Michael Muhney Fans Fly Banner Over CBS In Support of Fired The Young and the Restless Star – #TeamMuhney Walks With Michael

Michael Muhney Fans Fly Banner Over CBS In Support of Fired The Young and the Restless Star -  #TeamMuhney Walks With Michael

If all goes as planned, Michael Muhney‘s last day as Adam Newman on the Young and the Restless will be today, marking an end to the beloved star’s run on the popular daytime soap. However, fans are hoping that they’ll be able to change CBS’s mind, and in such an effort, have raised thousands of dollars to fly a banner in support of Muhney above CBS this afternoon. According to a rep for TeamMuhney the banner was meant to read “You’ve all thrown punches, slash-and-burn articles, and Michael’s still here. He’s better than here. He’s HUGE. #TeamMuhney walks with Michael.”

The fans have held protests before and it hasn’t done any good, but it’s never been done at this scope or scale before. CBS didn’t listen to what the fans wanted originally and by now everyone is so fed up with Muhney’s treatment that they wouldn’t want him to return to Y&R. A lot of times, networks ignore the fans and continue to make decisions based on their own set of rules, Y&R has already managed to lose 500,000 viewers since the firing of Muhney, and the ratings have been steadily declining since then. With the loss of fan favorite Michael, it’s likely that they’ll decline even further, especially when this many fans are banding together in protest. Well you reap as you sow.

Either way, Muhney’s fans aren’t happy. They lost a great actor from a show they used to love, ruining the show for them and depriving them of the opportunity, for now, of watching Muhney act. It will be interesting to see how CBS handles this debacle. Hopefully they will do something smarter than having another Twitter party at which actors get undressed?? Flying a massive banner above a major studio is a big deal, and the fans definitely have made a clear statement about their love and support for Muhney. If General Hospital gets the chance they should jump at the opportunity to hire Michael.  That would be a brilliant move that would please fans and be a boost to the show.

14 responses to “Michael Muhney Fans Fly Banner Over CBS In Support of Fired The Young and the Restless Star – #TeamMuhney Walks With Michael”

  1. Lynne Stanton says:

    Michael will never have to walk alone. Team Muhney will walk with him to where his career leads him. I thank him for his awesome take on the character Adam and I have enjoyed watching him the last few years. No one could ever play Adam like Michael ever again.

  2. A_Fan_No_More says:

    :) I’m doing the Muhney walk and happy to do so. I wish he and his family only the best! Onward, and upward!

  3. grumpyhillbilly says:

    I for one don’t want to see Michael Muhney back on YR. Rumor campaigns are simply evil. My respect for the show, Sony daytime ,and CBS daytime is somewhere between whale feces and the bottom of the ocean. Michael Muhney can now move on to something that hopefully requires intelligence on both sides of the screen.

  4. Lynne Bures says:

    Exactly Ernest. It even goes beyond taking someone’s place too. It goes to how the fans, uh their bread and butter, are being treated. Some of the cast are so fearful that they have really disrespected the fan base. Not a smart move! Recast Adam…for the few months you’re left on air. No one will see it anyway.

  5. Lynne Bures says:

    I didn’t read carefully because it was too long of a post. Groped once, said nothing…groped twice……What self respecting woman would allow that without tossing in a knuckle sandwich. No witnesses. No charges. No happen. Simple.

  6. Lynne Bures says:

    There is a way for Y&R to regain its fan base and it won’t happen so they will likely be off the air this time next year. In order to show respect to the fans 3 things would have to happen:
    1. Adios Phelps the Soap Killer
    2. Kiss the feet of Billy and Michael and beg their return
    3. Fly a banner of the studio apologizing for poor treatment of the fans!
    Isn’t going to happen but it’ a nice dream.

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  8. SWAF says:

    I’d like to see MM on a show like Blacklist, lawyer on Suits, wow… can you not see that! Or even shark lawyer type on Dallas, when it comes back on. I think he was cast in the perfect role on Y&R. Now he needs a meatier role and not necessarily a daytime soap opera. He can be a BIG actor. Only my on self-fishness would want to keep him on the daily soaps. I wish he and his family well… and only the greatest of successes. I actually am feeling pretty good letting Y&R and B&B go. All of their story lines have sucked major-time these past few years. I’m actually surprised “Sheila” hasn’t been brought back from the dead again to add interest to the show. That’s the only ring of revival those writers have to ‘go to’ once they write out most of the excellent actors. It’s really irritating as hell.

  9. SWAF says:

    “synthia”… you are nuts. Chelsea’s not that bad… but chloe is ridiculous and annoying as hell.

  10. SWAF says:

    Another entertaining actress on the show who’s role has diminished, yet I actually found quite entertaining was the role of Gloria. I *hate* every one of Kevin’s escapades….

  11. Jennifer says:

    Joan Van Ark has not played Gloria for years for heavens sake. The role is played by the amazing Judith Chapman.

  12. Beth says:

    I am sorry to see how the cast of Y&R has changed. Why would you replace Billy Abbott with this new character. He cannot play the part well and he does not fit with Victoria. Are you planning to replace her too? Billy and Michael should be called back. We lost Katheryn, Ashley, Phyllis, Daniel, Michael and Billy. If you want to leave the air why don’t you just shut it down because at the rate you are going, you will be off soon. Michael and Billy and Phyllis were excellent in their character. If some one should leave I think it should be Jill Phelps because I don’t think she know what she is doing unless you want her to trash the show. If Michael and Billy do not come back you are one fan short because the show is not very interesting without their contribution. Adam and Phyllis, you need the shady characters and I don’t think replacing these characters will be good. Billy’s replacement is not good.

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