Ian Somerhalder Furious At Nina Dobrev And Liam Hemsworth Hookup: Nina And Liam Could Become A Major Hollywood Power Couple!

Ian Somerhalder Furious At Nina Dobrev And Liam Hemsworth Hookup: They Could Become A Major Hollywood Power Couple!

News of a potential Nina Dobrev and Liam Hemsworth hookup surfaced recently and there was a picture to back up the claim. We just posted the photo, which depicts Nina and Liam looking quite couple-y at a bar in Atlanta, GA, where the two of them are currently hard at work on their filming obligations — he with The Hunger Games and she with The Vampire Diaries. While an eyewitness saw the two kiss (we mean kiss, not just a cheek peck), the jury’s still out on whether or not these two are a true-blue couple or just a brief Hollywood fling.

Nina Dobrev’s love life has been a hot topic in the industry for a while now, specifically as it related to Ian Somerhalder, her TVD co-star and longtime friend. It’s true their official relationship has been over for a while now (though countless stories over the past months have speculated their secret romance continues) . . . but we’ve gotta ask a question: What in the world does Ian Somerhalder think about Nina, his ex and BFF, hanging around (and potentially hooking up!) with a big-time movie star?

Chances are he’s not totally keen on the idea, especially when Liam and Nina’s relationship has the potential to become even bigger news than was his relationship with Nina. The thing about Ian is that, sure, he’s a big star. But if Nina started dating a Hemsworth, well, this could be a potential Hollywood power couple that people wouldn’t stop talking about.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. If Liam and Nina are a thing, do you think Ian’s squirming in his boots at the thought of them?

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11 responses to “Ian Somerhalder Furious At Nina Dobrev And Liam Hemsworth Hookup: Nina And Liam Could Become A Major Hollywood Power Couple!”

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  2. Henry says:

    I doubt Ian cares. Furious my butt. He doesn’t use relationships. That is proven Nina’s style.
    Wow but this guuurl gets around. Let’s hope Liam can bring her the positive fresh publicity she desperately craves in Hollywood without cheating on her like his last two. Poor Derek Hough, he was a dead lost. Didn’t bring the accolades in and wasn’t the right showpiece nor was Australian playboy Julian Tobias either I guess. I find it amusing when celebs wouldn’t look at anyone non hollywood. Except Ian his GF is a non celeb now. He could choose to find someone and become a “hollywood it” couple if he wanted to, but he hasn’t. Therefore your story is a bit mixed up on who the pathetic attention grabber always is.

  3. Non of ur beez says:

    yeah like [expletive] that nina [expletive] i doubt ian is even thinking bout her ass

  4. Haj says:

    Nina belongs with Ian! DX

    • Guest says:

      Yes, true. And where did you see them kissing. i have not seen Nina kiss anyone else but Ian. Give me a picture of her kissing anyone else….

  5. Guest says:

    Who cares! I thought she was happy being single just what, last week????????? Then, before that, her and Ian were secretly together? Who knows what to believe. If people would just stop paying attention to her, maybe her love life wouldn’t be relevant.

  6. Donita Andrea says:

    There’s no way I would choose Liam over Ian.

  7. Guest says:

    So where is the proof they kissed? I mean they know each other, but cant friends hang out and talk??? You people need to stop eating these Rotten Peaches trying to make Nina look so bad. This will eat yuor brains out!

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  9. Amber Whitman says:

    Ian somerhalder deserves so much better! Outrageous and ridiculous completely

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