have to sit through the commercials. Also TV is so darned bad that they become interesting by comparison.

    What is all her talk about no fairy tale ending? Did nobody ever tell this woman that life is not a fairy tale? What a big deal to make about her husband cheating when she cheated on her other husband after meeting this one. And he cheated back then with her. Suddenly cheating is no good in their book? I would have thought it was their M.O.

    They should not be spending so lavishly for soon nobody will hire them for anything I am presuming. She is getting older and he looks positively horrid, not that he was ever good looking. But now he looks worse. Good looking he definitely is not.

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  17. flobot says:

    i don’t know….I’ve dealt with true hardcore alcoholic lying relationships and most of this rings very true and genuine…similarites are real. The son is clearly hurt his dad is such a douche.

  18. Steve Sanders says:

    David Silver said Donna Martin wasn’t good in bed…. that Andrea Zuckerman on the other hand, totally wild little philly

  19. David "Boom Boom" Silver says:

    She ain’t no 9021-ho… snap!

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  22. Mary Wilcox says:

    I seriously think there was an affair. I don’t think dean is sorry at all. I honestly think he got caught and now he is going with the program…