Michael Muhney Coming To General Hospital As New Jason Morgan: Recast After The Young and the Restless Firing

Michael Muhney Coming To General Hospital As New Jason Morgan: Recast After The Young and the Restless Firing

The tangled web of soap drama just keeps getting more intertwined by the day it seems. In case you have absolutely no clue what I’m referring to, let me catch you up with some cliff notes. Michael Muhney is an extremely talented and equally popular actor that was fired from The Young and the Restless last month amid allegations of sexual harassment. At this point nothing has ever been confirmed, no charges were brought and in fact the powers-that-be sat on the allegations for months before even firing Muhney, leading some to think that even they weren’t believing the claims.

Jill Farren Phelps is the executive producer of Y&R and responsible for his firing. She is considered to be a Dr. Death of soaps and has been responsible for running several shows into cancellation. She left General Hospital before coming to Y&R and brought with her a few pet actors while ignoring Y&R’s rich history. Steve Burton portrayed Jason Morgan on GGH for 20 years before following Phelps out the door. The thing is, he appeared to do it in a shady way which pissed off the GH fans and his addition to the Y&R cast at the cost of some of their favorite actors also pissed of Y&R’s most loyal fans. There has been a slow burn of complaints and general unhappiness amongst the fans that totally boiled over when Muhney was fired. Suddenly they realized that the whole canvas of their beloved show had changed under Phelps’ rule and a mass exodus of lifetime viewers has slowly but surely begun.

A month after his firing Muhney needs to move on. He has children to feed and is in a position where if he is innocent, then he can’t allow vicious allegations to ruin his career. Someone will take a chance on him, especially if this whole experience has humbled him as much as I suspect it has. We told you yesterday that there was insider talk about Muhney jumping to GH which seems a perfect fit. Port Charles is knee deep in mob life and the underworld and it’s a story that would benefit from Muhney’s acting abilities. Plus I’m pretty sure that GH wouldn’t mind stealing all of Muhney’s fans away from CBS. If you have paid attention to this unfolding drama then you already know it would likely provide a nifty ratings boost.

The latest rumblings have Muhney quite possibly being brought in as a recast for Jason Morgan. Let’s be clear here if it happened it would mean that Jill and the actor who previously plaid Jason jumped over to Y&R only to watch the fans’ heads spin in outrage as they figured out the best way to boycott CBS and make their voices count. Their treatment of Muhney was the catalyst for all of that and now the actor may waltz onto GH’s sound stage and probably put a fabulous spin on an already established character? That sounds like a perfect plan across the board if you’re really trying to stick it to all things CBS, Y&R and Dr. Death, doesn’t it?

GH fans have been split down the middle about Jason being recast but he has been off the canvas for about a year now and let’s be real – bringing him back is probably a better bet then creating a new character. It would give Muhney a multitude of established relationships and 20 years worth of history to delve into and you know that he would emerge a fast fan favorite on GH.

What are your thoughts? It’s a pretty sure bet that these conversations really are taking place but should Muhney make the switch to fictional mob life? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!