Herve Leger’s Bandage Dress: How Much Longer Will Celebs Wear This Fashion Disaster? (PHOTOS)


The Hervé Léger bandage dress: worn by dozens of celebrities — for too long, in fact. Ladies, if you’d like my opinion, it’s time to let go of the bandage dress. There are only so many shades, colors, and designs that we can take before the style goes flat. We’ve been seeing this unfortunate mess since 2008! If a dress can make even Blake Lively look odd, well, then perhaps it’s time the style be laid to rest.

Many celebs won’t go near this dress, but those who find it most popular and wear it most often are, usually, the ones who should’ve never put it in on the first place. It definitely doesn’t scream “class,” and it really shouldn’t be worn anywhere other than at a club or in your own home. It doesn’t belong on first dates, at press events, or (gasp!) the red carpet. Trust me. You can pull the old “cross one leg over the other” stand in an effort to make it appear more wholesome but — sorry to say, girls — even this trick won’t rescue you from this fashion disaster.

After looking at pictures of celebs and normal folks alike trying to squish their bodies (small, medium, and large) into this dress, and none of them looking quite flattering, I think it’s safe to say that it’s time for a new look. What do you think, CDLers? Should we be hanging up (or burning) this ghastly style or will you be lining up to support the trend for many more years to come?

Some bandage dresses below, all of which make us physically ill:

Image credit to FameFlynet