Ellen DeGeneres Uses Cancer Fears To Keep Portia de Rossi Stuck In Marriage (PHOTOS)

Ellen DeGeneres Uses Cancer Fears To Keep Portia de Rossi Stuck In Marriage (PHOTOS)

We have been hearing for months now that Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres‘ marriage has hit the skids in a big way. We have heard about epic fights and Portia fighting for freedom bit by bit. Apparently Ellen is very much the boss lady of their relationship and Portia has taken a more passive position, at least until recently. Now she wants the freedom to choose her work projects and things came to a head recently when Portia refused to attend a taping of Ellen’s show. She instead chose to walk their dogs, without her wedding ring.

Now we are hearing that Ellen realizes that her wife already has a foot out the door and is grasping at straws. She recently found a lump in her breast that in the end was nothing to worry about, but it ignited old fears. Ellen has lost several of the women in her family to breast cancer and she herself underwent a lumpectomy a few years ago. According the Feb. 24th print edition of National Enquirer Ellen panicked when she found the lump and Portia was totally attentive to her and her fears. She realized that as long as she focused on her gut level cancer fears then Portia won’t leave and so she is continuing to play that card.

Do you think that somehow these exaggerated fears will somehow make Portia remember why they got together in the first place and want to work it out? Or does she just feel obligated to stay while Ellen again manipulates her? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Ellen and Portia use paparazzi set-up photos to try an dispel rumors of their impending break up – trying to look all lovey-dovey on their public Valentine’s Day walk – meanwhile Ellen’s wandering eye and Portia’s advancing age work against any long-term solidarity between the two.

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4 responses to “Ellen DeGeneres Uses Cancer Fears To Keep Portia de Rossi Stuck In Marriage (PHOTOS)”

  1. Cindy M. says:

    Wouldn’t You say what YOU just written is a BIT HARSH??? I DO,,,Cancer DOES and HAS ran RELENTLESSLY through Her Family and Friends, SO IT SHOULD be taken VERY seriously!!! NOBODY has a GUN to Portia’s head and You go by SUPPOSED Insiders and Rumors…If Portia wants to LEAVE, SHE WILL, BUT TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK AT Your PIC ABOVE, Notice how Portia is showing the

  2. Power Trip says:

    I actually believe Ellen is a tad on the controlling side. I have noticed things in interviews with the two of them/ YouTube videos. Not saying she’d go sooooo far as to manipulate with cancer sscares. I am however a huge Ellen fan and would rather hope this is bs. But, just cause we want something to be false doesn’t make it less true.

  3. Mel says:

    No one knows what is going on in a relationship except the people in it. Yes, Ellen is more of an in your face kind of person this may just be the way the relation ship works for them. Until one of them say’s they are done, I will not believe any thing being said. The only people that can say anything are the two people in the relationship.

  4. Deloca says:

    Whoever creates these kinda news should get a bloody life. Oh the horrible things you tabloid people create when you can’t resist a sucsesful couple in love. You are so jealous because you’re no where near Ellen and Portia. I’m so freaking annoyed