General Hospital Jason Morgan’s Return To Port Charles – Who’s Getting The Part?

General Hospital Jason Morgan's Return To Port Charles - Who's Getting The Part?

Just as quickly as General Hospital started showing the picture of Jason Morgan on camera again the actor who portrayed him, Steve Burton shot down any hopes that he would be returning to the show anytime soon. The timing had seemed a bit perfect since Burton had just wrapped up a one year deal with The Young and the Restless but he quickly clued fans into the fact that he has indeed signed on for another year. That means that GH has to now be kicking around possible replacements for the beloved actor and character and that leads me to contemplate who is up to the task of becoming the next Jason.

We have already talked in detail about the good possibility of Michael Muhney stepping into the role and how it’s almost a no-brainer for GH to go in that direction. Muhney could easily make the character his own and he would also bring a legion of fans along with him. But what if the powers that be opt to go with someone else, then who should it be. I can think of a few possibilities and then you guys can help me to fill in the list.

How about Cameron Mathison who played Ryan Lavery on All My Children for eons? He does a great job of playing a character with an edge that at root has a good heart and that pretty easily defines Jason. Then there’s always Brian Gaskill who you probably have seen somewhere before since in a span of 14 years he has popped up on 5 different soaps. He’s another actor that could easily handle the delicacies of Jason’s personality. One more actor that pops into my head is Jason Lewis. He portrayed Samantha’s guy on Sex and the City and seems to like to dabble in other genres of acting besides just prime time. Honestly, he might be my first pick because he has that kind of stand-off-ish thing that almost makes Jason appealing.

It’s your turn. Who should tackle the role of Jason Morgan next? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

14 responses to “General Hospital Jason Morgan’s Return To Port Charles – Who’s Getting The Part?”

  1. Tushkin says:

    They are not recasting him so this story is BOgus!
    I seriously have better sources then you…..

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  3. Shirley Pfeiffer Kilgore says:

    Michael Muhney is PERFECT for the role!!!

  4. Linda Simpson says:

    Michael Muhney, hands down !!

  5. Claire says:

    Michael Muhney would be great in that role. He is a great actor. I hope Steve does not come back.

  6. Claire says:

    Michael Muhney

  7. Kim Crabtree Reardon says:

    If they aren’t recasting Jason as someone has said is BOGUS, then they should be!! Bringing Jason back would add so much drama to so many storylines.. yes replacing SB would be difficult since he played the role for 2 decades but another actor with the ability to play the different facets of Jason’s personality would be able to convince the audience he is indeed Jason!! My vote is for Michael Muhney.. a little hair dye and blue contacts..BOOM Jason is back!!!!

  8. Kerry Kassinger says:

    ONLY Michael Muhney should be considered !!

  9. Shelley says:

    I’d start watching GH in a hearbeat – but only if Michael Muhney joins the cast!

  10. me2 says:

    Billy miller

  11. Paula says:

    MM on GH ASAP

  12. GraciaEspn says:

    Port Charles will be under control, only if Steve Burton return back as Jason Morgan…!

  13. Dee says:

    I think JENSEN ACKLES would make a perfect Jason Morgan. He’s just as GORGEOUS as Jason. Jensen comes out on “Supernatural” as Dean Winchester, he also played Eric Roman Brady on “Days of Our Lives”…. Would be perfect for the role!!