Ian Somerhalder To Join Nina Dobrev At Coachella (PHOTOS)

Ian Somerhalder To Join Nina Dobrev At Coachella (PHOTOS)

Nina Dobrev has been spotted at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival, along with half of Young Hollywood. However, neither of her rumored boyfriends, Michael Trevino or Ian Somerhalder, were spotted at the event with her. Now, there were a lot of rumors floating around about the possibility of Ian joining Nina at the festival, but it’s already been a couple of days – and no Ian.

But alas, that doesn’t mean that it’s not happening at all. According to sources, Ian is still expected to join Nina at the festival, but they’ll be doing their best to stay undercover – still we hope to see another picture like the one above they once took at Coachella. They don’t want to draw any more attention to themselves than they’ve already drawn, and they’d prefer to keep their budding romance [re-romance?] off the media radar. Obviously, their relationship was difficult enough to maintain when they were doing it in the media glare, and they’ve finally managed to get to a point where they’re no longer the focus of Vampire Diaries-related news. Why ruin it by flaunting their relationship at Coachella, where paparazzi swill like flies?

Of course, when he does join her at the festival, be sure that they will try their best not to get photographed. No doubt, some enterprising fans may get some shots of them, but by and large, they’ll be staying off the radar. Whether they’re friends or friends with benefits, appearing together at the festival will signal to fans that they’re dating again, and that’s the last thing they want.

What do you guys think? Will Nina and Ian make any public appearances together at Coachella? Or will they stay off the public’s notice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Coachella Day 3

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6 responses to “Ian Somerhalder To Join Nina Dobrev At Coachella (PHOTOS)”

  1. Vikki says:

    Idiots ,Nina has a new boyfriend

  2. Bubbly says:

    do you also know who it is?

  3. KD says:

    Jesus just stop it! If Ian ever got back with Nina, I’d be laughing…AT HIM. You guys carry on like she’s the only chic in the world and all I see is two very mismatched people at different stages in life. Julian Tobias apparently loves Nina’s tight ass and she’s wouldn’t be with her current gang of blonde, pouty, posing fakes if she wasn’t happy. So drop the poor, innocent, confused victim Nina who doesn’t know what’s going on stories as well (yes you fans too).

  4. Habrit says:

    Nina was more with the TVD people. i even tried to get a pic with Nina but she gt lost in the crowd. i saw her twice and this Julian guy was not anywhere near. I saw him at a party with some really pretty blond chink, but i think she was kind of taller then him. I saw Julian was kissing this blond chick in front of all of us at that party. i took a picture….where do i post it? I cant here.

  5. Guest says:

    Nope, Julian is with some other woman now. Nina was at Coachella with him only for a while. You can find more information on Julian and his lady in some Aussie online editions. i think she has a common business with him there. If you browse some of the paid sites for jounalists you will find a lot of info.

  6. Heidii says:

    I dont know if it’s a boyfriend but i saw her on a date with some guy in atlanta a few weeks ago. And no it was not michael trevino.