Dancing With The Stars’ Erin Andrews Fired – Cast and Crew Hate Her – Report

Dancing With The Stars' Erin Andrews Fired - Cast and Crew Hate Her - Report

Dancing With the Stars executives are making quite a habit of firing hosts, aren’t they? According to the show’s insiders, Erin Andrews may well be facing the firing squad now that her first season as co-host has come to an end. Even though it’s literally only been a few months since she took Brooke Burke-Charvet‘s place, there are already candidates looking to replace her.

Seriously, what is wrong with the show that they can’t seem to keep their female hosts, even though they seem plenty happy to keep the aging Tom Bergeron?

A source also tells Life & Style that Erin may have already gotten the news, because she was in a ‘dour‘ mood at the wrap party earlier this month. The source adds, “She rushed down the red carpet and didn’t want to take any photos with anyone!” 

There were rumors floating around earlier this year about how Erin’s ego was starting to irritate the show’s cast and crew, and that may be the basis on which the network fires her. However, I think it’s more likely that when they initially hired her, they were hoping that her predominantly male fan base would follow her – and when that didn’t happen, they found no reason to keep her on, considering she didn’t bring anything particularly fresh or interesting to her hosting duties. So adios Erin, see you back in sports reporting.

This means that there’s a chance that Brooke could make a return, but I doubt the network would want to re-hire something they already fired – too much embarrassment, and contract negotiations would be a terror. Then again, she’s a proven brand on the show, and they may want to stick with a risk-free choice. There are also rumors of Maria Menounos taking over hosting duties, and that’s probably the smartest choice to move forward with this mess.

7 responses to “Dancing With The Stars’ Erin Andrews Fired – Cast and Crew Hate Her – Report”

  1. PassionQueen77 says:

    The producers shouldn’t fire Brooke Burke as the host of the show. She was a good host. Since they lost her the show sucks without her. I am glad that Erin Andrews got fired. She wasn’t a good show host either. She doesn’t know how to introduce music artists on the show.

  2. Lesa Duke says:

    If you go back to the 1st report you will find out that the rumors were started early April where producers said that it wasn’t true. The ratings were up this season except for Abbie Lee Miller week which fans had indicated they wouldn’t be watching. Erin did a great job is funny &quick on her feet which fans indicate they love watching her. Each poll has had more people liking her than dislike. I also saw pictures taken at the party & she was smiling. You need better sources not old rumor!

  3. janie says:

    They need to replace the judges, they are ridiculous!! The whole show could use a revamp!

  4. Lori Robinson says:

    I am so surprised and sad. I loved Erin. She was funny, and real and not just a smiling fake stilted host like others. I loved her and I think they are making a huge mistake firing her. She helped make this past season their best yet.

  5. Sable Senegal says:

    They erased my other comment.Erin really didn’t do anything better than brooke.producers made the mistake of hiring Erin thinking she would draw more male viewers.dwts just needs to hire perhaps a former dancer to co host or scrap the idea altogether.

  6. Sable Senegal says:

    Don’t hire maria menudos, she isn’t that much better.

  7. Hank says:

    They really don’t need a co-host at all. Their interviews always seem so pointless. It would be fine with just Tom.