X-Files Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Dating Now That Tea Leoni Divorce Official

X-Files Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Dating Now That Tea Leoni Divorce Official

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny’s names have been instantly linked for well over two decades. Since meeting on a little show called The X-Files the duo has remained tight as nearly every other relationship in their lives’ crumbled. David was there when all of Gillian’s marriages fell apart and they have supported each other on the rocky road of parenthood. By all accounts their relationship has always been the real deal and when Gillian found herself single again last summer she relocated from London to NYC and straight into David’s arms.

David and Gillian have loved playing with the fans and keeping everyone guessing as to their actual status but all signs point to them being together, for real. David finally filing for divorce from his wife of 17-years, Tea Leoni gives Gillian a clear path to David. Do you realize that in all of their years as friends they have never both been absolute single and free until right now? Seriously, Gillian got pregnant and married within the first season of The X-Files and both she and or David has been attached ever since.

Rumor has it that Gillian is thrilled to finally have a clear path to the man that she has had the strongest connection to ever. David and Tea split three years ago and perhaps it is because things have progressed with Gillian enough for him to need to be free and single. Do you think that David needed that divorce so that he can fully commit to Gillian? Might X-Files fans be this close to to seeing their favorite couple actually get a 20-years in the making

12 responses to “X-Files Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Dating Now That Tea Leoni Divorce Official”

  1. Ellen H. says:

    Wow, I feel like it’s the 90s again.

  2. felicia says:

    As much as I’d like them living together, this is pure nonsense. Gillian has not relocated and constantly says she loves living in London. I don’t doubt these two bang every time they get together and have become very close over the past coupke of yrs but no full fledged romance. I’m sure they will become even closer now and be there for support for each other, but until their kids are older- i doubt anything more will come of it.

  3. romie says:

    I don’t have a single doubt what I’m saying. And I’ve seen those kids too. They look extremely similar to their father, NOT Griffiths. Don’t try anymore. I know your game. You contradicted yourself in your first post. And showed your true colors in the second one with another lie (think about which one). Enough said.

  4. flower power says:

    i like the idea of these two being together as much as anyone. but face it- NO PHOTOS MEANS NO PROOF!! ya’all can sit here and argue until you are blue in the face but they cannot be so secretive that not one pic has leaked to the public. since he is divorced, why hide now? i think a lot of you are misguided and have wishful thinking but if you really had any proof of anything substantial it would be in the media.

  5. Natalie says:

    I don’t think anyone would wish for GA to know someone who would post online that she has lied about her childrens paternity. You are a troll who lives in a dreamworld. And you are definitely NOT a fan of ga or dd to say such vile things online. You are a crazied disturbed person.

  6. Phillip Scott says:

    i wish that you pple at CDL wouldn’t run articles like this. your information probably comes from the same source every time- a person who knows nothing about the truth. as for Romie- if you live in the US, you should know that with spending about $25 you can access public records/ info about almost anyone. hate to break it to you but GA and DD are not married because DD only got divorced in June. there are no sealed divorce or marriage papers. And since you are obviously no fan of either DD or GA plze stop spreading hate on the internet.

  7. jaycee says:

    i just saw this article myself Connie & I agree the whole marriage thing is far fetched. Considering David spends more time with his ex than Gillian and the fact her children go to a London school not nyc like some have mentioned here. I think some pple cannot distingush their fantasies of what they want to happen apart from reality…lol….because lets face it. To think Gillian and David got married while she was with Mark and he was with Tea, then putting her kids in a nyc school when she lives in 90% of her time in London, and them hiding this marriage is pure bs. Some pple are just sad and have nothing better to do than make up stories in their head and spread hate.

  8. jaycee says:

    totally agree with you Connie. the idea of Gillian and David secretly married is far fetched. lol. its sad pple have nothing better to do than spread lies. i feel they must live a very sad life to rationalize this crap. the facts r gillians kids live in london and gillian is not married to david. it must be a pretty strange marriage for him to spend more time with Tea than Gillian. but these delusional pple should keep posting. lol its amusing what far fetched stories they make up in their heads. wish they’d get some help.

  9. sari says:

    Has Gillian told her girlfriend yet? Does David know about Elisha Jade? Gillian’s gay….her start in Hollywood came from servicing Liz Smith and Jodie Foster…

  10. sari says:

    Gillian is a lesbian. Ask Gina Gershon or Tyra Banks…

  11. kentuckywoman2 says:

    Doubtful. She’s a lesbian and he’s a sex addict. Doubt they swing in the same circles.

  12. Devon Maxwell-Pierce says:

    And don’t forget to rearrange the letters in Felix…