Farrah Abraham Is A Prostitute On Crack Says Jenelle Evan’s Baby-Daddy Nathan Griffith

Farrah Abraham Is A Prostitute On Crack Says Jenelle Evan’s Baby-Daddy Nathan Griffith

It seems like these days there isn’t a reality star that Farrah Abraham won’t throw under the bus, and Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans is no exception. It’s no secret the two reality stars have had some bad blood between them, every time one of them makes headlines, the other has to comment on their latest blunder.

Yesterday Farrah Abraham made some comments about Jenelle’s latest pregnancy, and implied that Jenelle shouldn’t be bringing another child into the world. Abraham told Wetpaint, “I don’t know what Jenelle’s goals and ambitions are, but kids are no. 1 and need to be taken care of. You can’t support them then you shouldn’t be getting pregnant.

Now, Jenelle’s latest baby-daddy Nathan Griffith is doing Jenelle’s dirty work for her. He took to Twitter to call Farrah Abraham out on her latest comments about Jenelle. Griffith tweeted, “Taking advice from Farrah Abraham is like taking advice from a prostitute who sucks d–k for crack. Shut the f–k up!” Wow, Nathan, how do you really feel? Farrah hasn’t replied to Nathan’s latest verbal assault, she’s too preoccupied this weekend hitting up every Super Bowl Party she could score an invite to.

Are you as over the never-ending Teen Mom girls’ feuds as we are? It’s beginning to look like the troubled reality stars bicker amongst each other just to stay relevant, and in the news. And, Nathan Griffith getting in on the action is just more proof that he is not half as mature as he claims to be, and just as fame hungry as his baby-mama Jenelle Evans.

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8 responses to “Farrah Abraham Is A Prostitute On Crack Says Jenelle Evan’s Baby-Daddy Nathan Griffith”

  1. mouthpumper says:

    Mr. Ed says what ?

  2. Mary Jane Kelly says:

    She’s SOOOOO unattractive! Why is she the only one that doesn’t see it?

  3. comeonnow says:

    Coming from someone who said her and her daughter needed a break from each other!

  4. […] words got vicious when Jenelle’s latest baby-daddy Nathan Griffith took to Twitter and compared Farrah Abraham to a “prostitute on crack.” Apparently Farrah Abraham was not impressed with Griffith’s analogy, and she dished on her […]

  5. Guest says:

    I jump to say Nathan is fame hungry. Maybe he was just really mad about what farrah said about the mother of his child. For whatever reason he seems like he really does love Janelle

  6. stphne says:

    Can we just start ignoring Farrah completely? She is a terrible example for everyone just by the way she looks much less when she opens her mouth. I think at least Jenelle is trying to pull her ish together. Farrah is just a plastic surgery disaster….

  7. angee says:

    How about everybody stop talking about it and they wouldn’t be in the news anymore. If we didnt care then it would stop.

  8. Heather Ashley Privitt Finch says:

    Farrah has ruined her life. Unimpressed.