George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Engaged: Engagement Confirmed

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Engaged: Engagement Confirmed

Was it ex-girlfriend Stacy Keibler’s recent nuptials that pushed George Clooney to finally end his years-long bachelorhood status? If reports are accurate, that is just what Clooney did when he proposed to girlfriend of six months, British human rights attorney Amal Alamuddin. People magazine reported that two witnesses saw Clooney and his lady love having what seemed to be a celebratory dinner with business partner and dear friend Rande Gerber and wife Cindy Crawford. Amal appeared to be wearing some major bling on that all-important finger not once, but twice in the last week.

Clooney is a notorious bachelor that claimed he’d never settle down again after the failure of his first marriage to Talia Balsam which lasted from 1989 – 1993. Since then, Clooney has had several relationships, each lasting about two years or so. While all the women he’s dated were certainly attractive arm candy, they didn’t necessarily share his passion for humanitarianism and politics, nor were they as well-versed on the topics.

Amal brings a lot to the table, so it is understandable Clooney fell head over heels for her. George seemed to end up with women who had more to benefit from the relationship than he. With a long trail of reality stars, models, and waitresses behind him, he has now met his intellectual match (frankly, Alamuddin is probably much smarter than George) and fears losing her knowing she brings just as much to the table as he does, if not more.

In addition to her being highly intelligent, she is also a United Nations adviser. She is also classy, beautiful and doesn’t need to rely on Clooney for anything. They share some of the same passions and have unbelievable hours-long conversations. George is taken with her and knows that because she doesn’t need him, if he doesn’t commit to a woman like this, someone else would be happy to take his place. George did not want to risk losing her and knew it would take something drastic to keep this one. George feels like he struck gold with Amal and gave her the bling to prove it. Somewhere all his exes who thought they’d end up being “the one” to get George down the aisle are likely eating crow for dinner tonight. What do you think CDLers? Is George ready to take the plunge?

Update: People Magazine has confirmed through a Clooney source that the couple is, in fact, engaged. The source shared that the engagement is recent, and that there are no wedding plans yet. The source added that while the couple is trying to keep the news low key, they are not fanatic about keeping it out of the press either.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet