Hostages RECAP 1/6/14: Season 1 Finale “Suspicious Minds; Endgame”

Hostages RECAP 1/6/14: Season 1 Finale “Suspicious Minds; Endgame”

Tonight on CBS their new suspense drama called, HOSTAGES continues a double-episode and the season 1 finale called, “Suspicious Minds; Endgame”.  On tonight’s show Duncan discovers Sandrine’s betrayal and decides to use it to his advantage, and Ellen goes into surgery.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap for you, right here.

On last week’s show when Ellen revealed to Duncan that she will not kill the President but will help him get what he needs, as long as he gave her something in return. Meanwhile, Nina found out about Duncan’s plan and flees the hospital.

On tonight’s show after Duncan discovers Sandrine’s betrayal, he decides to use her to save Nina and Sawyer. Also, just before Ellen is to operate on the President, the First Lady confronts her and forces Ellen to tell the truth about the assassination plot.  Sandrine’s a traitor & Ellen operates on Prez but not w/out complications.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBC’s Hostages tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you will be tuning in to Hostages tonight? Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Nina and Sawyer are brought blindfolded to a secure location by Blair. He tells them he’s brought them there to keep them safe. Nina asks if Duncan asked him to bring him there and he says he can’t tell her because it’s confidential. She demands a phone, Blair refuses and locks them in the room and leaves.

Ellen tells Brian they’re leaving in the morning and they discuss how they’ll get out after the President’s surgery tomorrow. She tells him they should split up for a while and each take one kid. She says she’ll take Jake and he can take Morgan. He says they can’t live apart for good but she reminds him that they’re up against powerful people that can find them anywhere.

He then realizes she’s proposing a break-up of their marriage. She says she tried and just can’t forgive him and wants to live separately once they’re done with the crisis situation.

Duncan calls Blair and demands that he release Nina and Sawyer. Blair says she was caught fleeing the country and he’s just keeping things shored up. He promises him they’ll be released once the President is dead.

Asher shows the car bombs to Duncan and says they need to take Sandrine out. He agrees but Kramer isn’t pleased. Archer startles her in the kitchen and tells her they need to run out for an errand. She leaves with him but Kramer is watching this on the monitors and isn’t happy.

Duncan tells Kramer that he told him before that Sandrine wasn’t like them – she’s a real criminal. Duncan tells him that Blair took Nina and Sawyer and is holding them until the President is dead. Kramer asks if they can find them and Duncan says they have to negotiate but then Kramer suggests using Sandrine.

Duncan brings Sandrine to an abandoned warehouse and his phone keeps ringing. He ignores it but it won’t stop. Sandrine tells him to answer it or shut it off and he finally does. It’s Duncan and he tells him to hold off and says he needs to use her for something. He asks if Duncan is sure and he confirms. So for now, Sandrine is safe.

Morgan is packing up when her Mom comes in and tells her to pack light since they’ll be moving around a lot for the near future. She promises that her life will be normal again soon. Duncan comes in and tells her and her parents that 5:45 in the morning is go time and that it’s all going to be okay. Brian reassures his daughter.

Archer delivers Sandrine to Duncan and leaves her. He grabs her by the throat and puts a gun to her head and tells her he knows about the car bombs and that she’s working for Logan. Kramer talks him down from shooting her in the head (though I doubt he was going to) and she admits that she made a deal with him. Sandrine says she knows they need her for something or she’d already be dead. She asks what Duncan wants and he tells her to find his wife. He stomps out and leaves her with Kramer who just looks disappointed in her.

Next morning Morgan lies in bed when her Mom says it’s time to go. Morgan wishes her Mom good luck and hugs her. They swap “I love you’s”. Brian tells his wife see ya and they head out. Outside, he throws their stuff in the SUV. He tells Morgan things are going to be okay. Duncan comes and hands him a gun just in case and wishes them luck. They motor away.

Duncan finds Ellen sitting on her bed and tells her they’ve gone. She thanks him for helping them. He tells her they’ll be fine. He tells her he left a bag on the kitchen counter with a small smoke grenade that he needs her to stick in a fire extinguisher close to the ER so they can create a distraction during the surgery. She asks how Nina is and he says she’s hanging in.

She tells him the bone marrow transplant will be a grueling process and she’ll need her strength. He lies and says she’s getting lots of rest. He reminds her she has to talk to the President’s wife – Amanda – so she can make sure they can get the bone marrow out.

Archer comes back and tells him he met with Collins and says he’s an anti-government nut. He gave the guy the hospital information and says he has no clue that he’s being set up. He says Collins thinks he’s going to change the world. Duncan asks why he called off the hit on Sandrine and he says he needs her help but can’t talk about it.

Duncan says everything has gotten more complex than he ever thought. He says he’s not sure what Ellen will do and so he can’t guarantee that Archer will get paid. He says that unless she comes through none of them will get paid. Duncan promises if it doesn’t happen that he’ll scrape up money to pay him personally – he offers $50k.

Duncan says they need to amp up the pressure by threatening Morgan and Brian. Duncan tells him that Morgan is in the hospital from a pregnancy complication. He says Kramer is watching them and tells Archer he can take off before the heat ratchets up – he asks Duncan if they are still friends and says he’s with him for life.

Sandrine meets with Logan and hands him pills – she says they’re for Nina and that she has cancer. He says that if she dies, Duncan won’t go through with the operation. Logan agrees to give her the pills. Kramer and Duncan watch the tracking beacons they’ve put in the pill bottles to see where he goes.

Logan drops off the pills at a house out in the country and one of the agents brings them to her. She asks who sent the pills and he says he can’t tell her. She demands a lawyer and says she has rights. He says she does but not right then and not right there. Duncan sees the pills came to a stop at a house in Reston. Kramer tells him that Sandrine came through for them and Duncan says he owes her no thanks and that she should be dead in a ditch. Duncan leaves and Sandrine tries to tell Kramer she had no choice but he doesn’t want to hear it.

Brian and Morgan drive and he tells her that they are going to be in a different city from Ellen and Jake for a while. She tells him it sounds like Ellen found out about the affair and tells him she’s known about it for a long time but just never said anything. He’s completely floored. They stop at a light and a car pulls up next to them and she says she saw the car at the gas station and wonders if he’s following them. Brian says he seems harmless and she says the guy is staring at her. The light changes and Brian heads off nervously.

Duncan and Kramer are walking out of the house when Archer asks where they’re going. He says they are going to check with the Secret Service contact and they’ll be back soon. Archer asks why Kramer isn’t at the hospital and he says he’s going back there once they’re done. He tells Archer to babysit Collins but he clearly thinks Duncan is up to something and lying to him.

They stop for snacks and Brian spots the same car across the parking lot. He calls Duncan and says they’re being followed. He says he’s at a rest stop and has taken back roads the whole way. He describes him and Duncan says he doesn’t know but he needs to be careful. Morgan gets out of the car to go to the bathroom and Brian says he needs to talk to her. He checks the oil while watching the guy as he gets out of the car and follows Morgan into the bathroom.

The guy pulls out a gun and walks in. Morgan crouches on the toilet so her feet won’t show. He begins opening doors and checking each stall. When he gets to the last stall, she’s not there. Brian busts in and shoots him down. Turns out Morgan was smart enough to hide in the men’s room. Brian finds her there and they hug it out and he tells her it’s going to be okay.

Morgan tells her dad she can’t believe he shot him. She asks if he’s dead and he says he has no idea but they’re getting the hell out of there. They peal out.

At the hospital, Ellen puts the device in the fire extinguisher case and then a nurse finds her and says the pre-op with the President has been moved up.

Duncan and Kramer are close to the safe house and they think Nina is still there. Duncan tells him to stay alert and to not be afraid to pull the trigger. Archer followed them. He breaks into the car and finds a turnpike receipt and then looks at the history on the GPS. He looks thoughtful.

Ellen is at the White House checking over the President. She tells him everything looks good. She asks him about his medication and he says nothing out of the ordinary and that he feels terrific. She reminds him that he can’t have any food or drink after midnight. Kincaid tells her that he hired her for PR reasons since she was a woman from a public hospital. He says it was a good decision and she thanks him.

After he leaves, Amanda tells him that he’s been taking “libido” pills and asks if it will be a problem. She says it’s okay as long as he doesn’t take one tonight. She tells Ellen that she’ll notify his mistress. Ellen brings up the subject of the genetic marker she wants to check the President for and apologizes for talking to her before the President. Amanda invites her to stay for tea to chat further.

Duncan breaks into the house and then waves for Kramer to join him. They work their way through the rooms and don’t see his family. They do find a guy peeking out the window and tazer him. They head upstairs carefully but Kramer is caught by a man who tells him to drop his weapons. Then another guy has a gun on Duncan. He tells them they are on the same side and tells the guy to call Blair. Duncan feigns like he’s going to give in but then one goes down with a bullet and Duncan attacks the other guy. Sandrine is there gun in hand – she saved their butts!

Duncan checks and finds the pill bottles but not his family – Sandrine says they probably found the trackers and pulled them. She says Logan now knows she set him up so she can’t go back to him or she’ll get a bullet in the head. She tells Duncan they’re even and he agrees they can go their separate ways. He thanks her and she says she didn’t do it for him. (Obvi it was for Kramer).

Amanda tells Ellen that she wants to know more about the condition he may have the marker for but says she’s not sure she’s ready for the President to know. They agree to keep it secret. Ellen says that she’ll call her in after the surgery and will hand her the sample so she can take it out.

Kramer finds out who owns the safe house and turns out it’s owned by Vanessa. Duncan is shocked to know the President’s sister-in-law is involved in the assassination plot. Duncan finds Vanessa and introduces himself. She recognizes his name and he demands his wife and daughter back and pulls a gun on her. She says she doesn’t know about his family. He tells her to call Blair and tell him to release them. She says there’s no way a call from her will do it because they had a falling out.

He asks what that means and she says that they share an enemy so that makes them friends. She says no matter what happens with the surgery he’ll kill Duncan and extort her unless… He now understands clearly that Vanessa wants his help to kill Blair. He says that won’t be easy and she says that’s why he needs her help.

Sandrine comes back to the Burtons and surprises Kramer. She tells him she came to say good-bye and tells him she’s sorry and cares about him. She’s crying. He goes to her and kisses her. She says that Logan is threatening her son and that he promised to help her escape if she played ball. She said she felt trapped and didn’t know what else to do. Kramer says he believes her but after what happened today she’s got a target on her back. She says she knows.

Duncan comes in and she says she was just leaving. Duncan tells her not to go and says he needs her help to kill Blair. She asks who that is and he says he’s the man in charge.

Brian and Morgan pull up to a house in the middle of nowhere. He asks her why she never mentioned the affair. His daughter tells him it didn’t bother her. She says she loves her mother but she understands that things happen and people grow apart. He says it wasn’t Ellen’s fault and that he let them all down. She says it was a mistake and doesn’t mean he let them down. Jake comes out but looks very upset. Archer is there and has a gun on them. He tells them they’re not going anywhere until the President is dead.

Duncan asks Ellen if she’s ready on the morning of the surgery. He tells her things will move fast once the operation is done. She says she knows what to do. She asks what will happen when it’s done. He tells her to leave immediately after and get out of town. He tells her to meet up with her family after. She asks if her family is away safely and he confirms it.

At the remote cabin, Brian tells Archer that the President isn’t going to be killed and that Duncan is in on it. He tells him that’s why Duncan covered up Jake being alive. Archer says he’s not walking away from this payday and Brian tells him there is no payday. Archer tells him he’d better hope he’s wrong about that.

Some bad secret service guys head into the hospital and the leader says their inside man will know who they are.

Blair comes to see Nina and she demands to see Duncan. She still thinks Duncan has her locked up but then Blair says as long as Duncan keeps his promise, she’ll leave. She then realizes it’s not as she thinks. Blair tells her that she must speak to Duncan and tell her that they are okay. He makes the call. Duncan tells her to be strong and says he’s taking care of it. He wants to talk to Sawyer but Blair won’t let him. He hangs up.

Kramer asks if Duncan thinks Blair is really going to let them live and Duncan says no but says they have to convince him. Sandrine nods in agreement.

Ellen shows up at the hospital and heads in while Duncan meets with Vanessa. She says he’s due at an event in an hour and only has one security man he keeps with him – an ex-military guy. Vanessa asks if it’s personal for him and she tells him Kincaid’s death is personal for her, not political. He agrees and says “absolutely.”

Ellen and the nurse talk when Amanda bursts in and asks to speak to Ellen alone. She says she’s done some further reading about the marker for dementia. She tells her there is only one lab that tests for it in the country and that’s not where his blood was sent. She tells Ellen she has one minute to explain herself before she opens the door and yells for Secret Service.
At the Middle East Security Summit, Blair calls Logan and asks if they’re all set. He says everything is in motion. Logan meets the head of the bad secret service guys – the “blue” team and he tells them to clear the hallways.

Ellen comes into the scrub room and when the other doctor leaves, she pulls out the vial and fills the syringe. The President is being wheeled into the OR. Ellen comes in and tells him that he’s getting a general anesthetic. They begin the countdown.

Amanda calls Vanessa and leaves her a message that says she just found out something important and they must speak as soon as possible. Vanessa is at the mid-East event and so is Duncan – Sandrine is there too and she’s dressed up as a waiter.

Sandrine approaches Blair’s security guy and says she saw a guy shooting video of Blair. He asks her to point him out and he follows her away from Blair.

Ellen is operating on the President and it’s going well. She pulls out the tumor (or whatever it is) and says she’s almost done.

Sandrine tazers Blair’s security guy once they’re out of sight and Vanessa takes the opportunity to approach Blair. She says the VP misinterpreted their conversation and says she cleared it up and he knows that she’s supporting Blair. He asks why he should believe her and she tells him to go talk to the VP now and says he could even be sitting beside him when the news comes in. He says he’s not playing her game but then he caves in. He follows her through the kitchen where Duncan is waiting with a gun. He demands to have his family back and Blair says he’s making a mistake. He says he has no reason to hurt his family and will release them. He says that Kincaid is a danger. Duncan orders him to pull out his phone and make the call. He dials it.

Amanda waits reading a magazine while her husband is in surgery. Ellen is working away when the sirens go nuts. There was too much retraction and he could be bleeding out. Ellen eyes one of the secret service guys in the OR and he sends a signal to the blue team. They trigger an event in the ventilation system. Smoke starts pouring into the room. The secret service guys order Ellen to keep working. As smoke spreads the first lady is hustled out. The secret service guy says it’s a biochem agent and calls it in.

All of the secret service (good and bad) are on high alert. The lights go out and then the backup generators kick in and the lights come back on. One of the agents says they have to move the President. Nina and Sawyer are loaded into a car with Kramer who calls Duncan and says they’re safe.

The news comes on and the reporter says she’s at the hospital where the President is undergoing surgery. Ellen continues working. One of the secret service guys calls another and says they’ve been compromised. He calls in a new code word – kingmaker. The bad guys are confronted and asked for the new passcode but open fire because they can’t provide it. They can hear the gunshots from the OR and as they start to wheel the President out, Ellen sets of the fire extinguisher event. They wheel the President back in and the bad secret service guys locks the doors and turns to Ellen. He says he’ll stand look out while she makes sure he’s dead. She surprises him with a syringe to the neck and he goes down!

[10:58:46 PM] Rachel Rowan: Ellen tosses the syringe away and goes to work saving the President’s life.
Archer and Brian listen to the news that says there is a terrorist attack at the hospital. Archer says that means it’s happening and Brian tells him it’s part of the diversionary tactic that Duncan put in place. Archer doesn’t believe him.
Blair tells Duncan to let him go and then Blair says he was going to let them all live. But Sandrine is there and Blair realizes his deceit was found out. Duncan gets a call from Nina and she asks if the President is going to die because of her. He says no and she makes him promise that no one else will die by his hand. He has the gun pointed at Blair, so the promise is a bit of a conundrum.
Ellen is struggling to find the bleeder but finally gets it under control.

Blair tells Duncan that there’s an alternative. He says they can make a video tape together that implicates them both that they can each keep a copy of as insurance. Sandrine says he can’t trust him and Blair says with the tape he won’t have to. Duncan agrees but then Blair attacks Sandrine and Duncan has to shoot him.

Ellen continues to work on the President as SWAT storms into the building. She collects the sample she needs to save Nina’s life. It’s a huge vial of blood from his chest cavity. She hides it in a plasma bag lying nearby so it looks like it was blood on hand to help him rather than his blood. The armed men burst in and they see that the President is okay – one of them says “you saved him” and she nods.

The agents confirm there were no biochemical agents found. Logan starts to come to (that’s who she knocked out with the needle to the neck) and she tells them he must have passed out from the smoke. They tell him that the President came through surgery successfully and he looks puzzled but has no choice but to act glad and leave.

Amanda gets the news that her husband is alive and stable. She tells Ellen that what she did was nothing short of heroic and thanks her effusively. She hugs her and as she does, Ellen slips the bag of blood into Amanda’s purse.

The news reports announce that the President is okay. Duncan is please. Vanessa is not. Archer is also not and tells Brian to shut the program off. Archer asks what Duncan’s deal with Ellen was and he says that if she got the sample they were to be let go. Archer tells him to drive and says they’re going for a ride.

As Ellen leaves, a guy approaches and gives her a gift box he says is a gift from the first lady as a token of her appreciation. She opens it and confirms it’s the bag of marrow. She puts it in a cooler in her car and calls Duncan. She says she’s taking it to Nina now. They agree to talk when it’s over.

Archer brings Morgan, Jake and Brian to a warehouse and forces them to their knees and tells them to close their eyes. He calls Duncan and says he has them at the house because he caught them escaping. Duncan comes in and Archer accuses him of lying to him and cheating him out of a payday.

Duncan says he planned to go through with it until Ellen absolutely refused to cooperate and says he had to come up with an alternate plan at the last minute. Duncan says he should have told him the truth. Duncan pulls a gun on him and says he’s sorry. They struggle and then get into a full-on brawl.

Archer gets the drop on Duncan and beats him down to the floor. He hits him until he can’t get up and then pulls his gun. Before he can shoot, he’s shot! Kramer is behind him and took him out. As Archer bleeds out, Duncan tells him he’s sorry.

Nina lies on a bed when there’s a knock at the door – it’s Ellen. She comes in with the bone marrow in a cooler and tells her that she can beat the disease. Nina tells her she’s sorry for what Duncan did to her and Ellen says she doesn’t owe her an apology. Nina says she doesn’t know if she can accept the marrow and Ellen says she has to do what’s right for her.

Duncan comes to Burton’s who says that they need to take their passports and go. Duncan says he’s not running. Ellen comes down and Duncan asks for a moment with her. Burton leaves. She’s alarmed at how his face has been bruised and beaten. He tells her Blair is dead and that no one should be looking for her or her family. She asks if this is it and he says it is. He tells her she got through the ordeal without losing herself and he wishes he could say the same. He tells her good-bye. They hug. She cries. She goes.

In recovery, the President begins to wake up. Amanda is there and asks how he feels. He says he’s happy to be alive and she says “we’ll see about that.” Hmm… Wonder what Ellen told her.

Duncan finds an angry Nina and she tells him there is no justification for what he did but that she’s going to take the bone marrow treatment because she wants to live. He thanks her and she says she’s only doing it for Sawyer. He says he just couldn’t face telling their daughter she wasn’t coming home. Nina tells him Sawyer thinks he walks on water and asks what she can tell her. He says “the truth.” She tears up and they kiss. She tells Duncan she loves him.

Sawyer comes in and sees Duncan and calls to him and runs into his arms. She asks what happened to his face and he says it was a little accident. He tells her that he has to go away for a while. She asks what about her birthday and he says he already got her a present – he says her mommy is back for good. Sawyer hugs him and says she loves him.

Amanda tells her husband that she knows about Kate Renner. He tries to lie but she shuts him down and says that she thought he had limits. She tells him she knows he had her brother Peter killed. He asks who put that idea in her head and Vanessa is there and says it was her. Amanda tells him he’s going to have to pay for his crimes.

Sandrine walks down the street when Kramer finds her and asks where she’s going. She asks why he’s there and he says he wants a ride. She says he doesn’t know where she’s going. She says she’s going to get her son and then will keep moving after that. He says that works for him. She says she’s not sure they belong together and he says there’s only one way to find out. They kiss.

Burton and Duncan sit in a car and his father in law says they should both go in and Duncan says Sawyer and Nina need him. He agrees it’s his job to look after them.

Ellen comes down the stairs with a suitcase and looks around her house. Brian, Morgan and Jake come in and tell her that Archer left them in a warehouse. Brian says he’s not expecting anything. Then their dog is there – guess it’s been missing this whole time. The kids are thrilled.

Duncan walks into the police department, hands over his gun and badge and says he’s there to surrender.