General Hospital Spoilers: Madeline Reveals Silas and Ava are Innocent – She Drugged Nina – Do Nina and Silas Have a Child Together?

General Hospital Spoilers: Madeline Reveals Silas and Ava are Innocent - She Drugged Nina - Do Nina and Silas Have a Child Together?

Many shocking twists have been revealed on ABC’s popular daytime drama General Hospital over the course of the last few weeks, but the April 7th revelation may just take the cake for most unexpected. Silas and Sam have been working for weeks to prove that Silas is innocent, and he did not attempt to murder his wife Nina and kill Dr. Nakumara to cover up his crime, they believed the true culprit was Silas’s ex Ava Jerome.

Last week on General Hospital Silas, Sam, and Nathan devised a plan to set up Ava Jerome and catch her red-handed. They convinced Julian Jerome to print a story claiming Nakumara was still alive, and then leaked information about what hotel he was staying in. They staked out the hotel waiting for Ava to sneak in and try to finish off Nakumara once and for all, but to their shock (and all of our’s at home), Ava wasn’t the person that snuck in to kill Nakumara, it was actually Nina’s Mom Madeline (Donna Mills). Nathan was so shocked to learn that his Mom Madeline was Nakumara’s killer and that she tried to kill her own daughter Nina, that he blew his own cover and revealed to Sam and Silas that he was actually Madeline’s son, and Nina’s little brother.

As if learning the Madeline tried to kill her own daughter Nina wasn’t shocking enough, today another insane twist in the case was revealed. Madeline confessed that she drugged with prescription drugs, but according to her she wasn’t trying to kill her daughter Nina, she was trying to kill Silas’s baby that Nina was carrying in her womb. Madeline truly hated Sylas that much, that she was willing to kill her own grandchild just because it had Silas’s blood pumping through its veins.

The shocking revelation that Nina was pregnant when she overdosed, or was intentionally drugged with enough drugs to cause her to overdose by Madeline, brings an entirely new potential storyline to the table. Do Nina and Silas have a child? Nina was in a coma, she was still alive up until recently. So, she could have very easily carried the child a full nine months while in a coma, and then the Doctors could have performed a C-section on her comatose body once the baby was fully developed. Madeline may have kept the child a secret all of these years, and the reason she is so hell-bent on getting Silas to sign over Nina’s fortune is because she wants to give it to Nina’s son or daughter.

Are you as shocked as we were to learn that Madeline is the one that nearly killed Nina? Do you think there is a possibility that Nina and Silas had a child together? Could the child already be someone we know? Share your thoughts and theories on the latest GH plot-twist in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.