General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Corinthos Leaving Port Charles – Is Maurice Benard Taking Time Off From GH?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Corinthos Leaving Port Charles - Is Maurice Benard Taking Time Off From GH?

Nine times out of ten soap opera rumors and spoilers have some truth to them. We are really hoping that isn’t the case with this one. A persistent General Hospital rumor that just won’t seem to die is that Sonny Corinthos will be exiting GH soon — so that Maurice Benard can take some time off to promote his new movie.

Benard even tweeted this message to fans recently, adding more fuel to the rumors: “Meet & Greet with me! Aug 1st. 6:30PM Includes Q&A Panel with myself, directors and actors from @GhostWhaleMovie.” So Benard will definitely be promoting his new film The Ghost And The Whale this summer, which means there is a good chance he will take some time off from filming General Hospital to do so.

If Sonny were to exit the Port Charles story line, now would be as good a time as any. His relationship with Olivia is kaput, his baby-mama is a cold-blooded killer, one of his sons has disowned him, and the other one will be sure to follow if he learns Sonny killed AJ Quartermaine. On top of all of the obvious pressure Sonny is under, he has an anonymous mobster trying to take him out. The character of Sonny Corinthos is no stranger to mental illness and manic behavior, and we sense a full-blown mental breakdown coming his way.

So, if Maurice Benard is truly taking time off from filming, it wouldn’t be far-fetched if Sonny Corinthos left Port Charles for a while to go into hiding or try to escape from his messy life. It is hard to imagine General Hospital without Sonny Corinthos, but they have so many characters and story lines going on right now, it wouldn’t be difficult to fill air time without him.

What do you think General Hospital fans? Do you believe the rumors are true and Maurice Benard will be taking a few months off from the ABC soap opera? Will you still watch General Hospital if Sonny Corinthos is MIA? Let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your General Hospital spoilers.

15 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Corinthos Leaving Port Charles – Is Maurice Benard Taking Time Off From GH?”

  1. Andrew Hass says:

    When the truth comes out that he killed AJ i could see Sonny leaving town for a bit.Plus it could be interesting to see how the other characters deal with Sonny been gone.Plus then the question becomes who will run the business while he’s gone?However with pre and post taping Maurice Benard might be gone for a few months but Sonny might not be.

  2. BobbyinTN says:

    Kill him off and let Olivia run his operation.

  3. PassionQueen77 says:

    Killing Sonny off would be a great idea. Someone should run his operation. I am happy for Sonny to be doing a movie. Sonny, Luke, Alexis, Scotty, Bobbie, Lucy are the old characters that has been there since the 90’s. I will miss Sonny on the show a little bit. Sonny is not the father of Ava baby so he has nothing to worry about lol. Morgan is the father of Ava baby.

  4. May says:

    I will miss Sonny & hope he is back real soon. I wonder if the new Jason will run his business why he is away.

  5. Wendy says:

    only because the writers kiss his ass and have him on every damn day..MB hasn’t done great acting in years…it’s ruined the show and lost them many excellent actors catering to this man…that’s why they have never achieved the greatness they had before…read the boards..people are sick to death of this character

  6. Charlyn Wright-Sealey says:

    I dont think I will watch if he is gone and how in the world will they bring jason back without him…and carly OMG she will be a wont be the same..Id like to see sonny back with carly..their chemistry lately has been awesome

  7. Charlyn Wright-Sealey says:


  8. Ivan says:

    2 things KILLED gh. One is when the One Life To Live characters had to assume other character roles. The other is when Jason Morgan left town. That move killed Sonny’s story lines. GH – as much as I love/d it is now nothing more than a bunch of filler story lines.

  9. Eileen culleeney says:

    No it wont be the same, because I got use to sonny , I will miss him with his fineself, God he’s so cute

  10. DOESDAT YMCMB/RG says:

    I will not watch the show if sonny leaves I even have Hulu Plus app on my phone to watch it if I miss it. Which also works for scandal!! ????

  11. ROBERT OWCARZ says:


  12. D'nta says:

    It’ll be refreshing to see other characters be allowed to develop more dimension if it’s not the Sonny Corinthos show far a while.

  13. Maggie Mccalla says:

    I agree I am also a 40 year viewer it was hard watching Jason leave then Luke now sonny he keeps the excitement on general hospital consider me as someone who will stop watching after so many years. Yes sonny is the man because he plays his role amazingly there can’t be another sonny

  14. Heather Miller says:

    First Luke left and now sonny ok I understand he is doing other projects I am happy for him but please don’t kill him off please I love sonny and I would love him and Carly get married and go on there honeymoon and she will come back by ur self I think that is how he should leave it is sad to see him leave god bless Maurice and good luck and please come back to gh