Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Devin and Caleb Blow-Up Fight – Will Frankie and Zach Instigate?

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Devin and Caleb Blow-Up Fight - Will Frankie and Zach Instigate?

This year’s Big Brother 16 house has one clear BOSS in charge and that is Devin; the player you love to hate and the man who won POV for week 2. The only one in the house that seems to see the extreme power that Devin is holding is Zach.

In another surprising and somewhat bipolar move, Devin, drunk with power after winning the POV promised Brittany that he is going to use it on her and that she is now going to be rendered safe by the people he is close to, meaning Caleb and Amber, yet he didn’t even check with them first to see if they would be on board with it. It is really hard to credit anyone for this move, was it Brittany’s gameplay or Devin’s bipolar?

Brittany needs to start playing the game right now, no matter how much she hates Devin – swallow her pride and fake it, she needs to play nice so he gets her butt off the block.

Meanwhile, Zach puts an idea in Frankie’s head to make Caleb and Devin have a falling out. Frankie says that Caleb is obsessed with Amber, which we all know is true because he is border-line stalking her in the house, and he will keep Amber over Devin. So Frankie and Zach are working on this plan to turn the two Power Players against each other.

Amber and Brittany spent an hour talking about Devin and how much they hate him, Amber wishes she had backdoored him when she had the chance. One thing is for sure, if any of these girls get any power, Devin is gone. But, Frankie and Zach may just be the ones to do it first with their sneaky plan.

I expect things to really get heated up during the POV meeting when we finally get to see what Devin does with the power. Zach is preparing to give a speech during the ceremony about Devin’s poor behavior which just might get his face punched through the wall.

I can’t wait to see how this all plays out; it will definitely make for some good TV!