Iggy Azalea’s Career and Butt Explode – See Implants and Plastic Surgery (PHOTOS)

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Seems like these days, to make it big, you have to “make it big.” And by that we mean the continuous flow of women jumping on the expand-wagon and growing their rears to enormous sizes for attention. What started with J.Lo having a bigger rump that men melted over and women admired, Kim Kardashian took WAY too far. J.Lo has a figure that is curvy, but still of normal proportions. Kim has injected her ass so much, I’m surprised collagen doesn’t come out of her pores when she sneezes. Then, Nicki Minaj plumped her rump as well. All of these women swear to you it is all natural. News flash…they are not lying…collagen is a natural protein made from human or animal sources. So, when they say their bum is all natural, they can do so with a straight face. Guess they were never asked whose “all natural” it was!

Now there is yet another faker who seems to believe Google doesn’t exist. How else can you tell fans your ass is natural when a quick Google image search shows otherwise? If you haven’t seen or heard her yet, you likely will soon as Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, né Amethyst Amelia Kelly, is starting to get airplay in the US and will need us to make room for her and her oversized behind very soon. Iggy, 23, former girlfriend of A$AP Rocky has begun to make a name for herself through the typical tactics we have come to see over and over again. Wearing barely there outfits, dating a famous rapper, making idiotic comments, oozing sex with every picture, and expanding your bottom line (and we don’t mean in a business sense) are the quick-fix ways to get attention and needed PR to make a name for yourself. Just ask KK and Ms. Minaj since they both fit the description to a “T,” right Anna Wintour?

Iggy can be seen just about everywhere with TI who signed her to his Grand Hustle label after she has a fall out with Interscope. TI seems quite fond of Iggy’s derrière as he almost always has a hand on it. Wonder what Tiny, TI’s wife thinks about that! Even if Tiny caused a stir, it wouldn’t be the first time the rapper has come under fire. Back in 2012 Iggy was put on blast by rappers who attacked her for her lyrics in her song titled “D.R.U.G.S.,” in which she raps:

“Tire marks, tire marks, finish line with the fire marks

When it really starts I’m a runaway slave…master”

Oddly enough, after penning an apology about the lyric, along with her explanation, Iggy signed the ode to fans as Iggamonster. Not too sure Gaga, aka Mother Monster, will like that name. Iggy, likely, will continue on her path of destruction that so many wannabes follow with her ignorant comments, twerking and touching herself on stage during concerts, her barely-there outfits, and her love of men in the rap industry. And if her career does not implode over all of that, likely her ass will. It could get ugly. Stay tuned to see whose next on the Plump the Rump bandwagon.

Check out some before and after Iggy Butt Shots

Image Credit: FameFlynet

17 responses to “Iggy Azalea’s Career and Butt Explode – See Implants and Plastic Surgery (PHOTOS)”

  1. Bri says:

    EEEwwww! Who the [expletive] writes shit like this? Iggy is natural , and just because you don’t have it like her doesn’t mean you can put lies up in the air. Get a better set of writing skills sweetie.

  2. Elle says:

    The three in the middle. If you hover over the pics, it says before or after.

  3. Elle says:

    This entire comment needs better spelling, grammar, and syntax.

  4. ReadU says:

    The biggest question I have been asking myself lately is why any woman, black, white or purple would want to destroy their body?! I hate this Brazilian butt lift fad…

  5. stranger says:

    You’re totally wrong. for one, Nicki Minaj got ass shot years before Kim K, and she admits it more than once. Even in her song Dance Ass with Big Sean.. Kim Kardashian is the only duck waddling around lying abt her plastic surgery when it’s obvious.

  6. heyyhoe says:

    Her ass is fake. She got butt and thigh injections.

  7. jessicaa says:

    People really have nothing better to do with their lives? I’m not saying I do not agree with mostly everything said here but honestly, these bitches don’t give two shits weather you love them or hate them. Negative or positive, attention is attention.

  8. skywaychains says:

    After that comment, I cannot begin to fathom how you can describe anyone as “ignorant”

  9. Jessica says:

    Im sorry but everyone needs to shut the [expletive] up its all bull shyt

  10. Bria Jackson says:

    If you want to see before pictures … just google “Iggy Azealea 2011 Drugs live nyc”. Just take a look at her concert footage from October, 2011. The body was totally different then, but drastically changed in 2012. Not saying there is anything wrong with her altering her butt, but why lie about it. Just say no comment or I choose not to talk about my butt. Better yet, stop touching your butt and crotch whenever you perform and promote your talent instead of you ass.

  11. Angie Lou says:

    Hahahahaha. I knew it, that white girl ain’t got nuthin. My bf may not believe it, but I do.

  12. Angie Lou says:

    Hahaha. Fake asssss! My bf may not believe it, but I do! Lololol

  13. Amanda Ragusa says:

    I tried the bootywow for make butt bigger and i really loved them! Thanks for the recommendation. They took a little while longer than stated to get to me but I love them!