General Hospital Spoilers: Billy Miller Hasn’t Signed Contract For Jason Morgan Role – Is He Coming To ‘GH’

General Hospital Spoilers: Billy Miller Hasn’t Signed Contract For Jason Morgan Role - Is He Coming To 'GH'

If you follow General Hospital spoilers online, then you have no doubt seen the rumors that Billy Miller has been cast as Jason Morgan on the iconic ABC soap opera. TV Digest’s soap insider Michael Logan created an uproar when he announced on Twitter that the Y&R alum’s trip to Port Charles was a “done deal.” However, according to the July 7th edition of Soap Opera Digest, that isn’t exactly the case.

Rumors have been circulating for months now that General Hospital was trying to land Billy Miller after his blow up with Jill Farren Phelps and The Young and the Restless exit. According to SOD, that is entirely true. However, Miller still hasn’t signed a contract and made it official; he is stalling. Time is winding down and rumor has it that Jason Morgan is scheduled to appear on GH in August. If he doesn’t make a decision soon, TPTB at General Hospital may have to cast a different actor.

If your heart was set on Miller playing the part of Jason Morgan, then there is hope. General Hospital may just be denying signing Miller for shock value. If you remember correctly, rumors were running wild that GH had snatched Michelle Stafford after she left Y&R. However, General Hospital denied the rumors, and snuck Stafford in and filmed her opening scene without telling a soul. Everyone was shocked when Stafford suddenly appeared on the soap opera. TPTB could be trying to pull off the same scheme with Billy Miller, which would explain why they are refusing to comment on casting him.

What do you think, GH fans? Are you hoping that when Jason Morgan returns to Port Charles it will be Billy Miller in the role? Do you think that TPTB at General Hospital are trying to reenact the shocking Michelle Stafford introduction with Miller, and that is why they will not confirm they signed him? Let us know what you think in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your General Hospital spoilers.


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  2. don says:

    yeah, keep going.

  3. Andrew Hass says:

    I do wish Steve Burton would come back to GH but he’s on Y&R now and that’s his choice.Hiowever you might be right that no one might be able to play Jason the way Steve Burton but that doesn’t mean the new actor couldn’t do as well but in his own way.When and if GH hires a recast i don’t think it’ll be fair to compare the new actor to Steve because they might be 2 different kind of actors and they would be playing th e character differently.

  4. Julie Underhill says:

    If he is cast as Jason I will never watch General Hospital again. I am 38 and have watched every day since birth as my grandmother did, but if Miller is cast I will quit forever. If they were planning on ruining it why not shut it down when they ruined the daytime lineup by taking off AMC and OLTL and put on a bunch of idiots cooking unedible junk and talking just to hear themselves and a Doctor who didn’t go to medical school to help people but to make money by again talking to hear himself talk. They have ruined enough already they put in Miller they might as well just cancel the whole channel!

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