Ian Somerhalder Talks Marriage and Wedding with Nikki Reed – Nina Dobrev Disgusted With Them Both

Ian Somerhalder Talks Marriage and Wedding with Nikki Reed - Nina Dobrev Disgusted With Them Both

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed just started dating, but that hasn’t stopped Ian from already jumping on the marriage bandwagon. He was asked about a marriage proposal in his future, and he mentioned that although he hadn’t gotten married yet, “I will be.”

Is he confirming his impending nuptials with Nikki Reed? It’s telling that he never said the ‘m’ word during all of his years of dating Nina Dobrev, but a few months of dating Nikki Reed, and he’s already talking marriage? Poor Nina. Ian is doing everything in his power to make his relationship with Nikki seem more important than his relationship with Nina, starting with his full-fledged support of Nikki on Twitter and his constant PDA-ing with her. But did he ever do that with Nina? That would be a big, fat no.

I don’t blame Nina for going and hooking up with every other single guy at Comic-Con. She was with Ian for a few years, and this is what she gets? Marriage talk the minute he gets together with someone more age-appropriate? I think we’re also starting to see why Nina and Ian broke up, actually. Ian clearly wants to get married, and we already know that Nikki is on board for that, since she just divorced from her first husband. And Nina wasn’t into the idea of settling down and having babies at such a young age, so Ian went and found someone who was. This sort of thing happens all the time in the dating world, but it’s certainly going to make things awkward when Ian bring Nikki around for filming.

  • Momo83

    Why are you so spiteful of nina? You sound like a jealous harpy. Why do you write such childish articles pertaining to nina? What did she do to you? I’m curious.

  • Momo83

    CDL is known for posting a lot of fiction. Approximately 5 percent of your articles are fact, the remainder are pure speculation. You are discrediting people’s reputation…that’s slander. I wish one day one of the celebrities you constantly bash gets wind of your articles and decides to take action against you. CDL is worst than the National Enquirer.

    • Arianne Delettre

      i accept the fact that Ian must be marrying someone one day but not Nikki. They just start dating and he is thinking about marriage, She Just got out of a marriage and think that she can caught Ian in her streak.. NO NO NO NO, Ian must open his eyes and think well before marring Nikki, They must learn to know each other then plan to leave together and after that get married. In my opinion, Ian must think twice before his engagement, Nina surely not accept to marry you and that not the reason why you must marry the first person you met. I am sorry i dont approuved. It not my life but i know that kind of people.. Take care

  • Momo83

    My last post was not posted. I wonder why? Could it be because I called CDL out on their stuff? This site is a joke! You constantly bash innocent people daily, but the minute someone bashes you their post doesn’t get posted. Good day.

  • Momo83

    Wow CDL…another post of mine that didn’t get posted. Will this one make it? It’s called freedom of speech.

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  • Lulu

    So you can speculate and put your own spin on what you think Nikki is doing but no one else can? You are just as guilty as they are. You have no idea what Nikki’s motivations are yet you have made up your mind you know the truth.

  • Lulu

    Nice lengthy post filled with things you have no way of even knowing if they are even remotely true. Do you write the articles for this website too?

  • Lupedelu

    They are using half of his quote from an interview he did with Kristin Dos Santos for Eonline at Comic Con. Of course, they are quoting him way out of context.

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  • Taylor

    More age appropriate? Nikki is only a year older than Nina, so that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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  • ian lover

    Well I love ian and I want him to be happy, but I think that hes should get back with nina..he shouldnt be with nikki

  • Becca

    I feel bad for both of them. The two are being subject to horrible gossip and rumors. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are my favorite actor and actress, and though I loved them together, they obviously weren’t meant to be. People should just leave them alone, as this seems to be turning into the Paul Wesley-Pheobe Tonkin-Torrey DeVitto situation

  • rules

    Betty , learn some proper English and learn how to write a sentence in future.