• KK

    Actually he looks a bit down in that photo to be back in Atlanta after his love feast with Nikki Reed in LA. He returned to set at the last minute. They’ve been real close for weeks now. I don’t get these endless Nina mentions. What interest did they show in each other over the break? This week would probably be the first time they’ve seen each other in months…and it’s for filming. How romantic. I’m excited to see them both move on. They deserve happiness. It’s not about what fans want.

  • gabi

    Congratulations Renier Palland for the 7 cats. I have only 4. Thank you for this article. Very very good. Ian is the most delightful and good man in the world. End hot hot hot. I love him for that. Congratulations Nikki Reed. You have a perfectly boyfriend. I hope to deserve. You are delectably.