Drop Dead Diva Recap 6/15/14: Season 6 Episode 12 “Hero”

Drop Dead Diva Recap 6/15/14: Season 6 Episode 12 “Hero”

Tonight on Lifetime their critically-acclaimed hit series Drop Dead Diva continues with its eleventh episode called, “Hero.” On this evening’s episode, Kim and Owen refuse to support Jane’s new whirlwind romance.

On the last episode, after a shocking discovery, Jane reopened the case of a man on death row in order to prove his innocence. Kim represented a small dance company that helps inner city kids after their routines were stolen by an international pop star. Owen had wedding anxiety. Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Kim and Owen refuse to support Jane’s new whirlwind romance. Meanwhile, Jane represents a mother whose son died at a football camp; and Kim is rescued from a mugging by a masked “superhero,” who is then sued by the mugger.

Tonight’s season 6 episode 12 is going to be a great one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva tonight at 9 PM EST! Remember also to bookmark Celeb Dirty Laundry and check back here for our live Drop Dead Diva recaps, reviews, news, and spoilers! In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek preview of tonight’s episode below.


Jane pours a glass of coconut water and Stacy asks if she’s doing a cleanse. Jane says she’s replenishing electrolytes due to her marathon Ian sex session. She says Owen thinks she’s banging a death row client and has gone off the deep end. Jane says she doesn’t care and can’t make her life look normal anymore. Stacy asks her to keep Ian in her room until Owen leaves for work and Jane gleefully agrees.

Kim talks on the phone as she goes to a car. A would-be mugger approaches her with gun drawn when a spandexed would-be superhero takes him on and tells her in a raspy voice to call 911. Kim tells Owen about the superhero. Owen says he saw Jane making out with Ian the death rwo guy. She says that’s disturbing and he says Stacy thinks she’s overreacting.

Hank, the court bailiff, shows up to talk to Kim. Owen greets him. He asks to talk to Kim in private and she takes him to her office.

A client shows Jane a photo of her son Dean who recently died. He went to a football camp run by Zach Riley, a former hall of famer. She says her son collapsed during a hot summer practice session. Jane tells her not to blame herself and says Zach is to blame. She tells Ms Larkin she wants the camp shut down instead of money damages. Jane says she can help and they can change everything.

Hank asks Kim how she’s feeling and she says she’s fine, confused. He tells her he’s asking about her mugging and he asks how she knows. He says he was the one who saved her. She says the other guy was taller and bigger built but then he shows her his gold mask. He says he calls himself the Midnight Flyer and he just likes to help people.

Kim asks if he goes around tackling muggers and he says last night was his biggest night – he says he usually finds lost pets. She thanks him and says she owes him. Hank says he’s there to collect – the mugger is suing him for a personal injury when he tackled the guy.

Ian is in Jane’s office on her computer and she says he can’t go back to his old life. She says it’s not his life or email anymore. Owen is there and asks to speak to her alone. She says he can talk to both of them if it’s about Ian. Owen says that the man she loved died two weeks ago and she’s jumping into a new relationship without thinking. He asks Ian if he’s confusing gratitude with other feelings. Jane gets aggravated and tells him to go. He does.

Jane and Ms Larkin meet with Zach and tell him that he has to shut down the camp until meaningful changes have made. His lawyer says they are obeying the law but Jane says he has to stop all two a days when it’s above 90 and retrain his staff. Zach tells Ms Larkin that Dean’s death broke his heart and it was an accident.

Jane says when an accident happens twice, it’s not an accident, it’s gross negligence. Another kid died two years ago. Zach says that boy had an undiagnosed heart condition. Jane says he can change his practices or go to court for wrongful death. They leave.

Kim and Hank meet with the mugger and his lawyer. Kim reminds them that he held a gun on her. She says the neck brace is a prop. Kim tells him that his client is going to prison for the mugging and as the mugging victim she decides his fate. She says if she doesn’t agree to a deal, he will go to trial and she can cry on command and see that he gets the maximum sentence.

Kim says to apologize to Hank, drop the suit and she’ll agree to the plea deal. The mugger apologizes to Hank. Later, Hank tells Kim that she was amazing and says that if Wonder Woman was a lawyer, it would be him. Hank gets a text from his boss saying he’s suspended for two months without pay for going out at the Midnight Flyer. He asks Kim what he’s going to do. Kim tells him to let her worry about it.

Ian eats a burger when Stacy finds him. He says as Grayson, he didn’t eat meat, but as Ian, he does. She has a box of his stuff that she got from his mom. He asks how his mom is doing and she says as well as can be expected. She gives him his class ring and he slides it on his finger and is surprised that it fits. There’s a photo of him and Deb. He says he can’t believe he’s getting a second chance with the only woman he’s ever loved.

Owen tells Kim to be respectful when pleading Hank’s case. She says it sounds like Game of Thrones and he says it is with less nudity and more paperwork. Owen says what Hank does in his free time doesn’t reflect on the bailiff’s office. His boss asks if he’s putting lives at risk gallivanting around in a costume. Kim says that Hank is trying to make a real difference. His boss changes his mind and instead fires him. Kim says it’s fine and Hank tells her that he needs the job. She says she’s taking the courthouse to court for a wrongful termination suit.

Ms Larkin takes the stand and says that Zach Riley’s people told her they would take care of Dean. They introduce a toxicology report that showed that Dean was taking a diuretic that was not disclosed to camp personnel. Jane asks to see the report and says that Carlyle withheld the report and he says that the diuretic caused dehydration that killed the boy. He asks for a dismissal but Jane asks for time and is granted 24 hours.

Jane and Dean’s mom sit and talk about the case. Jane says she got confirmation that Dean was taking a diuretic. Her mom says that Dean wasn’t trying to lose weight, but put it on. She asks her not to give up and Jane asks for a list of his friends from football camp. She wonders if someone like a trainer or coach gave it to him.

Owen has Kim on the stand testifying about Hank and what happened that night. Kim says Hank’s actions on that night only improved her opinion of the bailiff’s office. Owen asks for Hank to come on to the stand and the other lawyer wants him to testify in his Midnight Flyer outfit. Owen argues against it but the judge says the whole proceeding is out of hand and allows it. They have a recess to allow him to get changed.

Ian shows off his new leather jacket and Jane says she gave it to him on his 30th birthday. She says it looks good on him and they kiss. Jane tells him he’s the perfect diversion she needs from her case. She tells him that diuretics make you lose weight and the kid wanted to bulk up. Ian says there’s another reason to take them. He says they can be used to mask steroids for drug testing. She thanks him.

Hank is in his costume on the stand. Kim and Owen come into the courtroom both in superhero costumes. Owen says he’s Pro Bono man – he’s in yellow spandex with scales of justice on them and she’s in a blue and white Wonder Woman type outfit and calls herself Lady Adjudicator. The other lawyer says they’re making a mockery of this and Owen says if Hank can be in costume, so can they.

Kim says everyone is wearing some sort of costume – judge’s robes, bailiff’s uniforms, etc. The judge tells Pro Bono man to proceed. Hank says in all his years of service he’s never been accused of improper conduct. The other lawyer asks why he became a bailiff and he says to uphold the law. The other lawyer says Hank became a bailif after he faield to become LAPD.

Hank admits he didn’t pass their exam. He asks how many times he failed it and Hank says four times. The lawyer asks if his recent behavior and costume is the result of years of frustration boiling to the surface pushing him over the edge and making him unfit. He asks what Hank would think of a man wearing a costume like he’s wearing now.

The guy mocks him and Hank is pushed to tears. The other lawyer calls him a loser and Owen objects. Owen asks for a recess and the judge says she has great respect for Hank but can’t overrule the Administrator’s decision because it doesn’t seem like he over-stepped.

Jane talks to Dean’s friend Hector who insists that all he took was a supplement called Power Blast that’s 100% natural. He shows her an ad in a magazine. He says you mix it with water and drink it before a work out.

He says you mix it with water and drink it before a work out. Hector tells her he loved Dean like a brother and isn’t hiding anything.

Ian is waiting on Jane and Kim notices he’s wearing Grayson’s class ring. She’s disturbed that Jane gave him her dead boyfriend’s college ring. Kim offers him $10,000 to go away and leave Jane alone. He says that she thinks money will solve anything. He tells her to stay out of his way and says he’ll stay out of hers. She’s confused and leaves.

Ian drinks at a bar when Paul comes in and takes a seat. Ian asks if he’s there to tell him to stay away from Jane and Paul says he knows they belong together. Paul takes a sip of the drink and winces – he hates Scotch. He tells Ian that he’s Jane’s guardian angel. He says Jane was going to tell him but then he got shot.

He asks what he does for her and he says Jane is pretty self-sufficient so he just hangs out a lot. He tells Ian that he’s now his official guardian angel now as well. He says he’s there to make sure he has a seamless transition back to earth. He asks if Paul can get Kim and Owen off his back. Paul says he should be able to do that.

Jane asks Dean’s mom about the supplement he was taking. She says she had the supplement tested at a lab. She says they had a steroid and a diuretic in them and he had no idea. Jane says she’s filed an emergency injunction to get Power Blast off the shelf. There’s a doctor on the stand and he starts to say that an FDA law prevents him from ruling on a supplement and says they have to take it to the FDA.

Kim tells Hank she’s sorry about how the case turned out. Hank says he applied to be a mall cop and tells her it can’t be that bad since he gets to ride a scooter and likes food courts. She asks him how he’d like to be head of security at a high profile law firm. She says she feel safer when he’s around and Hank says he would like that a lot.

Jane and Dean’s mom go to the FDA about the supplement. She says they want Power Blast off the shelf and the guy says he will draft a strongly worded letter. He says he has to start with a letter then wait for a response. He says then they can officially open an investigation and says the process takes about a year.

Dean’s mom says kids are dying and he says the law was bought and paid for by the supplement lobby. Jane says the law is more dangerous than the supplement. The FDA guy agrees but says he can’t take on the US government. Jane says she can.

Jane updates Ian on her case and tells him about the US law saying the only difference between the supplement and drug law is whether it’s natural or synthetic. She says supplements have essentially no safety guidelines. Ian says she should get Power Blast’s classification changed. Jane gets a call and says she’ll be right there. Ms Larkin has been arrested.

She heads down and bails her out. She went into a health food store and she snapped when she saw who was endorsing Power Blast. She tore down one of the poster – Zach Riley is endorsing it. Jane brings Zach in and says he endorses Power Blast which contains a steroid and a diuretic and that’s what killed Dean. She shows him the lab report. He’s shocked.

She tells him that the other kid who died at his camp also used Power Blast. His cardiac condition was only fatal because of the supplement. She tells him he has opened himself up to a personal lawsuit from anyone who bought Power Blast. He says he needs a lawyer and Jane says she has a better idea.

Kim whistles at Owen as he’s trying on a tux for the wedding. He tells her they don’t have any money to pay Hank and she says to take his salary out of hers’. He asks her what’s going on and she says her life is full of unreliable man. She says he risked his life for her and Owen agrees. Paul comes in with freshly baked cookies. He tells them that Ian is a hell of a guy and that he’s the right person for Jane.

He tells them their love is written in the stars like Brad and Angelina. Kim reminds him that Jane was in love with Grayson a couple of weeks ago. Paul says they are making big plans and says they are getting a joint bank account and Jane is giving him a credit card. He tells them to enjoy Ian’s cookies. Kim and Owen agree they have to get rid of Ian – they think he’s after Jane’s money.

Paul comes in horrified that Kim is pumping breast milk. He covers his eyes and gives her Hank’s criminal records check. He says that he was rejected four times from the police academy and she says she knows. He asks if she knows why and her mouth falls open and tells him to have Hank meet her there in an hour. She turns around and goes back to milk pumping.

Back in court, Jane says she has filed a breach of contract claim against Power Blast by Zach Riley. The other side is floored. She says that Zach endorsed the product based on a lie. She says that Power Blast’s deceit has put all of his endorsements at risk. The judge says she can have her trial but Jane says they don’t want a trial, they just want a formal apology from Power Blast for including a synthetic ingredient in the supplement.

She says the offer expires in five seconds. They agree and she hands over paperwork for the Power Blast guy to sign. He signs it and then she introduces an FDA officer. She says they have now admitted to a synthetic ingredient so it’s now treated as a drug and the FDA can shut them down, file criminal charges and seek damages. The FDA guy says they are prepared to do all three. The judge adjourns so the FDA can take over.

Kim brings in Hank and a rep from the LAPD and she says he was rejected for scoring too high. The LAPD guy says candidates that score too high often get bored and leave the work. She says that’s discrimination and he says that’s not a protected class. Kim says she’s not planning to sue but wanted to give him a heads up to expect a call from a reporter about an article “LAPD Rejects Best and Brightest.”

Hank tells her she can’t go to the press and says he has too much respect for the men in blue to malign them. The Lieutenant asks Kim if he’s for real and she says he is. The LT makes him a job offer and Hank is thrilled but tells Kim that he won’t be able to run the law firm’s security. Kim says she will live with it and Hank accepts the offer to be a cop.

Kim and Owen confront Jane about Ian. They tell her they care about her and Kim says Ian is using her and she can’t see clearly because she’s grieving. Owen says he’s bad for the firm since he’s an ex-con. Jane says she doesn’t want to hurt the firm. Jane tells them that she quits. She says with their opinions about Ian and her state of mind, she can’t stay. She walks out smiling.