Michael Muhney Moving to General Hospital as Fans Rally for Him to Land a Role in Port Charles

Michael Muhney Moving to General Hospital as Fans Rally for Him to Land a Role in Port Charles

Well it’s finally over. Of course I’m talking about the mess that CBS made of Michael Muhney’s career and the character that he played on The Young and the Restless. Last week #TeamMuhney, the actor’s most devoted legion of fans watched as his character was sent packing, putting an end to six weeks of drama, scandalous allegations and a rumored boycott of Y&R by life long fans. The turmoil is over, so now what?

In the last week or so rumors have picked up momentum that Muhney could be coming to General Hospital. It actually seems like it could be a great fit because we already know that Muhney is great at dark story lines and Port Charles’ mob underworld certainly would give him lots to play with. At first his fans wanted him to be rehired by Y&R but once more details came out even they were against him returning to the show. A lot of those same fans are now really getting behind the idea of him jumping to GH and slowly but surely there is a growing clamor for ABC to pay attention and hire the talented actor.

That support makes a lot of sense. I mean, Muhney isn’t heading back to CBS and so he inevitably needs to look elsewhere for work and if he were to hop over to GH then he would likely bring his huge fan base with him. Plus they’d get to see him onscreen several days a week again. It could be a win win situation but first ABC has to get over their initial fear of backlash. They need to know that if they treat Muhney like he is innocent of the rumors, or at least innocent in the absence of evidence other than Hunter King’s accusations, which Muhney denies, and give him a shot then the viewers will welcome him to Port Charles as well. Would you guys want to see ABC bring him onto GH’s canvas? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

18 responses to “Michael Muhney Moving to General Hospital as Fans Rally for Him to Land a Role in Port Charles”

  1. Rhonda Matthews-Neveu says:

    to bad for the Young and The Restless
    if Muhney was guilty why was he not charged and fired on the spot, This looks and smells bad, no employer takes workplace harassment and slides it under the table come on!
    Team Muhney all the way get rid of Jill Fallen she needs to go!
    and so does cricket who can’t act!

  2. Susan Sanner says:

    Absolutely, I would love to see MM on GH!

  3. melisssa says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  4. Kris says:

    Then spill :)

  5. omg says:

    No one who supposedly was involved has said one single word, so everything you think you know is nothing but rumors and gossip and probably a deliberate smear campaign to justify the firing of an innocent man!

  6. omg says:

    And you know it’s false, how? And your inside source is who?

  7. Susan says:

    You are just another self-righteous rumor monger hater spouting off about an allegation that has no basis

  8. Lisa says:

    Well, if u actually took some time to read everything and not just what these rags report… You would see that these allegations are false and make no sense. I like how people with zero credible information choose be so hateful and opinionated.

  9. Lisa says:

    I’ll go wherever he goes!! But GH would be perfect! I’m crossing my fingers and hey! MM would get to work with Maura West again! I know she will put in a good word if that is what he chooses to do!!

  10. Lenora Hassell Haralson Shope says:

    If GH hires Michael Muhney, #TeamMuhney will be packing their bags for Port Charles!! Without a doubt.

  11. lois says:

    Since Y&R kissed Hunter King’s ass…they can now kiss mines good-bye! I dabbled in GH and Days of Our Lives following the demised of ATWT and GL. I found them more intriguing than old ass Victor Newman and wimpy Nikki. But the characters Adam, Billy and Phyllis kept me watching The Y&R.

  12. Lollidoll14 says:

    Omg, I would watch GH in a heart beat if they brought Michael Muhney on board!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. starry says:

    I have stopped looking atYoung and the Restless ever since MM was fired. Adam and Chelsea and Connor are the ones I loved to see and now wherever MM goes I will follow him.

  14. Bridget says:

    Yes Yes…..I love Micheal Muhney…He’s a brilliant actor..I wish him and his family the best..

  15. rosa says:

    Please,Please GH bring MM to General Hospital. He dosen’t need Y&R he is to good of an actor for a dying soap opra. Same old story lines over and over.


    Oh my gosh I would be absolutely thrilled if mm joined gh. I don’t have a per but will be getting one immediately so I don’t miss a single episode. Too bad for y and r I haven’t been watching since mike left.

  17. Latricia Parker says:

    I think they should get rid of Hunter King on Y&R. Michael Muhney was a great actor. He played the Part of Adam Newman very well. But, if he moves to General Hospital I will watch it just because he is on the show. Love Michael!!!!

  18. lyreangel says:

    Wouldn’t that be sweet if Michael starred in a prime time series and his assets made it a hit? Take that, jfp, cos & sony??