Hilary Duff Moves On With New Boyfriend After Split With Mike Comrie?

Hilary Duff Moves On With New Boyfriend After Split  With Mike Comrie?

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie may have separated but are they truly over? The two appeared to be friendly and with such a young child to consider they could very well choose to try and work it out. Hillary Duff is 26 and now officially a single mother of one. She’s never been caught up in the heavy partying scene nor does she have a rap sheet so by all accounts Hillary could be considered a great catch and no would should know that better than her ex Mike Comrie. So yes he should be blamed for their split. When she married him he was hockey player already going downhill, but it was okay in the long run seeing as he was a trust fund kid. Together they could have been jet-setters travelling the world without any of the normal marital fights. They could have simply lived a life of fun. Then something changed in their relationship – they had a baby. And regardless of the whole children are blessing mantra; sometimes having kids add a whole new level of strain.

At the end of the day Mike was no longer center stage. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love being a father. It just means some people take it hard when they have to abruptly adjust. No one can truly prepare for having kids. For some its hard and for others they take to it like duck to water. We’ve seen the photos of  Hilary out and about with her son and hands down she is a devoted mother. But to go from carefree to suddenly having to be a parent had to have changed her relationship with Mike. Hilary went back to work on top of raising her son while Mike basically did nothing. Sure, there could have been other problems such as possibly infidelity. Yet I think the fact there still this cordial towards each other (as in they’re very relaxed with each other and still take their son on joint outings) means whatever went down isn’t irreparable.  They could work it out.

No one has said divorce. Right now they’re in the separation stage and this could go either way. She could pull a Jennifer Lopez and automatically throw herself into a new relationship. It isn’t likely she’ll go the trashy route, but maybe she wants to teach Mike to appreciate what he had. Or she could she live like a nun on the off chance her marriage works out.  To be frank the last choice would be a waste. In a world filled of Lindsays, having someone with self-worth is in high demand.

And although Hilary is way too classy to jump into a random relationship much too soon it doesn’t hurt to wonder what’s next for her? Will she try to work it out with Mike or will she soon be back out on the market?

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5 responses to “Hilary Duff Moves On With New Boyfriend After Split With Mike Comrie?”

  1. drdebo cherry says:

    She doesn’t strike me as classy- not educated, not talented, not interesting in any way I have ever seen- kinda like tori spelling- blah- she seems not very smart and one-dimensional- granted she’s not a partyer- but that doesn’t make her classy…..I don’t blame him from wanting out- and they will definitely divorce….she should choose an accountant next time around- that might work.

    • Hilllll says:

      Lol tori, the cheater. Duff is classier than you will ever be. Btw she is ok with being alone doubt she will be trashy. Ever. She is only separated appears not in hurry and very smart and nice unlike the later. Tori breaking up marriages and karma hit her. Now dean has 5 mistresses. Yikes

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  3. Hilllll says:

    Hmm considering no real scoop and people says both wanted to be parents but didn’t want to stay together just for their son I doubt any of the speculation above is true. Saying one parent didn”t want kids and stereotyping athletes is odd with no rumors even. Btw dude is 35 he wanted kids.

    The rumors are all nonscandal and contradictory so like normal ppl they are keeping to themselves. It looks like they will spend a lot of time together and stay close. Now Dean otoh appears didn’t want kids much less 5! Mess.

  4. Katrina says:

    I don’t understand why they say she’s a single mother if her husband is still in the picture even if they aren’t together. She’s not alone in raising this child.