General Hospital Spoilers: Is Luke’s Imposter Bill Eckert, Julia Barrett’s Lover – Both Hate Sonny Corinthos?

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Luke's Imposter Bill Eckert, Julia Barrett's Lover - Both Hate Sonny Corinthos?

ABC’s popular daytime soap opera General Hospital is always full of suspenseful mysteries. GH fans have been speculating for weeks about the mysterious behavior of fan favorite Luke Spencer. Luke was recently kidnapped and stashed in a mental hospital. Since he was rescued from Miscavige he has been acting very out of character, and it was recently revealed he is even bankrolling Julian Jerome’s organization.

There are tons of Luke Spencer theories floating around the internet right now, but none of them make as much sense as the “Bill Eckert Theory.” Bill Eckert is a General Hospital character from the 1990’s, and was also played by Anthony Geary. Bill Eckert was Luke Spencer’s doppelganger and cousin, they were spitting images of each other, and Bill was even shot because he was thought to be Luke Spencer. After the shooting in 1993 Bill Eckert died in his cousin Luke’s arms, but taking into consideration all of the medical miracles in Port Charles, it isn’t unusual for any character to return from the dead.

It really makes no sense that Luke Spencer is helping Julian Jerome take down Sonny Corinthos, because Luke and Sonny are friends and Luke Spencer is broke. It does however make complete sense that someone is pretending to be Luke Spencer, in order to go under cover and run around Port Charles undetected. Why would anyone want to go undercover as Luke Spencer though? Unless they already look like just like him, and don’t have to worry about any disguises, which would make Bill Eckert a prime suspect (assuming he isn’t really dead).

When Sonny discovered Julian Jerome was being bankrolled by a private investor he tracked the account to Barrett Enterprises, and Julia Barrett. Julia Barrett coincidentally was in a relationship with Bill Eckert for the brief two years he appeared on GH.

What would Bill Eckert and the Barrett family have against Sonny? A personal vendetta. Sonny Corinthos was in a long and tumultuous relationship for nearly a decade with Julia Barrett’s sister Brenda Barrett. Sonny and Brenda went back and forth for many years, although they were each other’s true loves, there always seemed to be roadblocks in their relationship. Brenda’s older sister Julia Barrett despised the relationship Brenda had with Sonny. And, the Barrett family blamed Sonny and his mob life for Brenda’s multiple heartbreaks, mental breakdown, and near death experiences.

People who watch the show know that Luke is simply not Luke! The comment below from Soap Opera Spy sums it up:

anybody that has a conversation with “luke” these days should know it is not the real luke – this impostor is just so nasty & rude……………..

So, the “Bill Eckert Theory” in a nutshell- Julia Barrett is using Luke Spencer’s identical twin to bankroll Julian Jerome and extract revenge on Sonny Corinthos for everything he did to her little sister Brenda Barrett. Of course we have two alternative theories that we will explore in future posts – one is that Faison is the imposter and the other is that Jerry Jacks is pretending to be Luke.

7 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Is Luke’s Imposter Bill Eckert, Julia Barrett’s Lover – Both Hate Sonny Corinthos?”

  1. SMW says:

    I think Jerry Jacks is more likely. Luke stole the remedy from him then almost killed him when he fell off the balcony at the Metro Court. Jerry could easily have had a mask made ala Faison and Obrecht.

  2. SMW says:

    Not to mention it was Ava and Julian who saved him after the fall. Could be because Julian knew him from a business standpoint.

  3. Snj says:

    Could it be Victor Jerome. He also loved the ladies if I recall.

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  6. Cricket says:

    I think it is Bill Eckert. I don’t see Jerry Jacks or Victor Jerome hitting on Kiki. That’s not their style. They like women, not little girls.

  7. SingaporeGeneral says:

    Ya I was going with Frank Smith he would be the only one to have it in for both Sonny and Luke