Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Adopt A Horse Together: Relationship Taken To Next Level – Nina Dobrev Furious? (PHOTO)

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Adopt A Horse Together: Relationship Taken To Next Level - Nina Dobrev Furious? (PHOTO)

If there was any doubt about the validity of the blossoming romance between Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed, their adoption of a horse will surely convince even the biggest naysayers. While most new couples test the waters of family-type possibilities by adopting a pet dog or cat, Somerhalder and Reed adopted a horse yesterday!

The couple has been inseparable in a very public way since officially becoming a couple last month. And Somerhalder seems to confirm the fact that he and Reed are taking their relationship to the next level by saying that this is not just an animal he adopted for himself. Their new horse, Eagle, seems to make three for the former twosome and they both seem all too happy to be playing family.

Somerhalder confirmed via Instagram with a picture of Eagle, captioned with, “Proud new dad. What amazing creatures they are. Wow. His name is Eagle. Thank you @iamnikkireed for snapping this special moment, with our big baby boy.” Yes, Somerhalder, 35, said “our” big baby boy when sharing with his lady love.

Their adoption seems to come at the perfect time. Us Magazine reports that Reed, 26, is set to star in The Sunday Horse, a biopic about famed equestrian Debi Walden. Their horse adoption likely won’t sit well with Somerhalder’s ex-girlfriend, Nina Dobrev. The two were said to possibly get back together recently after breaking up in May 2013.

Making matters worse, Nina and Nikki were good friends. It has gotten uncomfortable for Nina, but many people continue to report that Reed and Somerhalder are hopeful, even seeking Nina’s blessing. Well, now that the two have a pet HORSE together . . . Nina may want to offer that blessing. It doesn’t seem they’ll be breaking up any time soon.

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6 responses to “Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Adopt A Horse Together: Relationship Taken To Next Level – Nina Dobrev Furious? (PHOTO)”

  1. Clair Urquhart says:

    Ah horse really get a grip!!!! And stop making sad pathetic rumours up about Nina you sad people leave her alone!!! I don’t care what anyone says Nikki done wrong simple I am sick of people making out this is the greatest romance ever how would you feel if you where Nina would you feel hurt betrayed and annoyed I would and I am yet to me someone who would be happy with there ex and best friend being in a relationship

    • lacy says:

      I agree with you I’m sick of reading mean shit about nina it’s like high school all over poor nina I feel for her

  2. Clair Urquhart says:

    Really a horse get a god damn grip and stop making rumours up about our Nina its pathetic and FYI Nikki done wrong pure and simple I don’t care what anyone says

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