Will General Hospital Recast Jason Morgan With Michael Muhney?

Will General Hospital Recast Jason Morgan With Michael Muhney?

General Hospital sure is sending its’ viewers a clear message – Jason Morgan is alive and on his way back to Port Charles in the near future. That’s why they keep flashing his photo onscreen with a dramatic pause, they want us to realize he is coming and to keep tuning in with full anticipation of the last minute of an episode where we catch a glimpse of Jason from the back.

Yesterday we pondered whether or not Steve Burton would be reprising the role after spending a year over on The Young and the Restless. The timing seemed right and well, I think many of us realize that at least currently that show is a sinking ship. I guess someone clued Steve into our speculation because an hour after our story posted he did indeed confirm that he has resigned with Y&R for another year, so he will NOT be heading back to Port Charles in the near future.

That means that Jason is definitely being recast and a commenter pointed out something that I also noticed. The photo shown on GH of Jason did look different. His hair was darker and perhaps this is GH’s way of gradually easing viewers into a different actor, like Michael Muhney! I mean they obviously have a plan and for all we know the new Jason may already have signed on the dotted line and is just staying quiet – for now. If Muhney is in, it would make sense. They’d have wanted his scenes on Y&R to wrap up and for the dust over there to settle a bit before they promoted him for GH, right? Giving the fans a few weeks to miss his onscreen presence before handing them a solution to their sadness would be a smart move.

Do you think that Muhney is indeed on his way over to Port Charles to play Jason? It’s pretty clear that someone is, will it be the fan favorite? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  2. Lady Light says:

    Steve already signed a new contract with Y& R…and Adam has already been recast I suppose…or is about to be recast. Jonathan Jackson is on Nashville as Avery Barker….love it. Cannot get enough of watching that show as well…it’s like a soap also. I thought for sure Jackson would return as Lucky but now I am so happy to see him having success in nighttime TV. Steve Burton, and GH cast mates Scott Reeves (who played Steven Lars), Brandon Barash (Johnny) and
    Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) had a band . It was called Port Chuck. Some of them are still doing tours….

  3. Ashley Fortuna says:

    Sonny dont need jason to make him wholeHe got shawn all man, jason need to stay dead which robin should have too.what can jason do that shawn cant , it up to the writer of the soap shawn need a little more action wrote in for him , he better than jason but the writer want give him a chance to prove himself. Also they need to rewrite this stupid oart about sonny, how can you be a mod boss, acting llke a fool why do the crime if you cant live up to it sonny need to get real, hold his head high and get on with his life before he push oliva away, aj dont desire all that.