Hannibal RECAP 4/18/14: Season 2 Episode 8 “Su-Zakana”

Hannibal RECAP 4/18/14: Season 2 Episode 8 “Su-Zakana”

NBC’s hit show HANNIBAL returns tonight with a new episode. In “Su-Zakana,” Will rejoins the FBI team to help investigate a peculiar case. Meanwhile, Will resumes his doctor-patient relationship with Hannibal, yet Alana questions Will’s true motives; Will and Hannibal scramble to keep a witness safe.

On last week’s episode when Jack Crawford’s star pupil Miriam Lass was found alive, she became the FBI’s best hope to identifying the Chesapeake Ripper, but her foggy memory complicates the search. Evidence found at the site of Miriam’s rescued exonerates Will Graham of any involvement in the Ripper and Copycat cases, and he was released from the asylum. Will warnedDr. Chilton that he could be in danger due to his intimate knowledge of the Ripper case, but when Chilton tried to confide in Jack that he shared Will’s fears about Hannibal, he was rebuffed—no evidence had been found against Hannibal, despite the FBI’s efforts. Meanwhile, Jack wasted no time in reinstating Will on the BAU teamed as they hunted for the Ripper. After introducing Will and Miriam to compared notes, Jack’s suspicions of Hannibal’s involvement continued to build. Only Miriam’s memory held the key to unlocking the Ripper’s true identity.

On tonight’s episode when a young woman’s body is discovered inside of a horse, Hannibal suggests to Jack that Will be brought in to help crack this peculiar case. Will has seemingly cast aside his suspicions of Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen), resuming their doctor-patient relationship, but Alana (Caroline Dhavernas) remains skeptical regarding Will’s true intentions and worries that Hannibal may still be in danger. The FBI questions the man they suspect to be the killer in their case, but lack of evidence forces them to let him go. Will and Hannibal race to guard the safety of a witness they believe is in jeopardy, but it might be Will’s own judgment that is in peril. Also starring Aaron Abrams, Scott Thompson, Chris Diamantopoulos and Jeremy Davies.

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Footprints in the snow lead to Jack and Will ice fishing. Will says it’s harder in the winter to catch a trout because their metabolism drops. Jack asks how you catch a fish that isn’t hungry and he says you have to change the bait. He says you have to create a reality of just you and the fish and your lure is the only one he wants. One wrong move and he swims away. Jack says if you hook him, I’ll land him.

Hannibal is carving up a fish that’s still alive and wriggling. He slices it, coats it and lays it on a grill with vegetables. He smiles. He serves dinner to Will and Jack. He dishes up the fish with hollandaise sauce. Hannibal tells Will it’s a beautiful fish and Will says it was his turn to provide the meat. Hannibal asks if they have any doubts about what it served at his table and Jack says no doubt at all. Hannibal tells them that Chilton had many victims and they all need to get past it. Will says he tried to have Hannibal killed and Hannibal says the only crime there would be losing friends over a mistake based on a lie.

A horse is dead in her stall. Her foal was born dead two days prior and she hadn’t eaten since then. The vet checks the horse and says it feels like she’s still pregnant. He asks if they checked for twins and asks who performed the c-section. The owner says the cut wasn’t there yesterday. The vet cuts the mare open and pulls out organs and says they’re something in here. He keeps digging and we see a woman’s upper body laying among the blood and gore.

The crime tech crew is at the stable and Hannibal is working with them. He says beasts of burden are divine. Jimmy snaps photos of the woman. Zeller says the victim was dead before she was put into the animal. Jack speculates if this could be some sort of ritual involving animal sacrifice but Hannibal says animals for ritual slaughter are perfect specimens and this one was sick. Zeller says the womb is intact.

Jimmy says she was strangled. Zeller tells Jack she put up a fight. Hannibal says that the horse was a cocoon like the woman was waiting to be transformed. He thinks it was intended to be like a birth. Jack asks what the thoughts are and Hannibal says the killer would be conflicted and doesn’t think like anyone else. He says they need someone that doesn’t think like anyone else to catch him.

A woman struggles as she is held down. It sounds like the man says she should have taken the chocolate (or that’s what it sounds like). Her face is forced onto an aquarium and someone soaks up one of her tears then drops the tissues into his drink. We see a martini. The man has a gold pinkie ring with a crest on it on his left hand. The woman lies on the glass with the fish swimming under her.

We see a woman looking out the window of Hannibal’s office then he tells her she’s not to blame for what happened any more than if a mad dog had bitten her. She says mad dogs are put down and he asks if that’s what she hoped to accomplish when she attacked her brother. He tells her doing bad things to bad people makes you feel good. She asks how their relationship is and she says her brother thinks she has calmed down.

He asks if she will try again and she says this is where therapy gets tricky. She says she knows if she confesses to a past murder he can’t tell but if she says she’s planning a future murder… He says he would have to report her. He tells Margo she must protect herself and it would have been more therapeutic for her if she had killed her brother.

Alana and Hannibal are in bed and she says they ended up in bed not to talk about what has happened. He asks if she’s complaining but she’s not. She seems content. He tells her that he wouldn’t change what left them there together. She says the only thing stranger than a woman inside a horse is him taking Will back for therapy. She reminds him Will tried to kill him.

He tells her Will tried to kill him to try and save Alana. He says he was trying to protect her since he couldn’t protect Beverly. Alana says she thinks a door opened in Will that may not close again. He tells her he’s back in therapy with a good psychiatrist. He kisses her to distract her.

The woman from the horse was a groom. Zeller notices that her throat is obstructed. They pull out what it is. They notice the woman has a heartbeat. Zeller tells her she’s in rigor but then he touches her and he feels a heartbeat. Jack comes over and touches her and says something is beating. They cut into her and spread her ribs and Zeller reaches in and out flies a bird. It flaps around and lands on a rafter in the forensic theater, shaking off gore.

Will is at the stables. He walks around then flips through the case files and checks the photos from the scene. He closes the file and does his trick where he submerges himself into the killer’s perspective. He walks down by the stalls saying he doesn’t want you to see me or what I do. He says I want to comfort you and is touching the horse. He has a tranquilizer shot for the horse.

He carries in the woman and lays her on the floor. He says – I took your life then tried to give it back to you. I find a womb and place you inside. I hope that the forces of death and biology will bring you rebirth. We see him place her inside the horse and stitch her inside. Will tells Jack it’s a coffin birth. He says gases build up so the gases force the dead fetus of the foal out.

Will tells him whoever did this was familiar with the horse and the stables. He says he worked at the stables or used to and has medical knowledge of animals but is not a vet. He says he sees himself as a healer. He says this wasn’t murder, but grief. Jack and Will come to Peter Bernardone’s property. He has horses outside and animals in cages inside including a monkey and dogs.

Peter is there and acting shifty. Jack comes in and calls his name. He walks away from them. Jack asks why he’s not curious about who they are and he finally asks who they are. Jack introduces he and Will and asks him about Sarah from the stables he used to work at. Peter says he heard about it and Will says there was a bird in her chest. Peter asks if the bird was alive and then asks who’s taking care of the bird.

He tells Jack he didn’t know her and Jack asks him to look at a photo. Peter says he knows who she is, but didn’t know her. Peter doesn’t want to look at him and reaches backward for the photo. Jack hands it to him and it’s her on a swing smiling. He hands it back without looking at Jack. Will watches all this and then asks Peter if he got his head injury at the stable and he says he was kicked in head.

Will explains to Jack that Peter can’t use look and touch sensations at the same time. Peter tells him that he’s sad for the horse and the bird but can only help the bird. They walk out and Will says he doesn’t know if he’s the killer. He says he likely knows who the killer is though.

Hannibal asks Will about being able to reconstruct the killer’s fantasy and Will says it was about rebirth. Hannibal says that Will has had a rebirth. He asks Will what it’s like working with Jack again  and reminds him last time it nearly destroyed him. Will clarifies that it was Hannibal that nearly destroyed him.

Will interrupts him and says that Hannibal may have to pretend, but he doesn’t. He says he knows Hannibal can’t admit to anything but he prefers sins of omissions to outright lies and tells Hannibal not to lie to him. He asks Will if he will return the courtesy and then asks why he came back to therapy. Will says he can’t talk to just any psychiatrist about what’s going on his head. Hannibal asks if he fantasizes about killing him and Will says he does. Hannibal asks how he would do it.

Will says he would do it with his hands. Hannibal says we have moved past apologies and forgiveness. Will says he discovered a truth about himself when he tried to have him killed. Hannibal says that doing bad things to bad people makes you feel good and Will says yes. Hannibal says he needs to know if he’s going to try and kill him again and Will says he doesn’t want to kill him anymore now that he finally finds him interesting. Hannibal smiles at that.

Will walks up to a crime scene and goes under the tape. We see several holes dug and body bags. Zeller tells Will he owes him an apology for thinking he was a killer. Will says he doesn’t owe him anything and Will says the evidence was compelling. Zeller says Beverly believed him and maybe would have been saved if she had come to them.

Jack tells him the soil in the horse victim’s throat was traced to this site and they found 15 other graves.  Will thinks Peter may have known about all these graves.

Hannibal tells Margo that every person is capable of great cruelty and that her brother dehumanized her and her family fostered her brother’s disrespect. She says she’s weird and Hannibal says she’s weirder. She tells him her family has forgiven her brother and sees him as the prodigal son and thinks he has changed. She asks if Hannibal believes her and he says that’s not her role. She tells him her brother won’t stop and that makes her angry. He asks if she can stop him and she says she knows how. Hannibal advises her to wait until she can get away with killing her brother or find someone to do it for her.

Will brings the bird from the victim to Peter and says he thought he would want to see it. He asks if it’s evidence and then tells Will he didn’t kill anyone. Will says he knows and says they found Sarah’s grave. He asks how Peter found it. Will says that many societies believed birds carried souls to the after life. Peter asks if he thinks Will thinks this bird has Sarah’s soul and he tells Will that she’s everywhere and nowhere. Will asks Peter to tell him who killed her.

Peter cries and says he wanted something beautiful for her and Will says he knew Peter couldn’t save her but could bring poetry to her death. Peter cries and says he wanted them to find him. Will asks if it’s someone he considered a friend and that made him feel less alone. Peter is upset and Will says then he saw what he really was and Peter says he’ll make sure no one will believe him and Will promises him that he’ll make sure they do believe him.

Alana interviews Clark Ingram. He tells her that as a social worker, there are some cases he can reach and some he can’t. He’s Peter’s social worker. She says his notes are very different from Peter’s last case worker. He says some people do things differently and that Peter has rage, paranoia and would have refused it had he knows. Alana says he doesn’t have a lot of empathy for a social worker.

He reminds her Peter has accused him of killing 16 women and she asks how that makes him feel and he says inconvenienced. He says he doesn’t like being detained and she says they’re just talking. She writes something down and she touches his hand and he withdraws. Hannibal, Will and Jack watch and Will says he can’t bear being touched and Hannibal says his responses are those of a psychopath. Will says the man is a predator.

Alana asks if he knew Sarah Crayborne and he says only from Peter and that he was obsessed with her. She asks if he thinks Peter is capable of killing and he says he doesn’t know. She asks why he became a social worker and he says the world needs caring people. She says they also need psychopaths to keep us all on their toes. He tells her there is no evidence he did anything and if they are not detaining him, he’d like to go.

Jack tells her to cut him loose. Will tells him it’s a mistake to let him go. He says Peter has been abused by his case worker who has abused his trust. Will says he understands this. Peter’s animal cages are all open. His animals are gone. He’s having an episode. He walks into his barn and looks around. He sees that his horse has been killed. He sinks to his knees and cries by its bludgeoned head.

Clark is there with the hammer he killed the horse with and asks Peter what he’s done. He tells him he’s destroying his life and that Sarah was a reminder of what he’ll never have and this is the horse that kicked him in the head. He says people will say this was a long time coming and that he will say it too. Peter tells him that he knows he killed the women.

Clark says if he had killed them it would be because they were worthy of him. Peter’s vision goes blurry as he stares at the bloody hammer.

Will drives with Hannibal. Hannibal says that he looks like a man that has suffered an irrevocable loss and Will says he’s trying to prevent one. Hannibal says if he saves Peter will it save him. Hannibal says that Peter lies in the same darkness Peter is and Will says he’s alone in that darkness but Hannibal says he’s standing right beside him.

They get to Peter’s and go in and see the open cages. They head into the other room. They see Peter sewing up the horse calmly. Will speaks his name and asks if the social worker is in the horse and he says yes. He says he used to have a horrible fear of hurting anything but Clark helped him get over that. He says he feels so abnormal and Hannibal says an abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal.

Peter says he deserved to die but Will says he didn’t deserve to kill him. He tells Peter to come with him and walks him out. Hannibal stares at the horse. Peter cries when he walks past the empty cages. He looks all around and Will says what was done to him was cruelty for cruelty’s sake. Peter says he thinks he hates him and Will says he envies him his hate because it’s easier when you know how to feel.

Peter asks what it makes easier and Will says killing him. Peter says he didn’t kill him. He says he just wanted him to understand what it feels like to suffocate and feel the death like he created. It dawns on Will as we see the sides of the horse moving and fingers coming out of them. Hannibal watches as Clark comes out of the abdomen of the horse choking and spitting out blood and gore. He picks up the hammer and turns.

Hannibal tells him he should crawl back in there if he knows what’s good for him. Will has his gun out and Clark kneels and says – officer, I’m the victim here. Will says he’s not an officer, he’s Peter’s friend. Clark says he’s the victim. Will tells him to get up. Hannibal tells him it won’t feel the same – won’t feel like killing him. Will says he knows and Hannibal tells him if he wants to do it he should do it for himself, not Peter.

Clark begs and Hannibal tells him to be quiet. Hannibal says this is not the reckoning he promised himself. Will lets Hannibal take the gun. Clark cries. Hannibal holds Will’s head and tells him he can’t predict what Will will do next. He tells him he made him a butterfly from the chrysalis but his flight from there is beyond him.