Hell’s Kitchen RECAP 3/20/14: Season 12 Episode 2 “19 Chefs Compete”

Hell's Kitchen RECAP 3/20/14: Season 12 Episode 2 "19 Chefs Compete"

HELL’S KITCHEN returns to FOX tonight for the second episode of season 12. In it the 19 remaining chefs are challenged to a tricycle relay race, in which they must work in pairs to complete basic culinary tasks. The winners earn a trip to San Francisco, while the losers go carrot picking at a farm.

Last week Gordon Ramsay divided the 20 new chefs into two male-female teams. In the first challenge, the teams had to prepare their signature dish. The winners were treated to an exclusive dinner with Ramsay, while the losers were left to scrub down the kitchen.  Did you watch last week’s season premiere? If not we have a detailed recap for you right here.

Throughout the season, the contestants must prove their ability to work in teams, before Chef Ramsay determines which chefs are worthy of a black jacket. The rewards for the winners include a luxurious spa day, a surprise trip to Las Vegas and an extravagant shopping spree, while the punishments include churning ice cream, cleaning the dorms and separating trash and recyclables. As the competition progresses, the number of contestants will be narrowed down until only two chefs are left to compete for the ultimate prize: a Head Chef position at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant with a salary of a quarter of a million dollars, and the opportunity to fulfill his/her dreams of working in the culinary industry as the winner of HELL’S KITCHEN’

You’re not going to want to miss tonight’s cool new episode of HELL’S KITCHEN which begins at 8PM EST on FOX. We’ll also be live blogging it for you right here. While you’re waiting for the show to start hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the new contestants!

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Last week was one of the worst opening nights in Hell’s Kitchen’s history and both the men and the women had to nominate someone.  At the end it was Guarav whose dream went up in smoke.

And now the continuation……  The men think service was the worst moment of their life.  Sandra is having a meltdown and lots of drama going down.

Beth thinks Reg is the cutest thing she ever saw and spends a lot of time flirting it up.

The next morning Chef Ramsay wants the chefs all revved up to take on their next challenge and motocross bikes come into their bedroom and wake them up.

The chefs get up to see Chef Ramsay.  Chef introduces them to three friends of his who drive bikes in a metal circle and he tells them they work in team work, perfection.


It is now the chef’s turn.  He gives the contestants helmets and they are going to ride tricycles.  The next challenge will require team work.

Chefs will work in pairs riding tricycle to a cooking station.  Each team will do five cooking tasks the first team who finishes the tasks will win the challenge.

The men quickly formulate a plan of attack and the women are slower.  Rochelle is frustrated because they are having another communication breakdown.

The first round is peeling 12 shrimp.  The men finished their shrimps first.

Round 2 is breaking down chicken, the women are behind.  Unfortunately Chris cuts his hand really bad, so the man have to send in a replacement.  The women close the gap and push ahead of the women.

 Round 3 shuck oysters –  the men move ahead.

Round 4 filleting  trout – the men ring in first.  The teams are only seconds apart.

Round 5 – Omelettes – the men bring over their omelettes over to chef first.  The chef accepts their omelette and they head back to the start point.

The men win and are off to San Francisco for a treat and they have to head upstairs to change they have a flight to catch.

The ladies lose and are going to have a miserable day.  They are working on a carrot farm for the day and have to be on all fours picking carrots and then come back and prepare the carrots and the stock for tomorrow’s service.

The men are thrilled they are having lunch with Chef Ramsay.  He asks why the women lost and the men feel the women are not working together as a team.

Meanwhile, the women are not having fun.

The men find out they are going around San Francisco on a VIP trip on a Segway.

A new day dawns in Hell’s Kitchen the women are back in the kitchen preparing their punishment.  The ladies are going through what they memorized from their books last night and Nicole is having a problem telling everyone the recipe.  Of course it leads to more drama in the kitchen among the women.  These women really have to pull it together.

The women finish the stock but Nicole and Kaisha are stirring up more trouble than stock.  Meanwhile, still celebrating their  victory the men return to the kitchen.


With the doors to Hell’s Kitchen just about to open both teams are determined to not have a repeat of last service.

Chef Ramsay tells the Chefs the key is communication.  To go along with the regular men Chef Ramsay has set up table side service.  Sandra and Mike will represent the women and men.

The women’s team (Red Team) strikes out with Simone messing up the risotto.

Chef Ramsay asks Jason how long and Jason looks at Chef all confused which does not please Chef.  Jason’s risotto gets the men off to a shaky start.

Simone delivers her second attempt on her appetizer, she is shaking she does not want Chef to get mad at her.  She fails again.  Simone was not in the building tonight.  Nicole is now preparing the risotto.  Everyone is concerned about her because she is not a team player.  Nicole forgot to put the lobster in.  Chef tells Nicole and Simone to get some energy or they are out of the kitchen.

In the men’s kitchen Jason is hoping to get the risotto right – Chef Ramsay congratulates him on a good risotto.  The pressure now shifts to Dimarco with Jason successful on the risotto.

While Dimarco tries to get a sear on his tuna – the red team (ladies) try to get going.  Rochelle tries to help Beth she is not thrilled.  Lobster tail is brought over to the Chef and it is raw.  The Chef call the women over he is furious.  The ladies have to try again.

In the Blue Kitchen Dimarco has to prove he can sear a simple tuna.  Dimarco is successful and the Blue Team gets appetizers out.

Chef Ramsay is trying to get the Red Team motivated.  OMG Beth lost the fish.  Finally the Wellington is cooked perfectly.  Beth brings the fish/halibut to the Chef and it is a disaster.

In the Blue Kitchen Scott takes on the role of coordinator.   Gabriel is doing the kitchen and he is freaking because he does not want to serve raw chicken.  Finally he brings it up, Chef cuts it open and it is pink.  The halibut is not cooked either and it is frozen in the middle.  Chef screams at Gabriel and Scott to get a grip.

In the Red Kitchen the appetizer department is a disaster.  Chef Ramsay is still waiting for a good risotto.  They bring up the rissoto and it is too peppery.  The Chef throws Beth and Nicole out of the kitchen.

Its two hour into dinner service and after serving raw chick Gabriel hopes his next chicken is good.  Gabriel serves raw chicken again and Chef gets furious and throws the men out.

It is now up to the women to cook for both kitchens.  Beth brings her halibut up and it is not cooked it is raw.  Chef throws the women out of the kitchen too.

Chef goes to see the teams and tells them it was embarrassing they all forgot to cook.  He asks the men and women’s team to give 2 nominations each.


It was a horrific kitchen service.

Men’s DiMarco is the first nominee – second nominee is Gabriel.

Women’s first nominee is Beth – second nominee is Simone.

Chef thinks there is one person who has showed him no passion and not leadership.

The Chef tells NICOLE she has to leave the kitchen immediately.  She is pissed she throws him the jacket and says as she walks out, he can kick her fat ass. LOL…

The Chef tells them they better do good or he is going to start getting rid of them faster.  He sends the four nominees back.

Chef Ramsay then says he was not looking for a line cook but if he was he still would not hire Nicole, she was useless.


We see a preview of next week’s show and it looks like it is going to be intense.