GLOBE: Queen Elizabeth Tells Kate Middleton ‘Cover Your Assets’ – Bare Bum Photo Scandal!

GLOBE: Queen Elizabeth Tells Kate Middleton 'Cover Your Assets' - Bare Bum Photo Scandal!

Remember back before Kate Middleton was pregnant with Prince George she had a mishap that caused a photographer to get a nice upskirt photo and Queen Elizabeth insisted that the duchess lower her hemlines just a bit? Well, after the recent photo scandal the royals have actually hired someone to make sure that Kate’s skirt stays where it’s supposed to be. According to the June 16th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Queen Elizabeth is adamant that another photo of Kate’s assets can not be tolerated and she is insisting that extra measures be taken to prevent it.

Why are extra measures necessary? Well it seems Elizabeth isn’t nearly as naive as some would like to believe and she realizes that there has to be a reason that Kate keeps finding herself in this situation. Eliabeth figures that part of Kate must enjoy putting on a bit of a show. Just because she is now royalty and carries herself well that doesn’t mean that Kate’s wild child side is completely gone. Not wearing underwear while carrying out royal engagements can easily be seen as a way to quietly rebel and if a wind gust happens to blow her skirt, so be it. At least until Elizabeth took matters into her own hands, making it much harder for this kind of instance to happen ever again.

Last summer GLOBE Magazine revealed that Queen Elizabeth had handed a dossier of information on Princess Diana’s death over to her son, Prince William. She had a team take a closer look into the circumstances surrounding Diana’s tragic death in that tunnel in Paris and came to the conclusion that foul play was definitely involved. It was placed in William’s hands so that he could decide whether or not he wanted to avenge his mother’s death and in the June 16th print edition of GLOBE Magazine we can catch a glimpse of what is in that file.

Every week GLOBE takes a look at Hollywood and this time around they are bringing up questions surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe. Some have long believed that her supposed drug overdose was actually a murder to hide her intimate connections to the Kennedy family. Do you think Marilyn overdosed or was she a victim of foul play?

GLOBE is right on the money as usual this week with their insider look behind the Palace walls. One can only imagine The Queen’s shock and horror when Kate’s bare bum wound up on the cover of Bild magazine! Luckily in this week’s print edition of GLOBE we can read about exactly what was said! I’m anticipating just how much I’ll enjoy reading this week’s edition and as soon as work is over for the day I’ll be picking up my copy.

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