General Hospital Spoilers: Billy Miller to Play Jason Morgan – Steve Burton Comments on The Young and the Restless Favorite Heading to Port Charles!

General Hospital Spoilers: Billy Miller to Play Jason Morgan - Steve Burton Comments on The Young and the Restless Favorite Heading to Port Charles!

Could General Hospital possibly be about to benefit from The Young and the Restless’s recent losses? Back in December Billy Miller left the show because showrunner Jill Farren Phelps had decided that allowing actors to take extended leaves of absence in order to do outside short term projects was a thing of the past. It was either all in or all out and the popular actor decided that it was time to go. Chloe, who had a child with Billy after an affair, was portrayed by Elizabeth Hendrickson who is also getting ready to exit Y&R. The two have great chemistry and already have established a working relationship and that is leading some to speculate about the possibility of them hopping soaps.

General Hospital has been showing photos of Jason Morgan since earlier this year and it’s only a matter of time before he is brought back to Port Charles. In fact the character of Robin Scorpio just left to go and find him. Kimberly McCullough has played Robin since the 80’s but isn’t interested in sticking around any more for more than a few months at a clip. It seems perfectly logical that Jason could return with Robin and if she is to stick around for any length of time then she will also be recast. There are rumors according to the April 14th print edition of ABC Soaps that Billy and Elizabeth could possibly be rolling into town together as Jason and Robin.

But there is more! Steve Burton, who played Jason Morgan and was beloved by fans, has suggested strongly that Billy Miller would make a great choice to fill his old General Hospital role. Of course Steve was stolen from GH by JFP and is now happily playing Dylan on Y&R but he still cares about Jason and his old costars. Steve opened up to Soaps In Depth about Jason being recast: “When all that talk was going on, I said to myself ‘Billy would be perfect.’ It’s a character I played for a long time, and I have a huge emotional connection to him and the people there. It’d be weird to see, but they have to do what they have to do. I understand that.

Billy left soaps to have more freedom but it praised the genre and said that he absolutely loves it so perhaps if GH gives him a little bit of room to grow in a contract he would be interested in returning to daytime. Besides, getting the nod from Steve to take on his old role as Jason has to feel good too.

There is no real indication of Elizabeth’s plans just yet but she could easily pull off a great portrayal of Robin. Do you guys think that both roles will be recast and if so, would you want to see

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  1. Bonnie Jean Milroy says:

    I just had this disscution thr other day on this GH Facebook page I belong 2. And people are already trash talking poor Billy Miller like he has the part already! What the buzz is that he would be a great choice as the NU-Jason. He is the #1 choice to take over the part, but it’s not written in stone that he is going to play the part or NOT! It’s up to Billy if he even wants to tryout for the part of Jason. And it’s up to the powers 2-be at the GH casting lot who they think who would be the right actor to play the NU-Jason. I have faith on the acting cast who they choose as the NU-Jason. I hate people who are trashing someone who doesn’t have the part. They are saying there is only one to play Jason and that is Steve B who played the roll for almost 21years. And they are saying no one else can play Jason besides him. They are not loyal fans to the actor who played the part they Are only loyal to the character and think that is the only one for that part. Actors/actress leave to pursue other acting opportunities

  2. Bonnie Jean Milroy says:

    I belong to a GH page on Facebook and talked about this topic the other day. And people are already trash talking poor Billy Miller like he already has the roll, they are saying he is going to make a bad Jason he won’t be good for the part he is ugly and not a good choice as Jason, and they said there is only one Jason who can play Jason and that is Steve B who played Jason almost 21y. And he left the roll to pursue it get acting opportunity. And that is what he did. Landed a roll as Dylan on Y&R witch he has been playing for almost 2years and is doing a wonderful job on his new roll. I am a GH and a Y&R fan and yes it took me awhile seeing Steve on there playing a different roll. But for they loyal Jason fans and think there is only one actor who can only play the roll is loyal to the roll it’s self and not Loyal on the actor who plays tge roll. If you a a true loyal fan your loyal to the actor/actress not for the part they are playing, that is just there roll and not that person In real life. That’s what I’m reading into people post on that GH Facebook page. No one can replace the actor who plays the part except that one Person only! If you been watching soaps as long as I have recasting is nothing new. They recat all them all the time for many reasons like for storyline purposes or they recast the roll cause they are taking that roll a whole other way. They have been recasting befor I started watch soaps and they will still be recast when I got to the big soap opera in the sky. So I told everyone in that group to grow up Steve B is not coming back as your belove Jason he has moved on. And what I red about how they are bring Jason back home to PC. Robin finds him and helps him as much as she can on who he is. His memory is blur on his life as a Quatermaine and as Morgan. And doesn’t even know why he has two life’s or he really is. People are there who know him and love him when he was a Q and other people who knows him when he was a Morgan. They both want him back as either And they both push him to become one or the other. And he cannot make up his own mind on his life cause he is confused on the whole thing. And is very upset on who he is. And have love ones telling you who to be. Jason is coming back with a new face and a confuse about everything about and a round him if something ticks him off he is a small fuse ready to explode and that means people who are In his way ! So IMO Billy Miller could pull off that roll. But as I said Billy Miller may not try out for the roll ab it’s up to the casting team who they choose for the part .

  3. Chanel says:

    I agree I think Billy would be perfect for jason Billy is a great act and it is I say go for #gh #billymiller #jason

  4. eileen says:

    Down the road, perhaps, but not by Billy Miller or Elizabeth Hendrickson. The soap mag article inky suggested that they would be good. Not said they would be going to GH.

  5. eileen says:

    Both dont want to do soaps any longer. BM wants prime time and movies, EH wants to try comedy,

    • Denise Smith Venable says:

      I rather Micahel Muhney away.BM can try to get a job primetime. EH ain’t that good,but let her shop around!

  6. […] Miller could be playing the role and although that is all pure speculation, Steve did state that he approves of Billy to play Jason. Regardless of who plays the part of Jason Morgan, let’s be honest, Sonny Corinthos needs his […]

  7. Sarah says:

    GH would be so lucky to get BM and EH as Jason & Robin. I’m sorry to the fans of Steve and Kimberly, but Billy and Liz are phenomenal. They really should be in prime time.

  8. Wanda Swigart says:

    (Elizabeth Hendrickson) who played chloe had an affair with billy and they had a child together, billy abbott (Billy Miller) is married to Victoria Newman who is played by (Amelia Heinle.)

  9. Wanda Swigart says:

    this web site doesn’t like its mistakes pointed out took my comment off guess u dont know what u are talking about do your research

  10. Wanda Swigart says:

    they cant even get the characters right on y&r billy and chloe were never married they had an affair which resulted in a child billy abbott is married to victoria newman

    • Brianna Campbell Bonesteel says:

      yes, they were married. chloe and billy married cause cane was wanting custody of dehlia. they lived in the pool house but billy couldnt keep it in his pants and they split up

  11. Barb Swann says:

    There is only one actor that can play Jason and it’s Steve Burton!! Sorry!! He will always be Jason to me!!

    • LizziePrincess Webber says:

      As much as I love Steve, nobody is indispensable. Nobody can do a thing that there isn’t somebody else can’t do and maybe even do it better. Nobody. And Billy might just be the man for the job. We’ll all just have to wait and find out.

  12. elaine says:

    I was okay when Steve Burton decided to leave GH to spend time with his family and move to Tennessee. Even though it is his life and none of my business :o) I was not happy when not long after that he went to Y&R. A lot of fans thought that it was a slap in the face to them and I truly can understand that. And in Sonny’s words, “he is dead to me” :o) But I really do think the character of Jason is important to GH and I will welcome Billy if he is indeed to be the new Jason. Sonny needs him. Jason was the only one who could come close to keeping Sonny grounded and from just shooting anyone he felt like. Every person at one time or another came to Jason for help so I will be glad to get the character back. As for Robin, KM wants a different life and I hate having her pop in and out and having story arcs so I would be fine with someone else playing Robin just to move the story along and not keep Patrick in limbo. So bring back Jason and let’s keep GH moving along.

  13. Denise Smith Venable says:

    I would rather see Michael Muhney get the part of Jason. As for Robin is aint that big, she can be anyone who cares!Since Steve Burton ain’t coming back he cares who he picks!

  14. Jane says:

    Yes. I worried about who would be recast as Jason. I think Billy would be a great choice!

  15. LizziePrincess Webber says:

    Bonnie, Ugly? They are saying he’s ugly? I’m sorry but you can tell them for me… There’s nothing ugly about that man, NO THING!