Miley Cyrus Hooks Up With Ian Somerhalder To Get Back At Liam Hemsworth and Nina Dobrev

Miley Cyrus Hooks Up With Ian Somerhalder To Get Back At Liam Hemsworth and Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder broke up almost a year ago, but Nina’s already moved on – twice. Once with Derek Hough, and now with Liam Hemsworth. Unfortunately for Nina, Liam’s ex is Miley Cyrus. Granted, Miley’s no Taylor Swift, so she’s not going to hold a grudge forever and sings songs about the ‘betrayal’, etc. But that being said, don’t be so surprised to see Miley making a move on Ian Somerhalder.

When you put a large group of very attractive people together, in the same place and for a long time, they’re bound to start getting together. There’s a reason there’s so much infidelity in Hollywood, and plus, everybody seems to date everybody’s ex – and what’s weirder, nobody seems to care!

Ok, sure, Miley and Nina aren’t exactly best buddies. In fact, I doubt they’ve met each other often. Liam and Nina, on the other hand, have both been in Atlanta – Nina filming the Vampire Diaries and Liam filming the last Hunger Games movie. Alas, sparks flew, as they would with two single and very attractive people. However, Miley’s reportedly still very hung up on Liam, which is why it’s taking her so long to move on. After all, she was the one who tried to make their relationship work, even when Liam was off hooking up with January Jones at Oscar parties and whatnot. So Miley would obviously be the one who was more heartbroken over the end of their engagement and relationship, and she’ll feel even more betrayed at how quickly he’s moving on – and publicly, that too.

Thus, what better revenge than to get together with Nina’s ex-boyfriend? But will Ian reciprocate Miley’s interest? She doesn’t seem like his type, and he enjoys his privacy – something he won’t be privy to if he starts dating Miley Cyrus.

What do you guys think will happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Leanne

    Miley and Ian LMAO! For god sake, leave Ian out of this childish crap. No wonder he is spending time with a local lady not in showbiz. The day Ian is no longer associated with Dobrev’s publicity and drama I will be happy. Looks like he has another years prison sentence. His so called “fans” will be expecting him to sit around pining for his co star, rubbing her back and holding her jacket to at least April 2015 now, and god help him if he looks sideways at anyone else. Nina on the other hand can continue on with her doing half the male population “me year”. What a joke.

  • daphney

    I don’t care I just want miley and liam to get back together

  • Guest

    Ian is not with a local lady. You are hearing this form a very local gentlemen who has eyes and ears….so stop this nonsense. Ian has not even met Miley since the Liam rumors, so it is not true at all!!!! I do not know if Nina and Ian are involved or not, they hang out around here but i do not ask personal questions. As for this local lady some people are trying to make people believe in….what a crap!!!!

  • Robert

    Have you seen Nina having PDA with anyone but Ian?? How is she doing half of Hollywood? You seem to be one of those bored, sexually unsatisfied older ladies, who need to get a life. Just because she hangs out with male friends does not mean she is sleeping with them. And if Ian had anyone in his life it would have been know by now. You need to stop eating these Rotten Peaches. They seem to be poisining you with malace and hate. I feeel so sorry to people like you. it is sad the world has you!