Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Separate: Chris Back To London After Gwyneth’s Cheating Exposed?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Separate: Back To London After Gwyneth's Cheating Exposed?

Gwyneth Paltrow has long been known to dole out unwarranted advice to friends, family, and anyone else who will listen. It is the sharing of tips on her Goop website, however, that has earned her the title of queen snob and has made her the poster child for delusional Hollywood celebrities as it caters to the elite, but is directed to her non-celebrity, more moderate-living fans.

It looks like now she may be the one in need of advice, however. Rocker hubby Chris Martin, of Coldplay, has reportedly had it with Gwyneth’s dictatorial attitude and coldness toward him, and is ready to bolt back to London, where his friends, family, and Coldplay bandmates live. He and Gwyn planned to live in London and have a home there, but recently moved full-time to LA. Chris hates Los Angeles and living under a microscope and has made it clear to Gwyn that as soon as the school year is over for their young children Apple and Moses, he plans to move back, with or without her.

Could there be a more pressing factor for his desire to move back home? After Vanity Fair declared war on the snooty star, some thought they’d be exposing an alleged affair between Gwyneth and billionaire Jeff Soffer, Chris had enough. He wants to make her happy, but this is an embarrassment to him and the family. He feels he won’t feel free of the stress of Hollywood until he is back in London.

Gwyneth knew that if the affair was detailed in the Vanity Fair 20th Annual Hollywood issue as planned, it would be the nail in the coffin for her already rocky marriage. She made a full court press to make sure the article didn’t print. The queen of damage control, apparently, Gwyneth was very calculated in her proactive approach that shows exactly why VF editor Graydon Carter compared her to Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Gwyneth contacted all of her friends, “strongly urging” them not to speak to VF or communicate with them in any way. Not only was she referring to questions about her personal life, she urged friends to boycott VF and resist the urge to ever grace the mag with any interviews. Gwyneth knows she is not well-liked, however, and was still worried VF would get the dirt needed to print the salacious details. Taking things one step further, she played Graydon Carter, the mastermind behind the planned article, and appealed to his soft side by buttering him up on a phone call. Though the story was assigned to writer Vanessa Grigoriadis, Carter’s conversation with Paltrow apparently weakened his hatred towards Snobby Gwyn and he backed down. Carter, however, denies the story was ever as sensational as it was made out to be. Backpedaling, he says that the article was made out to be an “epic takedown” of Gwyneth, but that was not the original intention, blaming all the press about the upcoming article for the unrealistic build-up.

Gwyneth sure knows how to play her cards right. She is very manipulative and calculated in her planning. Once she got wind of the article, she was careful to give an interview claiming that she is a very open person and had hoped, when questioned about her feelings about adultery, that she would have it in her to be forgiving, and that in turn, she would be forgiven if she was ever in an adulterous situation. Nice move, but will all the planning and manipulation to down play the alleged affair with Soffer, the owner of the Miami Fountainbleu hotel and current spouse of Elle McPherson, be enough to keep her hubby happy enough to stay in LA? Gwyneth and Jeff had rumors swirling about an affair, dating back to 2008 when she was a guest at his hotel opening celebration and stayed with him at his home.

It is doubtful the two can weather any more storms with their history and problems. Gwyneth does not like to be told what to do and wants to make it work in LA, despite promising Chris early in their relationship that she preferred to live in London. Chris is already done, however, and is only waiting on the kids to be done with school before he packs his bags for London. Chris demanding a move back to London just adds to the continuing demise of their already-shaky union. So, CDLers, how much longer do you think this couple will last?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Separate: Chris Back To London After Gwyneth's Cheating Exposed?

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