Should Eric Braeden Retire From The Young and the Restless as Victor Newman – Yes or No? (POLL)

Should Eric Braeden Retire From The Young and the Restless as Victor Newman - Yes or No? (POLL)

The Young and the Restless has been experiencing some major drama as of late and, by the looks of it, it’s not planning on dying down anytime soon. Eric Braeden, best known for his role as Victor Newman on the hit soap opera, has won two Daytime Emmy Awards and has been nominated on several other occasions. While the actor has had a long run on the series, people are beginning to wonder . . . . should Eric Braeden (and his character) retire from the hit soap? Has his time come to an end? Or is he the kind of character that’ll survive as long as the show’s on air?

In the wake of Michael Muhney’s firing, rumors have been swirling around the cybersphere speculating that Eric actually played a major role in sending Michael to the chopping block. Mike’s supporters have rallied by the masses and have done everything in their power to reinstate their beloved actor, but, unfortunately, his fate isn’t looking great. But many cling to their hope.

In light of these allegations, Eric has come out to say that he had no role in Michael’s firing — and just wants to set the record straight. “I was prompted to get into ‘fisticuffs’ with him because he wanted me off the show, if you want to know the truth,” he admitted to Radar Online. “The notion that Hunter King came to me and was coaxed by me to go to the top (and get Muhney fired) is utter nonsense.”

Whether you believe him or not is up to you and your sixth-soap-sense — and we’ll give you some time to mull over that question. What we’d like to know though is this . . . . Should Eric Braeden retire from TYR? Take our poll below and let us know what you think. We need to hear from you.

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  • Mags123

    His character is disgusting and his actions, since Michael was fired have been even more disgusting. Calling a columnist who speculated about him a Bitch just shows his true character. When I did watch the show, which I stopped doing after Jan 31, I had to fast forward through his scenes. He disgusts me on so many levels.

  • Kerry Kassinger

    Hell Yes, get the mumbling SOB off the show. He had to even look at.

  • goldgrl05

    Eric, when you have been working as you and I have been for the last 40-odd years, it is time to know when to hang up your boxing gloves and go home. Whether or not you were involved in the Munhey/ King situation, honor the show for what it has done for you all these years and leave gracefully. P.S… please take Jill Phelps with you since you both have damaged the show with all your recent behavior! The Y&R fans have kept you #1 for a long time; however, we don’t have to continue to do so! Canning Billy Miller was my last straw! Move out of Genoa City since we are ready for you to go! O.K.????

  • Caren Cummins

    No I don’t think that they should let him go he is what makes the show and anyway if they do let him go I will stop watching and he’s the only reason that I watch yr thank you Caren cummins

  • Nora

    hes the whole show never never take him off and bring Adam back. ..,

  • Meghan Davis

    What happened to the actor who played Billy?

  • rose

    Take out Eric and put in Michael. Loved Victor but this has gotten out of hand. Not to excited about the show anymore :-(

  • Cheryl Newland

    Thank you! Eric Braeden is and has been a driving force on Y & R ! I wait for him and Nikki to be on to watch. I believe his acting is fabulous and that’s why we watch !

  • Ellie1123

    Retire , no Fire, yes ! His attitude with fans are insulting and disgusting. Why would he call a fan an idiot? Now, that tells you something if he talks to a total stranger like that can you imagine the way he talks to people he knows like MM. The writer of this show has to know that his action could result in GIVING THE SHOW A BAD IMAGE and she better take control of this before the ”inmates are running the asylum”. You have HunterKing threatening to sue the show and now actors bad mouthing MM