General Hospital Cast Spoilers: Will Tony Geary Return To ‘GH’ – Is Luke Spencer Gone For Good?

General Hospital Cast Spoilers: Will Tony Geary Return To 'GH' - Is Luke Spencer Gone For Good?

Back injuries can be beyond painful and according to General Hospital’s Tony Geary he must have one of the worst imaginable. After recent x-rays it was revealed that the legendary soap star has two almost complete breaks in his back. I guess that’s what can happen when you spend years as a daredevil in real life. The actor underwent two lengthy surgeries within two days of each other back in April and is now taking at least six months off to recover. He was warned that the healing was going to be slow and opted to give himself enough time to bounce back slowly.

The thing is, according to the July 21st print edition of GLOBE Magazine Tony may not actually return to GH in October as Luke Spencer which, as of now, he is expected to do. Cliff diving and other shenanigans have left his body very close to being in a permanent wheelchair and after withstanding this recovery the actor may very well choose to live out the rest of his life at home in Holland. It wasn’t too long ago that Geary attempted to use an escape clause built into his GH contract because he was hating the role that his character (Luke Spencer) was playing on the show. Producers convinced him to stick around and in recent months Luke has been front and center each week with a hot storyline.

Behind the scenes at GH there is a mixed reaction to the idea of Geary’s return. Some believe that he is at the heart of the show mainly because over 30 years ago Luke and Laura’s love story reached people everywhere and their wedding was an event that all of us from that era remember. At the same time, solid actors like Maurice Bernard (Sonny Corinthos) are itching to work more and they’ll be able to with Tony out of the way. What are your thoughts about Tony’s recovery? Do you hope that he returns in October or would you rather see Luke stay off the Port Charles canvas? Given how deeply ingrained is Fake Luke in the storylines now it’s hard to see GH without Tony Geary this Autumn. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • dingerredh

    yes it would be sad not to see Gary on the show but his health is more important so just stay home take it easy have a good life we will all miss you one of your greatest fan

  • Marie Margaret

    This is a disgusting and completely falsified article!!!! You should be ashamed to write such banter. You are trash.

  • VinnieIsHere

    Geary has already confirmed his October return in a very recent TV Guide article. He will be portraying both his Luke & “Fluke” characters for the foreseeable future. He is quite happy with his story lines, salary, & treatment by the GH staff. His health is good & his recovery way ahead of schedule. You can read the full article at TVguide dot com (make the necessary URL adjustments.

  • Smilingresh

    Love Tony Geary and his protrayal of Luke Spencer is legendary. I only watch GH if he is on.

  • Michelle George

    Get well soon please :) We love ya

  • Andrew Hass

    I’m sure Anthony Geary will return in a few months to finish this story up at least.However one day might come when he does leave for good but he may want it on his terms and not because he’s not well enough to be on GH anymore.Plus i read that he’s very happy with the current story on GH.However i’m also sure GH will not push him to return until he’s ready.

  • Sarasam

    This site has got to be the worst for G.H. spoilers. If you can’t deliver the latest news, don’t say you are a spoiler site. I have seen the same old news on here for weeks. Your all about the (way to many) ads on your site. Goodbye.

  • glory

    I agree, I do not like Nina or the actress who portrays her. could not watch her Y&R.

  • Elizabeth_Erwin

    Yeah, namely, Genie Francis!

  • Anonymous Idiot

    He should at least play out this “fake” Luke story line to it’s conclusion. I like the Sonny Corinthos character, he makes me laugh, but seriously, the guy stumbles over his lines like Jonathan Frid.

  • June Leathers

    I’ll only be happy to see Tony Geary back only if he portrays the real Luke Spencer. I don’t like the fake Luke but I think Jerry Jax wore a mask and was portraying Luke Spencer.