6 responses to “The Young and the Restless Need To Put Their Clothes Back, Bring Back Good Actors and Drop The Twitter Gimmicks”

  1. blosnet says:

    This is a sad display of poor taste – with the supposed breastgate scandal – to have your breasts out.

  2. larry david says:

    Ewww…Ack…Yuck…Ugh! Y&R, you really “need” to do better than this?!?!

  3. Fred says:

    Where is the captain of this sinking ship? Is JFP high on drugs and naked also? This twitter event was promoted by CBS. Does Nina Tassler approve of her employees behavior ? Obviously this is a network who flips off it’s core fan base . Reminiscent of Nero fiddling while Rome burned or the captain of the Titanic passed out drunk when the ship hits the iceberg.

  4. […] will be interesting to see how CBS handles this debacle. Hopefully they will do something smarter than having another Twitter party at which actors get undressed?? Flying a massive banner above a major studio is a big deal, and the fans definitely have made a […]

  5. edwina lee says:

    Holy crap! I’m at a loss for words.

  6. Kim says: