General Hospital Recasting Jason Morgan Because Steve Burton Loves His Job at The Young and the Restless

General Hospital Recasting Jason Morgan Because Steve Burton Loves His Job at The Young and the Restless

On a recent episode of General Hospital Victor Cassadine showed Robin Scorpio a picture of Jason Morgan and in that one moment, tons of Steve Burton fans got excited. He had portrayed Jason for two decades before following show runner Jill Farren Phelps to perceived greener pastures at The Young and the Restless. His contract was set to expire and GH fans hoped that his photo flashing onscreen meant a return to GH. Burton himself quickly squashed the notion saying that he had resigned with Y&R and was staying put.

As it turns out, hoping shows has given the actor a lot more freedom to have a life outside of work. Y&R usually is off on Monday which makes his long weekends at home in Nashville a whole lot easier. According to the March 17th print edition of ABC Soaps Burton loves being able to coach his kids baseball team. Not only is he able to participate in his family life more but he and his wife are expecting another child as well.

It sounds like Burton may be one of the few people that is thrilled with his job at Y&R but I guess that makes sense. Jill seems to take very good care of her favorites and Burton has proven to be one of those elite actors that she loves working with. I guess that just brings us back to the question of who will step into the role of Jason over on GH. It’s pretty obvious that he’ll be back on the canvas soon enough but who should be wearing his leather jacket this time around? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Tushkin

    Sorry, they haven’t re cast him

  • Mia

    Billy miller as recast for jason morgan

  • John Michael Beach

    Billy Miller as Jason Morgan? No offence Billy but their can be no other than Steve Burton. Steve Burton is Jason Morgan in my opinion. As far as I am concerned they should just leave Jason frozen and pray when Steve Burton contract is up again that they offer him a better deal and maybe he will return. Again I mean no offence but I am just a fan of Steve Burton but good luck Billy Miller , you have some big shoes to fill twenty five years to be exact.

    • Barbara

      I agree! If you can’t bring back Steve, then don’t bring back Jason! It would never feel the same and in that case, we should just let Sam and Silas find happiness.

    • OLD GH FAN


  • scorpiotwin

    I too miss “Jason” I’d like to see Steve Burton back but since it’s not going to happen, I think Billy Miller would be the perfect one to replace Burton. I think they need to bring the character back and what a better way then with Billy Miller.

  • Jacquelyn Burr

    GH is making horrible mistake if they bring back Jason played by anyone else other then Steve Burton. I agree they should wait until his contract is up at Y&R and do what they have to do to get him back. If they get this right that episode with S B playing JM will be ranked up there with L&L wedding. Think about it waiting for the moment you see him walk in and you know it’s Steve playing Jason EPIC!! Anyone else could put the nail in GH coffin. Know disrespect to any other actor but SB will always be JM and always will.

  • courtney

    I completely agree with everyone! There is nor will there ever be a Jason morgan without Steve burton. It will never be the same.

  • Nancy Warlick

    there is absolutely no1

  • Glennda Lewis

    I totally agree with a lot of you. Steve Burton will forever and always be Jason Morgan. The thing about it is, after 25 years of Steve Burton playing Jason Morgan on GH. His character Jason, is in the hearts & minds of many GH fans all over the world.

  • D.T

    I think GH need to do their best to bring Steve Burton back… He is and will always be Jason….. Perform a facial surgery in order to get the old Jason and say bye to Jake…