Floyd Mayweather and Tiny Hook-Up Leads to T.I. Brawl (VIDEO)

Floyd Mayweather and Tiny Hook-Up Leads to T.I. Brawl (VIDEO)

We have been hearing for awhile now that things have gotten a bit messy between T.I. And his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. The rumor mill has been cranking out reports of a split for the last few months and T.I. Certainly didn’t slow down the talk when he made a public spectacle of buying a new bachelor pad away from his family home. With all the talk of him playing around on Tiny and doubling back to cover his tracks I guess maybe it never occurred to him that Tiny might not be sitting at home waiting for him to come to his senses.

Instead Tiny was in Vegas this weekend and posted some photos of herself with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter. Floyd supposedly is friends with the couple, or at least he was until last night when security had to break up a fight between T.I. And himself. According to TM T.I. Didn’t like the pics that Tiny was posting and something gave him the idea that Floyd was trying to bang his wife, so T.I. Confronted him at Fatburger on the Vegas strip.

Punches flew when Floyd told T.I. To “control your bitch” and the scene turned into mass chaos. Floyd has since insisted that he wasn’t attempting to hook up with Tiny and that he had believed that he was a friend of the couple, plain and simple. Maybe it was Tiny initiating something with Floyd to make T.I. jealous and if so, it certainly worked! The real question is whether or not these two are going to work things out. Will they get it together or is that bachelor pad really T.I.’s first step towards divorce? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • dnez3000

    TINY IS NOT PRETTY are you blind…no one says tiny is pretty but you…everything else you said is correct though.

    • shay

      Tiny is beautiful you got it all twisted no dis respect but you dont know whats going on in their marriage for tiny to take a picture with floyd daughter and if you dont see beauty in her then you dont see beauty in no other woman that have an heart and got their shit togeather im sorry but im not judgemental and I so disagree with you I dont care who they are and I dont care if I know them or not if a man loves his wife who cares what others think and Iif a woman loves her man who cares along as their happy and God I between them thats all Iit matters they just need to pray on It and God I love

  • Bobby Mickens

    What about the Kids and the Family life. I thought they had it all together from what me and my son was watching on TV. What about the Kids and their reactions to all of this. Wow! I wish them the best of luck with their marriage, life, reputation, and celebrity status. I am not famous or wealthy, but I know when the devil is busy. The Bible says the devil comes to steal, kill, and destory, but God wants us to have life more abundantly. I pray that you guys work it out. I am Bobby L. Mickens Jr from Sumter, Sc.

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  • star27

    I think she stood by his side a lot but two wrongs don’t make a right them where not good pics to post knowing u have a husband now that was just down right BS and disrespectful and God don’t like stuff like that