Hillary Clinton Jealous Of Bill Clinton’s Attraction To Kerry Washington – Report

Hillary Clinton Jealous Of Bill Clinton's Attraction To Kerry Washington - Report

The National Enquirer loves it’s White House scandals, and what better way to maximize on that than to combine both real White House members and fake White House members? They’ve already made a big deal out of Barack Obama supposedly flirting with Scandal’s Kerry Washington, which has reportedly driven Michelle Obama to ‘ban‘ Kerry from the White House. Now, their latest report suggests that Bill Clinton has also joined the Scandal fan club, and wife Hillary [Clinton] is supposedly jealous of his attraction to Scandal’s leading lady.

A ‘source’ explains, “Bill Clinton is a rabid fan of ‘Scandal.’ He never misses an episode. But Bill’s obvious interest in Kerry is driving (his wife) Hillary nuts. She even said, ‘That woman is a vampire. I’d better not catch Bill within a mile of her!’ Bill gets a kick out of vicariously reliving his own White House scandal while watching the show.”

It’s as though life is imitating art! I can totally see the Enquirer’s writers cooking these stories up while binge watching episodes of Scandal. Kerry’s character on the show has an affair with the President, so why not make it come true in real life? And what better way to make it even juicier than its television counterpart by adding two presidents into the mix? Now, it’s Bill Clinton and Barack Obama supposedly competing for Kerry’s affections, while their wives are left seething in the background. Oh, such glorious fan fiction.

Anyway, Kerry’s happily married, (is she?) and I doubt she would entertain the thought of hooking up with a president, current or former, even if they were interested.